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    I would agree completely. Which means that many more people have had this without serious negative effects. All the percentages are bs and most people are figuring that out. Time for life to resume...
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    I've never had ANY training that's told me that you EVER put your knee on someone's neck! In fact we're told to avoid the head and neck except in deadly force situations so they're avoided at all cost! And once you get someone in handcuffs and the fight is over, you roll them on their side and sit them up to avoid causing any cardiac issues or excited delirium........ I'm appalled and disgusted by this officer's actions and the officers that stood by and just let this happen! I would've pushed that officer off of him had I been there! I'm furious over this so I've waited to comment most of the day because of it. Completely senseless......
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    Fish tank guy told me JD took an upper decker in Frost's office bathroom.
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    What is Frost supposed to do, short of paying him? It's not like the ball never came his way. I think it's ludicrous to lay this at Frost's feet after everything that has happened.
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    You do realize that numbers being posted in many states are from people who died with covid-19 and not necessarily from it. Washington state just admitted they even have several gun shot victims who are counted in the totals. It is terrible that people have died... Happens to us all eventually. May as well live it up until that day comes.
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    I understand you and a few others on this site are very concerned. You are all free to stay in hiding. That's the beauty of our country... You are free to live scared if you so choose. I do care about all lives but I feel strongly that our free country was not built on fear. I am glad to take risks with my life in order to enjoy all the freedoms provided us by all the soldiers who fought for our right to do so. A good percentage of our country is showing they feel similarly. Happy memorial day.
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    I just hope Keith wasn't driving JD or Tyjon around
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    Remember when Lamar Jackson was going to get drafted in the 1st or 2nd round? Pepperidge Farms remembers
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    I don't think JD likes the cultural expectations that have been set forth by Coach Frost. Its unfortunate that he is stuck in this brutal transition from Riley to Frost. The resultant lack of winning has not helped. Despite all that he has continued to play hard and make plays on the football field. JD is sending mixed signals right now. Do you want that from a senior leader going into what may be a strange 2020 season? He needs to figure something out soon. This would be more unneeded drama for Frost to navigate through.
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    If he doesn't want to be at Nebraska for whatever reason or reasons, Frost is cleaning up the mojo. Other players have wished they had another season to play under Frost.
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    I think it will be downplayed, but to me the Purdue game is the biggest in 2020. With SDSU being ranked FCS preseason #2, Cincinnati being close to top 25 and the way the last two years have gone, it's critical to get off to a fast start. Having a hiccup and dropping a game or 2 in September with the last 5 games being all against top 15 teams from last year's AP top 25 could be disastrous. The psyche of the team and the fanbase needs a nice opening W. What do you all think?
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    i am not attacking you, but your post comes with no support......black eye for Husker football? your blanket statement is without merit. no one knows his real motivation for being absent, my thoughts are just my opinion, as are yours
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    Maybe we should wait for some actual confirmation before we go off the rails with speculation as to his motives?
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    People try to frame this as an individual rights thing, but there's nothing 'individual' about a pandemic...
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    Gotta say your posts have been great in this thread. I know I get tired of a method used by a certain political party that is aimed at controlling and shaming people to do and think like they do because they are not tolerant of other views. Just a few examples "if you are ok opening the economy you dont care about people dieing", "if you support trump you are racist" "if you dont vote for biden you are not really black". Please respect that others have opinions and beliefs different than yours and thats ok. There is an old saying by Einstein. “Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it isn't true.” If you believe that some states are falsifying data for political reasons. Do you not think the states controlled by your political belief structure are also not falsifying data to support the narrative of their parties beliefs? Come on. Take what you see on CNN and FOX news and blend the 2 narratives and that is probably the truth. Somewhere in the middle.
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    That'll happen when the same hyperbole is used over and over. You sound like the sheep from Animal Farm.
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    Yeah how dare us to use percentages - let's just lump anything close into one basket and try to make it bigger then it is. Every death is tragic to many individuals - however as we all know every death has its own story.
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    I'll leave this here, just in case anyone wants to hear from a real leader.
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    That's a pretty small and carefully selected sample size. The best rush defenses by YPC allowed in the SEC are both 3-4, Florida and Georgia. The only decent defenses in the Big 12 (TCU, Iowa State, and Baylor) run 3 man fronts. Chinander may be an issue, but the 3-4 defense itself isn't. I don't agree with a lot of the Chins hate, but I get it because our defense has had some terrible games. What is it about the 4-3 that people think would magically make us better at stopping the run? Saying "4 guys to eat up blockers instead of 3" is a gross oversimplification. We almost always have 4 or 5 on the line, and guys like Alex Davis/Garrett Nelson are as big as 4-3 DEs. We've just sucked at filling gaps, and that's a fundamental part of every defense. The 4-3 doesn't fix our issue there. A new coach might, but this would be more on Ruud/Dewitt than Chins - and they let Dewitt go. Most of the issues I've seen don't look like scheme issues - this isn't Bo asking our relatively nonathletic LBs to catch Melvin Gordon starting flat footed when he has a head of steam on a jet sweep. It's guys just losing leverage or overrunning their assignments. There have absolutely been some questionable defensive playcalls, but I don't think that's been the biggest issue for run D.
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    That's one hill to die on, I guess.
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    Just because Nebraska and other states "reopened" doesn't mean everyone's just going out and living life like they used to. You can say you're open for business again, but you can't force people to go out. I'm not doing anything different now than I did through March & April. Still limit going out, still wear a mask wherever I go in public, no socializing unless we can spread out, no eating out, nothing like that. I gather most people are doing the same thing. That, combined with most people wearing masks, is likely keeping transfer (and thus numbers) down.
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    You last paragraph has a fair amount of truth to it. It's the reason you find ANTIFA near so many protests, it's the same reason gun nuts show up at COVID protests. On the flip side, at a certain point anger boils over when nothing changes from peaceful protests and this will always be the result. When we don't take these incidents seriously as a country this is where it will always end up. I just want to say that I'm extremely encourage by @BIGREDIOWAN you are one of the many good guys in law enforcement. There are too many bad apples giving guys like you a bad image. Even if there are systemic issues, there are still good people behind the badge who will do what's right.
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    I look at it this way. Students change their majors all the time. Usually because they realize they don't want to be in the original field they chose. JD is not in the same position as some of the football players out there. He probably doesn't need football to survive or make a living. If he doesn't love the game and he's just going through the motions then I don't blame him. I played for a losing team for 4 yrs and it sucked. If I didn't love the game I would have quit. I don't know exactly what he is going through. He's been a good player and hasn't done anything stupid to this point that anyone knows about to make the University look bad. If he wants to leave nobody should be judging and if he comes back good for him.
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    If a knee is used on the back anywhere you just have to be cognizant on how long you're doing that. I'm 5'8" and I weigh 215 lbs and I've fought with SEVERAL people throughout my career. I've NEVER been on anyone's back for longer than 10 to 15 seconds. 99.9% people stop fighting once the cuffs are on. I can't imagine taking all 215 lbs of me and putting it on the back of someone's neck for 10 minutes! Horrible...
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    It seems a bit like forcing facts to fit an agenda, doesn't it?
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    Not sure him transferring says he finds things unbearable. The coaching staff that recruited him is gone. The vast majority of the class he arrived with is gone. All the upper class men he got to know are gone. Even the 2017 class under him is mostly gone. Then if he is having some struggles health wise it could totally make sense that he is wanting to go to a program that has coaching staff he knows and friends of his. He may find the grass isn't greener, but when you miss things from the past you don't see that.
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    I'm saying that it's terribly disappointing that a talented baller, fan favorite, and NFL-bound player found the prospect of spending his senior year with these teammates, fans, and coaches so unbearable. Not saying life won't go on, but I really thought Scott Frost was going to clean up the mojo around here.
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    I'm sorry, but when a player transfers just a few games away from becoming the all-time receiver in a prestigious football program, it really is a black eye for Nebraska football.
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    I will not, I am not their blood relative. #rolltide
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    I understand your point of view. I choose to celebrate the lives lost. I choose to be happy about the freedoms we have that were earned at the ultimate cost to so many. My grandfather fought for our country and my dad did two tours in Vietnam. Neither are with me today but I know how they felt and feel I honor them when I say happy. To each their own. Mavric, my apologies this has gotten so off topic. I do feel the sentiments here are really applicable to football this fall. People feel pretty strongly for the side they believe. I personally would love to attend a game if the stands are open. Sure hope that happens. GBR
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    Ah yes, let's use percentages to distract from the fact that nearly 100,000 people have died and likely more because as you said you agreed things are underreported. Move on with our lives who cares about 100,000 mourning families.
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    The idea that our current situation is just the MSM blowing it out of proportion as “fear porn” is laughable and merits no discussion. I’m not going to waste my time having a conversation with someone who is irrational.
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    SLC called in the national guard and so my friend there has been posting it and posted this gem:
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    Interesting...I hope he can adjust, at ASU he had 5 star talent all around him. Won't be the same at NU.* *I am not talking about the players...wink
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    This could all be true but how would I high school coach have this info?
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    Of course we need to recruit nationally, but everyone in Florida knew this kid's 'commitment' meant basically nothing. I'll still stick with Gifford has a better college career.
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    It's a bummer, but we'll be fine. Continue to take full classes and continue to let TFish do his thing.
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    I don't understand the point of your post either. Are you saying Nebraska should stop recruiting nationwide due to the risk of guys transferring away from Nebraska and back home? Nebraska has always recruited nationwide. What made those 90s teams so amazing was the elite talent recruited from all over the country combined with elite local talent. Nebraska has to cast a wide net to bring in better talent. Yes, there are risks in having those kids not stay at Nebraska, but if done right, the kids love it at Nebraska and they make a significant impact.
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    When taxes go up in that area to rebuild the police building and damage created what's your thoughts on the building being burnt down then? You won't "define entire things by them" but you'll basically lump law enforcement together as a whole with "their entire existence" statement which is interesting, but not surprising at this point. Look what happened wasn't okay, I've said that and I'm happy that the officer has been charged, but to justify burning stuff to the ground makes little sense IMO. As the saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Looting and rioting is a poor way to get a point across. Just like putting a damn knee on the back of a guys neck and crushing the life out of him is a poor damn way to do your job as a police officer. Just saying.....
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    Talked to a Nebraska high school head coach today that told me Spielman is a cancer on the team. Tried to stage a “coup” as he called it against coaches last year when they practiced outside before going to Minnesota because it was too cold. Said he tried to get players to skip practice. Said Frost is trying to play it nice with public because Spielman is about to break school records but he does NOT want Spielman to return. He also said Frost didnt realize the extent of the problems Riley created when he took job.
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    Oh man, when did Chaz transfer to USD? That guy knew how to party!
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    I fully support protests and understand the anger. I don't understand looting and burning of buildings. Those actions actually harm the cause they are trying to support. I also am a firm believer that there is an eliminate in our society that looks at these opportunities as a chance to cause MORE unrest. They really don't care about the cause the protest is supporting. They only want anarchy and unrest as much as possible.
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    Williams should be able to drive himself by now, that DUI was darn near 4 years ago.
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    Your snarky reply doesn't change the fact that you blatantly blamed our head coach when you clearly have zero clue about anything between SF and Spielman or their relationship etc. Also watch your f'n mouth as 'chief' isn't my name the last time I checked...
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    I am all for piling on Riley and how horrible of a coach he was, how normal-nice he was (not some saint), how lame he was with team rules... but I don't think this is some Frost "shake out". I think it is a kid that just doesn't know what he wants to do right now. It happens.
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    Read your previous post. You have made far more sweeping assumptions about JD's motives and inner monologues than I have.
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    but what happened? Speilman wasn’t a slacker or a primadonna or a complainer. Most games he was the best player on the team, a flat out baller who became famous for his Yards After Contact. He was about to become the most prolific receiver in Nebraska football history, if if he wants to give that up for a single season elsewhere, it’s a black eye for Nebraska and a question on every recruit’s mind.
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