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Trev Alberts named new Husker AD - 11 a.m. press conference

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5 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

He does deserve credit, especially considering the coaches he hired.  While Frost and Hoiberg haven't worked out as everyone has hoped, they each had near unanimous approval from the fans.  Now, some will say "well, it wasn't hard to get everyone's top choice".  That may be true to an extent, but he still had to convince Frost, Hoiberg, and Bolt to come to NU.  Nebraska fans would have revolted in 2017/18 if Frost had gone to another school or stayed at UCF.  That's the pressure which was on Moos at the time.

Maybe sf wouldn't have came; but allowing him to bring an unqualified coaching staff was a major screw up! 

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41 minutes ago, chainsaw said:

Maybe sf wouldn't have came; but allowing him to bring an unqualified coaching staff was a major screw up! 

The same staff that just went undefeated and beat auburn in the post season.  Get real.  Easy to criticize after the fact but the reality is nobody could have predicted the last 4 years.  BM may have sucked at parts of his job but he brought in staffs that were, on paper, awesome.  That's all any AD can do.

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I don’t see many issues from an outsider’s view of Moos’ job performance.  He managed to get the facilities project going, during Covid and he kept cutbacks fairly limited, etc.  Considering he lost about a year’s worth of ticket and fan support revenue and the main revenue sports have failed to bring home any trophies they’ve kept the doors open and lights on.  That’s better than a lot of orgs that shuttered and not reopened.  

Moos and Alberts can’t score TDs and make threes.  Their jobs are staff management, admin and PR and $$$ related.  It is true that the fans were excited and eagerly applauded the Frost and Hoiberg hires.  HCs need freedom to have - within reasonable limits - assistants of their choosing.  Trev needs to oversee and advise and consent to help but Frost is responsible in the end.  Football is responsible for the rest of the athletics Dept survival.  So Trev and his superiors have to keep a watchful eye.  React fairly quickly before damage is irreversible.   

Hoiberg was and still is a slam dunk hire.  Neb is NOT a BB place.  It is possible to put a good team on the floor.  So far that has not happened   I’d give Fred 5 more years anyway.  

On the other hand, Frost had a good resume’  but his HC experience was limited, compared to Fred.  Frost has done a good job handling himself with media and has his team playing hard late into games, despite the losses piling up, year after year.

 But the scoring is weak, game strategy shaky at times, and ultimately his teams are failing at the most important stat of all - wins and losses.  When the losses come vs most opponents over 4 consecutive seasons, a clear pattern is there.  Same mistakes, miscues, and failings, over and over, against all but the very weakest, lesser opponents.   Strong evidence against Frost as a HC. 

However, winners tend to win and losers tend to lose and outside of that one Cinderella season, Frost teams have not won that much. He has been given a reprieve of sorts, because as a player, he was successful, and he played and coached under known winners. 

 Now he needs to adjust to the style and caliber of Big Ten football as the conference did not have to adjust much to put the squash on Frost ball.  Whipple knows.  Raiola knows. Frost needs to listen and adapt his offense and he can find a few more points a game.  He absolutely must Devote the time and talent to STs and that should get better.  If he’d put the same effort into STs as he does offense, he would have had a bowl trip or two at least.


I may be too much a diehard Husker for way too many years, but I believe Husker football IS fixable.  But will Frost bend and change his ways enough?   Will he listen and follow advice?  His future career and legacy is at stake.  Soon enough, we will find out. 

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