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    With our offensive line, Burrow would look like crap too, so would pretty much any quarterback, even Tom Brady.
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    I don't think it's stupid at all. Had the boosters left things alone, Diaco would never have lived in Lincoln. Think of the 2017 season, what was the biggest problem? Riley or Diaco's matador defense? That team would have gone bowling with Banker as the DC IMHO. Last season would have been Gebbia throwing to Spielman, Tyjon Lindsey and probably Isiah Hodgins and Jamire Calvin. The hiring of Diaco set a lot of things in motion. None of them good.
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    So I would assume the "family friend" is somehow tied to OSU in some way...right? Oh wait, his tweet said he has known this person the summer BEFORE his freshman year...oh, so definitely a family friend in the truest sense, no OSU ties here...lol
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    Frost will be here until he chooses to leave.
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    Never underestimate our fanbase and players' ability to forget how bad we actually are and quickly jump back into the world of unrealistic expectations solely based on the fact that we're Nebraska. If the team that starts next year isn't a big step up from this one currently, we'll be lucky to start 3-3. Purdue, Cincy and either Illinois or NW could easily beat us.
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    So, when a possible crime is committed. Is the Grand Jury held in public and in the open? I'll answer it for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_juries_in_the_United_States This is the phase we are in right now. They are investigating and holding a 'grand jury' of sorts to see if impeachment proceedings should go forward. We are not in the main impeachment proceedings. You are asking for law to be changed...law that Republicans setup before the election in 2016 (2015 they passed it in hopes if Hillary won, they'd impeach her) . Do you think they should break the law just so you can see what's going on during the investigation? Imagine if you demanded the same from police during an investigation. Would that fly? Does it seem reasonable?
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    So...if I may summarize yet another curiously long winded post that seems to have a simple point (for lack of a better term) Nebraska and Arkansas suck. Some teams that sucked before don’t suck that much right now. The Huskers have a chance at sucking less in the future.
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    I’d rather swing for the fences than win nothing at all. Tell me again what trophy did we win for winning those 9 games.
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    Why didn't Sam include "wrenching hands and laughing maniacally" so Dirk could vote on his poll?
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    Waiting for something that he doesn't have yet imo.
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    Ahhhh..."run the damn ball" guy.
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    It’s the lbs and it’s really not even close.
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    You're kidding right? You're talking about a guy whose protegie won the Heisman. He helped recruit Vernon Adams to Oregon from Eastern Washington. He recruited Justin Herbert who will be a top NFL pick this year. He identified Milton and Vedral at UCF. Regardless of what people think about Martinez this year the kid is talented and a lot of coaches wanted him even after missing his senior year. He identified and brought in Luke McCaffrey who many wouldn't recruit as a QB. And he had Logan Smothers committed before other big programs came calling. He signed the highest rated class at Nebraska in decades last year. Yes Jurgens had struggles at the beginning of year, but he's cleaned them up and is currently out best lineman. Ohio State had Burrows on their roster for three years and didn't think he was good enough to start. The little he played was not impressive. Choosing your talented freshmen over a transfer who couldn't find the field in three years is not a failure to identify talent.
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    Interesting to see them list Hickman as a WR in the depth chart this week. I wonder if that is a get him on the field change or a permanent change based on roster numbers/performance. If he's struggling to put the necessary TE weight on he could still be a nightmare of a match up as a 6'6" WR who can block.
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    Q&A with Nebraska great Tommie Frazier: On Scott Frost, college sports today and his decision to speak out Some of you won't be able to read this ($$) but it's a pretty good interview with Tommie. He thinks Martinez is pressing, but he's also not getting any help from the O-line, receivers, etc. He thinks HCSF needs to be his own HC and not try to be Tom Osborne. He also thinks college athletes are spoiled and it makes them soft. And a last tidbit for @teachercd: Willie Taggart was Frazier's backup in high school and Sherman asked him about Taggart getting fired:
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    Hmmm. So now lack of talent is the issue, not leadership or being bought in? It's true Farniok is a G and not a tackle. He admits as much himself (couldn't another true tackle have been developed by now). Daniel's appears to do his job very well (a Frost guy). AM doesn't appear to instill any confidence in me as a leader. By his body language or passion during the game (a Frost guy). That leaves Mo.....A passionate guy who is a step or too late or misses reads...Great motor though...odd that for lack of talent he leads the team in tackles..... I'm just tired of the culture issue. Is there one? Sure. The team isn't playing to the "eye test standard". Unfortunately, this is year 2 of the same song and verse. I thought culture had flipped after game 6 last year. Obviously Frost, teams and fans were wrong....Culture was the culprit for Bo (Cally's guys too soft), then Bo was too mean and angry and the kids took on the FTW culture..The Riley was like Mr Rogers....Culture has been the stickman for the past 15 years.... The question is, what is FROST doing to change it? What is the culture he envisions? What is his vision? A tougher team? A team that can come out ready in the 3rd quarter? He says he has never faced these issues before as a coach.....What does he do? I really ask as I have no answer....Not sure he does either. NOT A KNOCK, just a thought he might need to get some outside advice from someone not associated with the program.
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    You think other programs have similar situations to Nebraska but nobody really knows the exact situations of every college program. I’m gonna stay focused on Nebraska, and I’m sure Frost and his staff is gonna do the same.
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    Their leaders bought in.
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    Just watched Wisconsin vs Iowa. We ain’t beating either team. We are getting clobbered by both in our own house.
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    Here’s a model Check your fancy play calling...when you can put a team away. Manage the clock properly. Run a 4-3 Defense Get off the field on 3rd and long. Stop someone on their final possession. Start there! Then worry about culture.
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    Also - to this point - anybody that says that the head football coach of any team doesn't have ANY culpability in losses but then credits same head coach for wins, needs to be looked at with a grain of salt...
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    I love to consider myself a student of the game (who doesnt, right?) When I look at football games, I look at things away from the ball. How are the linemen run blocking? Who is constantly getting overpowered in one on one matchups? Who is getting open consistantly? Is your QB making his reads consistantly? How is the RPO game working? (this one irritates me) Who isn't scared to come up and run fit? I try to see the positives and negatives in every game, and then put a mental list together. Are they still making bone-headed penalties? No, that got cleaned up in last years pre Bethune-Cookman game. I've seen a marked improvement there, yes. Still some unfortunate penalties at bad times (See Wandale's called back TD in the first half last week), but they're making a lot less "stupid" penalties. To be honest, I knew this team was having issues after the Colorado game. Washington's run should have lifted them up, but once they got hit with that flea flicker, I was like, "Who pressed the self destruct button, darnit?!?" You want to put games away, and that takes a killer instinct that Nebraska teams have lacked for YEARS now, at this point - on both sides of the ball. When I see that come back, then I'll look at this team differently.
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    Trump cult members’ blind loyalty won’t allow them to see this and truly there is no hope for them. He could punch a baby and drop kick a puppy on live TV and then blame it on Hillary and they would believe him.
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    Going from To Doesn't happen overnight.
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    Yeah, he rightfully got credit for that, because he took an underperforming player and team and elevated their potential a long ways. If you do that, you should get credit. If you are unable to do that, you don't think that's a legitimate criticism of your coaching abilities? It doesn't seem consistent to give credit where it's due, but then absolve blame where it's due.
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    Trump wants the focus on the Whistleblower to distract his base from having a second to stop and think about what he did. It's Three Card Monte. If they don't have constant distractions they might just actually read the transcripts, or pay attention to the damning testimony of the witnesses who have already come forth. The reality is, we could dispense with the Whistleblower entirely at this point. There's more than enough evidence provided by other witnesses to corroborate what's in the initial WB statement to impeach Trump.
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    The bolded is 1000000% correct. The defense is pretty bad, but the offense has been the greater disappointment by far.
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    You just dont understand what this defense is designed to do or how bigly its improved. It went from be dead last in the conference to being almost dead last in the conference. It doesn't mattter how many yards or points it gives up.
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    Lamar is really the feel-good story of this staff so far. Prior to this staff arriving (and for the first 4-5 games with this staff) LJ was a guy that got picked on and torched by opposing QBs/WRs. I give him a ton of credit for sticking around and improving after he got benched last year vs Purdue. It would have been really easy for him to pick up and leave, but he didn't. Kudos to him for that. As far as this team moving forward without him, I think we'll be just fine with either Cam Taylor-Britt or Braxton Clark (or Newsome, etc) moving into his CB spot.
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    But we Nebraska fans are eternal optimists
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    Fine. If this takes down the Bidens (and whomever) fine. Everything I've seen on that is a big nothing burger. But, I'm all for investigating it if possible. BUT!!!! That doesn't excuse a sitting President from inviting a foreign government to meddle in our elections FOR HIS PERSONAL GAIN!!!! So, if it brings all of them down......why would that cause us to NOT go through this investigation?
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    Behind Wan'Dale and Kade Warner, though. It's the Kanawai Noa/Mike Williams spot that's really been MIA this year.
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    That would be orgasmic.
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    By that same reasoning, shouldn't the churches then choose not to own/operate hospitals if they can't morally perform all the procedures deemed necessary by the community? Same for being a nurse or doctor?
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    This is a hindsight question, but I would lay this more on Pelini/Beck (Riley was hired after Burrow had committed to OSU, and he was pretty solid after the fact). For those who don't read the OWH, this story is probably why this thread exists: https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/plus/mckewon-between-adrian-martinez-and-joe-burrow-did-the-huskers/article_1868991b-47fa-5c24-8334-b5db2c0bf0ef.html
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    Actually believe you were 0-4 with the use of the word NOT lol
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    Time is the most precious thing we have and no one knows how much of it we have. Id like to see good quality football in my lifetime again.
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    Frost just needs a better slogan. No fear of failure has back fired.
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    You're obviously entitled to your opinion, but I stand by what I said. UNL would be in better shape today had Diaco not been hired. Riley would have "his" kids. We'd have the depth we don't have now because kids left or were jettisoned. We'd have an identity with a pro style offense and players recruited to play it. Instead, we're staring at our third straight 4-8 season with no real reason to think things will improve except for hope. Hope isn't something concrete to build on.
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    I feel like they weren’t good enough to start or get significant playing time on a B10 bottom dweller. Nothing to hang your hat on.
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    Need him to qualify....like real bad.
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    If I was the head coach I'd hire some new staff and take them on motorcycle rides.
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