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    I would agree completely. Which means that many more people have had this without serious negative effects. All the percentages are bs and most people are figuring that out. Time for life to resume...
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    I've never had ANY training that's told me that you EVER put your knee on someone's neck! In fact we're told to avoid the head and neck except in deadly force situations so they're avoided at all cost! And once you get someone in handcuffs and the fight is over, you roll them on their side and sit them up to avoid causing any cardiac issues or excited delirium........ I'm appalled and disgusted by this officer's actions and the officers that stood by and just let this happen! I would've pushed that officer off of him had I been there! I'm furious over this so I've waited to comment most of the day because of it. Completely senseless......
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    Fish tank guy told me JD took an upper decker in Frost's office bathroom.
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    What is Frost supposed to do, short of paying him? It's not like the ball never came his way. I think it's ludicrous to lay this at Frost's feet after everything that has happened.
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    I don't get this at all. We ran it 62% of the time last year with 540 rushes to 323 passes. Do you want us to run it 70 or 80% of the time? Should we never pass? Wisconsin is one of the top rushing teams in the conference and they ran it 63% of the time. Also, if you understand Frost's offense it is exactly what you describe wanting. It has a set of base plays and then the entire offense is based off of those base plays with changes in formations, motions and reads. So, my unpopular opinion is we have the run first offense that Husker fans want and with the reads and options it is as close to Tom Osborne's 90's offense as you'll ever get in today's game.
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    You do realize that numbers being posted in many states are from people who died with covid-19 and not necessarily from it. Washington state just admitted they even have several gun shot victims who are counted in the totals. It is terrible that people have died... Happens to us all eventually. May as well live it up until that day comes.
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    - Taylor Martinez gets too much unnecessary hate. - Bill Callahan gets too much hate. To be fair, this dude walked into an incredibly toxic situation. He recruited incredibly well, and seemingly ran a clean program. I believe he cared and did his best, it just didn’t happen to work, which I can respect. Unlike another pro style coach from the west coast we hired.
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    I understand you and a few others on this site are very concerned. You are all free to stay in hiding. That's the beauty of our country... You are free to live scared if you so choose. I do care about all lives but I feel strongly that our free country was not built on fear. I am glad to take risks with my life in order to enjoy all the freedoms provided us by all the soldiers who fought for our right to do so. A good percentage of our country is showing they feel similarly. Happy memorial day.
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    Hey Branno, I've read some of the discussion on here and have wanted to comment but have resisted the urge to do so but I'm just curious and you may not want to answer my question but.....are you able to work from home and continue to draw a paycheck, make a living? Forget about the "Will we play football this season?" question. If you are waiting on a vaccine, a true, legitimate vaccine that has gone thru all the protocols, the levels of development, testing and studies, etc, you may never come out of your house or do anything, ie, work, shop, vacation, or play, etc, in a normal manner ever again cause it is quite possible they will not be able to come up with one. Have never had a successful HIV vaccine, it is treated with antivirals and such and some of these other viruses, ie, SARS, MERS, ZIKA, still do not have definite successful vaccines to combat them. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7115365/) Not sure how to post links here and not necessarily interested in finding out but that is a very interesting read. Suffice it to say this, the initial concern for our health and safety was legitimate and there is still a need to proceed cautiously but the numbers do not bear out bringing us to our collective knees economically or otherwise, they are just not there. Protect the vulnerable, ie, our elderly and those with underlying conditions and get on with living. Ignore the MSM Fear Porn and know that if we don't get going, and very quickly, we will emerge from this in a very different world and it will not be because of the CoVid19 virus........rather our reaction to it. Oh btw, I believe we will have a football season! If I'm wrong it will not be the first time
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    Nebraska football hasn't been as enjoyable since we left the Big 12. Not cause we sucked, cause we sucked in the Big 12 for a bit as well. I personally don't care about any "rival" or conference opponent in the Big 10. We just feel out of place.
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    At this point you're absolutely disgusting with your blind allegiance. If you had ever actually bothered reading the Mueller report or the the Intelligence Committees report on Russian Interference you would know that the lies you spew are pure, unpatriotic, fascit bulls#!t. The saddest part is you would rather support those most terrible people (who by the way have never failed to show you their true greedy, pu&&y grabbing colors), than to support your own country who is in danger of being damaged by a foreign power, yet again.
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    This is not an update. It is simply a reminder to never ever be this guy tweeting at recruits on Twitter. Ever.
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    I am tired of that as well. I am also tired of the guy who posts "Here comes the he wasn't good enough crowd" just so they can feel superior when someone does it. Just my two cents.
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    This one isn't over with. He is committed to Tenn. right now but the coaches are after him hard. He said his choice came down to Tenn and Neb. He wants to visit here when things open up.
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    I just hope Keith wasn't driving JD or Tyjon around
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    This isn't the Spanish Flu. Modern Medicine is light years ahead of 1918. We have solid information on how to avoid the spread. The numbers would be much better if we could get some of the non-English speaking minority groups on the same page. Take a look at the nationwide demographics and where a large percentage of the cases are. Keeping the country under lock down isn't going to fix that.
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    Discounting NFL players as less than good seems to be not based in reality.
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    Just speculation, but I think what people often mean when they say "run the ball" is "run the ball in the way I want you to run it."
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    Opinionated Nebraska Alumni are not doing the program any favors.
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    He's 2nd in program history for career rushing yards at a place with historically great running backs...that's not great?
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    I believe I asked for unpopular opinions.
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    The impact of the walk-on program (even historically) has been way over-valued.
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    If Solich had not been fired, the program would not have turned into a shambles. We would have a few more conference championships and maybe even a couple more Nattys.
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    It's good that Clester has been around this long enough to know that the vast majority of fans are good and will leave him and his son alone with the decision. It's sad though that they have to deal with a few blubbering idiots that think their purpose in life is to tweet recruits and their families. If you tweet recruits and families, you need to seriously examine your life.
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    Protestors in Downtown Des Moines asked officers to take a knee with them for 2 minutes and they'd then leave and abide by the 9pm curfew that was enacted today. Officers agreed and it was 2 minutes of unity between the groups and then the protestors left like they said they would peacefully. Unfortunately there are several other protesting groups throughout the metro that aren't as friendly.
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    Remember when Lamar Jackson was going to get drafted in the 1st or 2nd round? Pepperidge Farms remembers
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    I don't think JD likes the cultural expectations that have been set forth by Coach Frost. Its unfortunate that he is stuck in this brutal transition from Riley to Frost. The resultant lack of winning has not helped. Despite all that he has continued to play hard and make plays on the football field. JD is sending mixed signals right now. Do you want that from a senior leader going into what may be a strange 2020 season? He needs to figure something out soon. This would be more unneeded drama for Frost to navigate through.
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    If he doesn't want to be at Nebraska for whatever reason or reasons, Frost is cleaning up the mojo. Other players have wished they had another season to play under Frost.
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    Guy, for the record, I am a minority. I'm not being racist, just stating facts. I also work an essential job so you can stay safe and sound at home. The demographics are telling the story just about everywhere. Yes, all races are catching it but it's very disproportionate to minorities. Most on here are intelligent enough to understand why. The bottom line is we aren't stopping this virus. Most of us will catch it eventually. Modern medicine and intelligence will help the vast majority of us make it through just fine. May as well get back to living.... And football!
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    Not so much an unpopular opinion, but a what if? If the Akron game in 2018 isn't canceled, Scott Frost squeezes into a bowl game his first season at Nebraska, and the mood lightens considerably.
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    Here's my biggest issue.. run the dang ball!! Stop playing fancy feet, stop trying to develop a 300 page play book. Instead, develop 100 plays that work and stick to those plays. Certainly a gadget play here or there but for heavens sake. Stop this mind set of.. if they do this, we'll counter and do this... Just be good at 33 plays with each having an audible or two of those 33 formations and perfect those formations and audibles.
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    It seems to me the burden of proof rests on those imposing the shutdowns and travel and association restrictions to provide strong evidence that businesses being closed and employees under stay at home orders are actually safer as a result. Further, that “essential” businesses and organizations and their employees and patronage are somehow less dangerous than their non-essential counterparts. So far, the definitipns and rules are about as diverse as the people involved - inconsistent and vague and ever changing as imaginable. These laws, edicts, regulations, orders or whatever other names given are nearly all clear infringements on many of the inalienable rights of the Bill of Rights. Even temporary violations of fundamental civil rights are patently unconstitutional. Many individual liberties have been trampled upon in the name of health, safety, justice, fairness and so on for centuries. No matter what the justification offered, it is still unlawful and must be stopped.
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    Both sides are correct. The disease/virus is terrible if you actually get it. It certainly can kill you and quickly. Some young people have died no question. But hiding under a rock is not the answer. Personally if they play it will be fine with me. If they don't pretty much the same. Far more important things going on with this, than football. I deal with it daily, 6 days a week unfortunately. Wife is on the front line. CNO with a far different opinion of doctors after this event. ER doctors are gods in her eyes, the rest could go piss up a rope. Most are useless and terrified of the virus. The terror from this disease is so overblown it is beyond belief. What we have done is like killing and ant with a bulldozer. Makes no sense at all. Our community has had two deaths at her hospital from Covid. Both in their 80's and waited far to long to show up at the hospital. Why? Doctors are not taking calls, patients are terrified to go to the hospital or the Doctors office because of the continuous media claims they will die if they go out side. People are dying in our community of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, drug overdose, spousal abuse, and just about everything else under the sun because of the continuous terror program thrown on this country. by the news media. Many are not having surgeries that are needed because the surgery is considered non essential. The hospitals are going broke because of this. We should have attacked the source and protected the weak. Easy to say now in hindsight. But when the medical field can control something they will jump at the chance to do it. I offered a different opinion from a Chair head at Stanford. He has a completely different opinion of what is going on. He says the virus has been here since late October early November. A lot of people here think they have had it. Me for one, was never so sick in my life as I was in early November. But not allowed to take the antibody test yet. I think when that is allowed in California we will find out if Dr. Atlas is correct. I am out every single day, and have been since this all started. I work in communications and spend most of my time on mountain tops. If not there I ride my bicycle 25 to 30 miles a day. I am a high risk individual. 73 years young. Two heart attacks and other problems, but still face every day as an opportunity to improve my self physically. A Jar Head thing. It just never goes away. lol All of us want this thing to end, but we have to be smart about it. There isn't a need for LA to be locked down until we have a vaccine. California has lost close to 3000 people out of 45 million. 3000 is not a satisfactory number by any means, but this lock down here will end up killing more people than the virus, is my guess.
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    I haven't heard of a single "concerned" coach. I would think any individual who was, for whatever reason, could coach from the box or social distance. Officials are in general very in shape individuals and would be in a very low risk category. Any athletes with underlying conditions could make the choice to sit out. The show most go on. Life must go on.
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    College athletes are in the age class that is least affected by this virus. Quit watching CNN and go enjoy some sunshine.
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    I think it will be downplayed, but to me the Purdue game is the biggest in 2020. With SDSU being ranked FCS preseason #2, Cincinnati being close to top 25 and the way the last two years have gone, it's critical to get off to a fast start. Having a hiccup and dropping a game or 2 in September with the last 5 games being all against top 15 teams from last year's AP top 25 could be disastrous. The psyche of the team and the fanbase needs a nice opening W. What do you all think?
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    i am not attacking you, but your post comes with no support......black eye for Husker football? your blanket statement is without merit. no one knows his real motivation for being absent, my thoughts are just my opinion, as are yours
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    Maybe we should wait for some actual confirmation before we go off the rails with speculation as to his motives?
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    I will not, I am not their blood relative. #rolltide
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    Yeah how dare us to use percentages - let's just lump anything close into one basket and try to make it bigger then it is. Every death is tragic to many individuals - however as we all know every death has its own story.
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    Which, we will. 30 to 40% of the country doesn't believe in science, thinks wearing a mask is an affront to their liberty and will eat any conspiracy fed to them. Even when cases and hospitalizations start going up again they'll call it fake news. We're a country full of fat, stupid people.
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    I love frost and think he has a chance to do something special here, but for the most unpopular opinion (to some) not named Riley or Callahan is maybe Bo Pelini was a pretty good coach too.
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    But setting aside 3 scholarships to not use for scholarship recruiting is putting yourself on probation. I can’t believe how you can be so wrong on so many things.
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    Nebraska linebackers did a good job staying 6 ft away from ball carriers last season.
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