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  1. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I have almost zero interest in a winter football season. 

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    2. spurs1990


      Because scheduling it in peak flu season is going to go well and happen. Not even considering it a possibility.

    3. VectorVictor


      What if we strike a scheduling deal with the ACC that sends Miami up to Memorial Stadium in January? :dunno


    4. Toe


      @JJ Husker "The conference's only way to save face is for it to go horribly wrong for the SEC and ACC." Well, those schools have already started switching to online-only classes, so...

  2. No covid! 

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well that's good I suppose. :thumbs

      I think the best result would be finding out you had it and it didn't affect you.

    2. knapplc


      Congratulations on flunking your test.

  3. Getting a COVID test tomorrow, AMA. 

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    2. dubsker


      @Cdog923  I've been out and active constantly by necessity.  I've had two, both have come back negative.  I'm in the same boat, I need to know for the sake of the people around me and since I have the means it's better to have an abundance of caution.  I wear a mask, and after 3+ decades I finally quit biting my nails, but you never know!

    3. Atbone95


      Did Test Nebraska on Monday afternoon and got the results at this morning. You should have them soon! I'm negative as well. 

    4. Atbone95


      If everyone takes a test, and we drive the % of tests coming back positive lower and lower, they'll have to let us have football... ;) 

  4. Lincoln mandates masks in public. About time someone around here took this seriously. 

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    2. Cdog923


      @teachercd The OPS teacher's union has said the same thing. 

    3. teachercd


      I did not know that, thanks!

    4. dubsker


      Now all we need to do is teach people the difference between a mask and a chinstrap.  There were more people wearing masks hiking Mt Bierstadt than at the Lincoln Wal-mart.  I don't buy 'muh oxygen levels' as an excuse.

  5. Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage. 

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    2. teachercd


      On the last ever CD that I "burned" that is song #15!


      Not to be confused with song #14 on that CD that is Song 2, by Blur.  

    3. swmohusker


      I love the pumpkins, but I don’t like that song.  

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      What is lost can never be saved.

  6. I absolutely cannot understand the outrage about wearing a mask. 

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    2. funhusker


      "You didn't see George Washington wear a mask!  Wearing a mask is against my Constitutional rights!!  FREEDOM!!!!"


      People are f'n dumb...

    3. Toe


      @Loebarth Yeah, man, f#&% the system! I've got an idea: go drive drunk at 150MPH on the wrong side of the highway to show them you're not gonna let anyone tell you what you can't do! To hell with all of these other people letting anyone dictate what's good for them! :wasted

    4. Cdog923
  7. Can't sleep, AMA.

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    2. Cdog923


      @Toe Only on Taco Night. 

    3. Cdog923


      @GSG I have to have some sort of distraction to keep my mind from working; I usually move to the couch and put something from Netflix or YouTube on. Consequently, I tried putting on an old Husker game once ('97 Washington) and ended up staying up all night and watching it.  

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Next time try reading a Huskerlaw post. You'll be asleep before the 49th paragraph in no time.

  8. Jason Kirk leaving Vox now, too. The SBNation guys could start their own website and probably be the best CFB news site out there. 



    1. Saunders


      Yeah, it's sad to see. SBNation was a daily visit from me for a long time. But once Bill Connelly left, it went downhill. Their "relaunch" as the Banner Society was a huge dud for me, because it was basically a website version of Shutdown Fullcast, which is just awful.

    2. BigRedBuster


      I never knew there was a link between Vox and SBNation.

    3. Xmas32


      Haha @Saunders the Shutdown Fullcast is definitely an acquired taste.  It's like pro wrestling mixed with....madness and college football.  PAPN with Bill C and Godfrey was the best CFB podcast by miles (although Bear and Stanford Steve are pretty good if you're into gambling) and I'm frankly a little pissed that Connelly doesn't have a dedicated podcast.  The new PAPN is still pretty good but once you've had the best, anything else is a downgrade. 


      Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked to see The Ringer snatch up the SBNation team.  The Ringer is pretty light when it comes to CFB and they seem to be willing to let people run loose a little bit.  The Ringer just signed the Cespedes Family BBQ guys (who are hilarious) so they're willing to acquire talent for sure.  

  9. Both Omaha and Lincoln are on a curfew for 72 hours, starting tonight at 8. 

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    2. Moiraine


      Ok thank God I have time to get TP.

      The state of emergency will last 72 hours. The curfew will be in effect from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. No one is allowed in public places with exceptions of those using transit, people going to businesses and recreational activities.

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Thanks, f#&%heads.

    4. knapplc


      Another curfew in Lincoln tonight. Stay home, kids!

  10. The Old Market in Omaha is nuts tonight. 

  11. Random question: are football tickets subject to sales tax?

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    2. Cdog923
    3. Omaha-Husker
    4. Mavric


      I've never seen a sales tax line on my ticket invoices from the University.  Unless they are rolling it into the price on their side (i.e., tickets sell for $60 but they already included the tax in that amount).

  12. As a board, can we cobble together 4.5 million and buy this house? We can throw tailgates there for Maryland games: 


    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Seems like a no-brainer to me. Only $43k per year in taxes. I’d definitely want them to throw in the baby grand piano and see if a couple more fireplaces could be added though. I think Huskerboard deserves more than a lousy 10 fireplaces.

  13. Please, for the love of Herbie: stop adding kickers to the roster. 

    1. ColoradoHusk


      There is the old coaching adage, "if you have 37 kickers on your roster, do you really have one?"

    2. Toe
  14. If I get the earwax ad one more time, I'm sending a pimple popping video to all the mods. 

    1. Enhance





  15. Herbstreit will be shocked if there is football this fall: 


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    2. Decoy73


      There will be no football this fall.  Get ready for more productive weekends.  

    3. C N Red

      C N Red

      @methodical Those numbers are pretty high imo. Theres pretty good numbers showing 75-80% of people that get this wont show symptoms or only very mild, and they wont get tested. The amount of confirmed cases are what they are, but there are and will be ALOT of people that will have gotten it and will get it that wont be tested and wont count to that number. The amount of confirmed cases is WAY low vs actual cases. Many people saying they know people who have had it, they were around them, they themselves got mild symptoms but b/c they werent severe enough they couldnt get tested. The numbers are not true numbers really.

    4. krc1995


      So potentially Nebraska’s next game will be In Ireland. Did not see that coming as I froze my feet off at the Iowa game.   

  16. CDC recommends gatherings of more than 50 people be banned. See ya, Spring Game. 

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    2. NUance


      In all fairness the official Mizzou Covid-19 mask is being handed out at all games:  


    3. swmohusker


      It is sec country now.  It just means more here.  

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      Does 10,000 people a day in the local Walmart not count as a gathering of 50 or more somehow?

  17. Hoiberg looked miserable on the sidelines and was taken to a hospital from the arena. 

    1. NUance


      Yeah, that game made me feel the same way.  

  18. How's about we just forfeit the rest of both baseball and basketball season and let them practice for next year?

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    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      @Cdog923 The pen is concerning. Schanaman in particular has gotten lit to start the season. SSS though so one can hope it's just bad luck.

    3. Cdog923


      @Danny Bateman I'm kind of wondering if we need to find a Saturday starter and move Gomes back to the pen. 

    4. Xmas32


      I wouldn't be entirely shocked to see Gomes end up back as a reliever when it's all said and done as he's got Brett Jensen level stuff and having a dude like that on the back end is a great weapon.  Everyone is on the absolute struggle bus when it comes to throwing strikes though which means you need to keep Gomes in the rotation.  Friday/Saturday was just bananas in terms of walks.  Gonna need guys like Blessie to step up.



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    2. BigRedN


      Commando made me smile.  I agree.  I've been a Chiefs fan most of my life, I was around 12, there was "glory" when I first became a fan [a championship].  I've called them the Chefs for the last 15 years ... even though they are my team.  Here's hoping for a breakthrough ... just like I hope my Cornhuskers.

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Ruining the Huskers in the Super Bowl streak. :(

    4. NUance
  21. Good morning to HB from the comforts of my couch on this wonderful Snow Day! 

  22. Ts & Ps to anyone who cheered for Wisconsin tonight. 

    1. teachercd


      Didn't cheer for them so much...but lost money on them!  Uggg

    2. NUance


      Me too.  Friggin Badjerks.  


  23. Eastern Michigan's QB just hit a ref with a punch: 


    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Meh....that ref went down easier than glass jaw Joe.:lol:


      Was a fun game to watch.

    2. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Glass, Jaw Joe. Is that a relative of the Eastern Michigan QB Mike Glass?

  24. Gifford is N; I believe he's paying for Spring then going on scholly during Fall Camp. 

  25. BUD.

    1. C N Red

      C N Red

      That was a good fight.

    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      I don't think any of the Welters beat him and he could easily win a Middleweight title at this point.

    3. RedSavage


      That might have been the closest fight he’s ever had and it really wasn’t even that close by the end.  

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