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    Dear HuskerBoard family, After 16 years of running HuskerBoard, it's time to turn the page. Jump to the last few sentences to find out where HB goes from here. Continue reading for my full "best man" wedding speech. I started HuskerBoard a few years after graduating from UNL in 2003, b/c I was a Husker zealot looking for someone to talk Husker football with while living in KC. I began by creating various profiles and having conversations with myself ... Shortly after, I convinced my old college buddy Eric, to join the schizophrenic conversation. We goofed around, shared our idiotic commentary with our multiple personalities, and our old school version of memes. Suddenly, people started showing up. Actual, real, not voices in our heads people - like you guys. Some of you even became our friends, and some lifelong friends - b/c of a crazy little place where adults click buttons and type things about sports stuff. Today, HuskerBoard stands strong at nearly 12K members and counting. The largest 100% FREE Husker forum on the web. With easily the most respectful and intelligent members and moderators. I'm extremely proud of what HuskerBoard has become. And it most certainly wouldn't still be here without MANY amazing contributors over the years. Too long to list them all, so to avoid missing someone I won't even start. You know who you are, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. And of course you incredible SOB members that are just as nutty about the Huskers as us. And some who may actually be clinically insane, you added a nice dash of color and entertainment to the board. It's been an honor being the Lord of the Flies; although some of you don't even know WHOTF I am, as I've been behind the scenes the past several years. I had to put my Husker addiction on the back-burner when I had my first daughter 7 years ago. I now have 3 kids, and my time is being stretched more everyday. I recently decided it was time to pass the torch. To someone I knew would maintain our values, and keep the HB spirit of ethics alive. David Max, the longtime owner of HuskerPedia and now HuskerMax will be taking over the board effective tomorrow August 27. I know the board will be in good hands, as David is a solid human being and amazing Husker fan. He vowed to maintain the board as a FREE forum, and will surely take it to even better places than I've had time for lately. And special thanks to Mavric for leading the crew so expertly the past few years. Mavric is the man, and is planning to continue onward & upward with HB. So please follow his lead and continue building HuskerBoard into the best Husker forum on the web. Thanks again to all, and GBR!! ~Mic drop~ Chad aka Blackshirt P.S. - David will make an announcement soon about his upcoming plans for the board, including an invitation to his Tailgate Party this Saturday!
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    Hey now Jurgens threw a couple deep balls.
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    I heard that they tried to fraudulently acquire a Husker related message board, and then maliciously incited panic by announcing a fake 10am outage. Frost doesn't stand for that kind of crap.
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    I hate lightening storms. It’s worse than lightning because this has the potential to erase all of the s&c gains they’ve made if they get lighter.
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    And just like that the offseason was complete.
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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    Just wanted to introduce myself to this board. I’m Michael and been following this board for 20 years. Decided to finally start an account to share one of the greatest moments of our lives. This past Saturday, I had my official grand opening at my sports bar in North Dallas. I decided to DM 2 former Husker football players to see if they can make it and watch the start of the season at my bar. Didn’t hear back until the night before our grand opening but got some great news, that they will come out to watch the game. To my surprise, him and his gf were the first to walk through our bar and I immediately introduced myself. I immediately seated them in the area I dedicated for Husker fans. Well the game wasn’t going exactly how we thought it should and by half time there was hardly any customers. I called up some Husker fans in the area to leave the other watch site and help me change the mood at my place. The former Husker player was really anxious and nervous at the same time, during the whole first half. I wanted to lighten/change his mood so I ordered us a round of shots and wings. After they were done eating, another round of shots. By this time, a group of Husker fans showed up and got to meet him. We barely payed attention to the 2nd half of the game and got to banter/get to know him better. After the game, we still had to wait about 45 more mins to find out some important news. If he got a phone call, that would of meant he did not make the cut. We knew he was the last borderline player to make the team. Long story short, no phone call was made and us fans got to share one of the greatest accomplishments in this young mans life. Almost teared up myself, knowing his career during his time as a Husker didn’t go as scripted, being hit with the injury bug and multiple coaching changes. I couldn’t ask for a better grand opening moment and hope this is a start of a friendship as well. Congratulations Luke Gifford on making the Dallas Cowboys and hope you have a long and successful career with dem boyz!!!!
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    Those are only the presents we hung on the tree. You don’t even know what’s in the other boxes yet.
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    I got confirmation from the developer that Xenforo may not have that feature so I have cancelled the conversion for now. The site will remain on the current platform.
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    To be honest, I hate the huskermax software, because of too many intrusive ads, but mostly the pop ups. And I’m not alone, as the problem has been posted over there repeatedly for years. I like the site, have read it for many, many, many years and appreciate it as the remarkable Husker news aggregate it is. But I stay on it the absolute minimum I need to and stay away from it on mobile.
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    You should probably release that family now.
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    The black N is interesting, the only other time we've done that was 2014 on the red helmet when Randy Gregory killed a person.
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    One thing I love about CU and Iowa fans, is they routinely tell Husker fans to “Stop living in the past.” Yet they cling to 62-36, and Nile Kinnick like their lives depend on it.
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    Hey. What you do behind closed doors is your business
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    Tom Osborne arrives to the South Alabama game in a stretch limo in a pimp outfit. The entire cheerleader squad pours out of the limo, pops a cigar in his mouth and then carries him in sideways to his skybox seat.
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    Someone was ripping on Martinez for not acting like a team captain in the game thread. Well, here you go. This is how captains react.
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    Yeah what he said....... now +1 me
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    Nobody can accuse Jay Foreman of not being All In on the Blackshirts tradition.
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    We built speed city on Frost and Duval
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    Oregon State, obvi
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    Blind side blocks are so fun! I still remember sprinting at the QB one second then seeing nothing but sky, wondering where I went wrong and why it was taking so long to hit the ground. Kenny Bell is the Last Blind Sider.
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