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    I lurk on this board every so often and decided to create account/post because I can offer a little insight here. Evans, the school Lynum plays for was once the elite program in Orlando. 3 new schools, 2 8a state powers that intruded on their district lines (including the school Braxton Clark came from), & open HS recruiting in Florida have left a limited resources talent hotbed program struggling for the better part of 20 years. Last season they failed to win a game and hired a new coach again. I don't know anything specific about Lynum, but he's played on a terribly coached team that hemorrhages upper classman talent while facing elite competition. Prior to this spring, they didn't even have an organized offseason training program. If ever there was an opportunity to find a raw talent/diamond in the rough in Florida, it would be in a situation like this, & if Frost & Co. made him a recruiting priority, I wouldn't be concerned about his lack of offers & stars.
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    Interesting tidbit that doesn't really say much. If that's to believe, then the third would presumably either be a black jersey, an all-white alternate (which we've worn a lot over the last few years), or an all-red alternate? Or, this:
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    Surprised he isn't #1 on our board with this vertical
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    https://www.omaha.com/livewellnebraska/health/a-cure-of-hiv-is-possible-unmc-temple-researchers-eliminate/article_08544d69-cc0b-5743-b70f-ea47eccb8cad.html I know this isn’t football related so move it if you must but a massive medical breakthrough happened through UNL and I wanted to make sure it got the recognition on here it deserves. Really incredible stuff from UNMC.
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    I think the best thing about these types of poll releases. Even if they are worthless. Think of how many Iowa fans get triggered over it.
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    "Nobody with extremely short attention spans reads your posts because they are too long." Fixed that for you. Also thanks for speaking for EVERYONE on this forum, godlike one. (Clearly applies to all who upvoted your comment, and those that roll eyes on this one.) Shoot... I'm the Poster Boy for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder and I even I can read a longer post.
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    Maybe this should be in another forum, but it is a great story. I hope Warner has a great year. kurt-and-brenda-warner-surprise-single-mother-with-newly-furnished-home
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    I always pictured Moos' interactions with Boehm going something like this...
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    Fong bomb for N...I am so confused about this recruitment.
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    I was a member of a message board back about 15 years ago which was run by a Michigan State student. Lots of people on there met each other and became RL friends. (I’m not one of them). Anyhow, he knew this and wanted to quit having the website and everyone begged him to pass the website on to someone else to run. Instead of doing that he deleted the site but kept the URL (which is still unused today) and people created a new website to try to replace it but it hasn’t been the same since. How is this relevant, you might ask (just kidding, no one’s actually read this far). Well, about the time he became an a$$h@!e, he had become a professor at Texas. Everyone becomes an a$$h@!e as soon as they’re associated with Texas.
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    Puppies tend to be too gamey for my liking.
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    Either way, if you're attending fan day without kids, you're weird
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    The quote was "Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson dominate the country" OSU is the 2nd winningest program in the past 10 years. It's accurate to say they've been dominating the country with those 2 teams, even if they get destroyed by 1 of the 2 above them.
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    I am going to let you all in on a secret. All you have heard is true. Both sides. There are players that hate her and think she is crazy and...wait for it...there are players that love her and owe her everything. Just like with every single coach, teacher, parent, boss, mentor, friend, brother, sister and so on.
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    your post suggests to me that you are an old person.
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    The overwhelming answer you'll get from Nebraska fans regarding Texas is 'f#&% no'. Not in a million years with a million foot pole. We have a very special disdain for them. I'd say it's 75% justified and proper and 25% butthurt animosity for getting bullied and dominated so badly, but they're a cancerous tumor that invades it's host (conference), spreads, takes over, and destroys.
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    Just bring these back:
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    Ha...what is the first rule of holes again? Oh yeah, when you are in one...stop digging.
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