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The whole argument that Putin didn't invade the Ukraine under Trump because Trump was unpredictable is ridiculous.  Like having a narcissistic sociopath with his finger on the button is good for national security.


Maybe that treasure trove of top secret documents sitting down in Mar-a-Lago influenced his decision.



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Don't send troops or any military forces.  Continue to provide military aid to support Ukraine in defending itself from Putin and the russian army.  We are one of 13 countries doing this, and no one is sending troops or forces.  We cannot engage in war.  We have to put the safety and needs of our country first (our people). We can monitor, show support and sympathy to Ukraine.  But the moment we send in our soldiers, or fighter jets, or drones or anything to engage in this fight, it will go from bad to worse.  Let us see what happens when and if other countries send in troops and military forces.  I hope they don't until it becomes absolutely positively needed.  Should that happen, then we will get involved with our US miltary forces.  It's a horible mess, and who knows how long it will go on. But I strongly do not want to see our country be the first to send in military troops to fight against a crazy person (Putin) who has nukes.

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2 hours ago, funhusker said:

What's stopping the US from supplying some planes that "just so happen" to be piloted by USAF pilots?  Could we dress them as Ukrainian and have them bomb the s#!t out of these convoys?  


What if we aim some missiles at the convoy from a base in Poland? Trained NATO troops set up everything and just have some Ukrainian refugee pull the trigger.  Would that be okay as far as all these treaties go?

A no fly zone enforced by us/nato would end this. But also potentially send Putin ballistic.

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16 hours ago, TGHusker said:

I hope Putin’s generals erase him:B)


The true story will be told at a later date, but I wonder how much Western intelligence knows right now about Putin's inner circle and "loyalists" who might lean to depose him --- or at least benefit from his departure.


In this vein I recommend a very dark and funny movie that's probably more accurate than a conventional biopic:  "The Death of Stalin""

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