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Gun Control

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18 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

That’s a common Republican cry. Oh, they just have us the bull and expect us to have it read. 

Do your f#&%ing job and you could have it read. 


Also I don't believe Marco had anything to say when his party pulled this crap with their "healthcare" bill a couple years ago.

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15 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


I'd love to say "it's about time!" but this really feels like politicians grabbing the nearest band-aid and pretending there's no longer a gaping wound they have to address.



It's a start, but I agree with you. Kind of like a woohoo look what we did effort, that really didn't do much. The Rs will use it to nullify any further steps by saying "nope, cuz we already did something"

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24 minutes ago, DevoHusker said:




Accident or not, I think it’s a great idea!


Could be a great compromise.  You can own whatever you wish, but your neighbors also know how big your penis is :thumbs


And SCOTUS just ruled that “reproductive privacy” is a States issue, so..,:dunno

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