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    Same thing happened in 2018. Same s#!t, different year. It's no conspiracy to suggest Republicans pull this stuff in lots of different states because they control so many of them right now. Far as I know Dems might pull the same stuff in Maryland or New York or Calorifonia. If you can find evidence of it, great, I'd commend you. But I can dig up a lot more evidence of the GOP pulling this crap in a lot more places rihgt now and that suggests it's a very lopsided problem.
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    It isn't brain surgery and it's not supposed to be a cash cow. I'll have a couple of my friends look into creating a new site for HuskerBoard followers.
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    If they (university presidents) were smart and honest with themselves, they would look at the model and say "no way we can pull this off." The potential lawsuits, media scrutiny, player revolts, and other things will simply be too much pressure to even have one game only to find out that there is an outbreak. Remember what I told you all only to have the Hilltops of the world say I was being over-dramatic? It will only take ONE covid case for it to all collapse. The media outrage machine (and yes I know I keep saying this but you cannot deny it) will go into hyperdrive when kickoff becomes imminent. Right now, they are just waiting to see what the decision will be and the cancel culture will come out of the woodwork en masse. The report from the Washington Post is going to have a major impact on the perception of college football and could very well be "the straw that finally broke college football's back." The release of those transcripts cannot be spun any other way and no matter how hard the SEC tries, they will look foolish trying to spin it differently. Remember, college football hitched its wagon to the motto of "student-athlete health and safety is paramount." Deviating one angstrom from that motto when practice, in full pads, with contact, with groups of players congregating together at a practice and the college football Humpty Dumpty comes crashing down and there will be no way to put that back together; no amount of prayer, wishful thinking, alternate scenarios, alternate universe thinking and hope for a magic vaccine to come riding in like some formula that Spock puts together and makes Captain Kirk like a real hero.
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    If anyone is paying attention to MLB, it's a blueprint for the kind of cluster**** college football is going to be: there will be a start to the season, a few games will get played, and numerous players and teams will have to be shut down because of viral spread.
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    14 years the original owners ran this site with no ad problems.
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    EDIT: Not so fast my friend. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2020/6/29/21306134/college-athletes-football-season-sports-return-covid-deaths The pundits cry: “But they’re young!” No way young folks, especially ones in as great shape as athletes, would be vulnerable to COVID-19’s most destructive outcomes! Tell that to Cody Lyster’s parents: Lyster was a 21-year-old college athlete who, in early April, became the youngest person to die from COVID-19. His parents were also infected, and have recovered. Lyster was a baseball player at Colorado Mesa University with no pre-existing health conditions, but COVID-19 killed him in less than two weeks from contraction. But it is called clinical reasoning based on the best available data given the contagion's distinct affinity for internal organs and its affect on said internal organ physiology and the body's response to such. But then if there is no chance, as you say, because there has not been a severe case based on your clinical criteria, why were the workouts at Rutgers, Kansas State, Ohio St and others, put on pause? Can you tell me what your phone call would be to the parents of a student-athlete under your guidance would consist of? Lifelong Lung Damage: The Serious COVID-19 Complication That Can Hit People in Their 20s https://www.healthline.com/health-news/lifelong-lung-damage-the-serious-covid-19-complication-that-can-hit-people-in-their-20s Most recently, a 20-year-old COVID-19 survivor in Chicago was the recipient of a new set of lungs, due to a lung transplant that was necessary to treat a condition now being called post-COVID fibrosis. Since we do not have this data, another hypothetical is this one (and I would like your expert medical opinion on this), what if a student-athlete contracts the virus but passes it on to someone else, who could pass it on to another person, who may end up in your "severe" category who fits in your age criteria? You know it is going to be virtually impossible to "bubble" the team and the entire athletic staff and support personnel. But if we use your criteria of those who are over 35 stand a much higher chance of having severe reactions to this contagion, this would logically mean that coaches should NOT be coaching as a very strong majority of the coaches on the Husker staff are over the age of 35. Can we have the players suit and play without a coach? But I guess you could counter that with PPE of the coaches and periodic testing but how do you account for this aspect of your argument? Not necessarily; there is the liability issue that is predominant. Because you have failed to account for my earlier questions of why were the workouts at Rutgers, Kansas State, Ohio St and others, put on pause?" Can you please answer this fundamental question? But you leave out important factors and many variables to contend with and it cannot be based on "there are no severe cases as of yet impacting college aged students." I am surprised that you have not been called upon by the University of Nebraska's Athletic Medicine staff and been allowed to present this valuable, yet important data point, given your strong background in epidemiology, clinical medicine and infectious disease knowledge. You obviously have important medical data and a perfectly sound medical hypothesis based on zero cases of severe illness based on your severe case medical criteria. Can you explain why this one data point that you have has not been considered and that you have not been called upon to present this? I am sure you can put together a powerpoint lecture of two or three slides and that would convince all and leave no doubt as to your medically-backed opinion. Oh heck, just one slide will be sufficient and the medical experts can look at each other in pure astonishment and go "well, golly gee. We never thought of that. Shazam!!! What are we waiting for? Let's play!!!" And then we can fans who are college aged students in the stands because they are not likely to die and we can have the band in there as they are college aged students and Bill Moos can cut a deal with all the other University of Nebraska system colleges and they can busload all those other college students to fill the stadium because your data point is quite compelling. If you are under age 22, come on in and cheer on the Huskers. But to make sure we have your clinical criteria accurate: Severe=hospitalization and ventilator status; Moderate = not yet classified by you; Mild = not yet classified by you. You have also failed to answer this question: what will you do if one student-athlete develops a, let's say moderate, since you say "severe" is hospitalization and needing oxygen supplementation via a ventilator, and this student-athlete develops myocarditis? And what will be your response if in the event of a covid-related death of a student-athlete?
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    3x the improvement!
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    tik tok users are getting their revenge on trump. read the thread
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    Found this interesting... Except ya kinda are... You clean and sanitize shoes, bathrooms, kitchens,, etc. Prepare food to a certain standard. And if somebody drinks too much you're liable... Just follow the damn rules and get a loan if you need it (I know it's not that simple). It sucks that buisnesses are hurting, but we have to get this thing figured out. The government could have done more if they wanted to...
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    Yep. And to be honest, I’m more pissed at them than I am at Max. They had an example and knew what the blueprint for a Max takeover would be. The handshake agreement to keep it a “free” board is just an excuse that let somebody sleep better at night. Maybe they should’ve been just as concerned about not turning the whole HB experience into an abomination. It wouldn’t have been a very tall task to find a person or group of investors who could’ve kept it going as it was....and it still wouldn’t be except that now someone wants to milk every possible nickel they can out of it, with nary a concern about providing a good experience for Husker fans. We the users are no more than an avenue to revenue. Free board indeed.
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    I think this is going to be a lasting long term affect of the pandemic and I don’t think it’s bad. I have relatives that live in big cities that always said they loved it and never wanted to move. Now they want to move to a smaller community because their jobs allow them to live anywhere.
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    Not one of the kids that I have seen/spoke with, that just graduated and are heading off to college have even remotely hinted that they are going to socially distance or wear masks. If anything it has been the opposite. They talk about meeting new people and hanging out with new friends.
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    Committed to Auburn. Another flat out miss from the KC area with the staff & Tuioti.
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    Republicans know that universal voting access will end their party and they will do anything to suppress it. Trump knows he stands zero chance and will do anything to disregard it. This is a perfect marriage.
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    I'm submitting my mail in ballot for my Minnesota primary. Here are the precautions I immediately recognize: It was sent directly to me as a registered voter. My wife, who is not yet registered, did not receive a ballot. The ballot has a barcode specific to me. You must write in your driver's license or social security number. You must sign the form, which can be cross-referenced with what the state has on file from your voter registration. You must have a witness sign and provide their address. I mean, who doesn't have their mail stolen all the time by people who have already stolen your identity? And also have a witness sign off that can be researched?
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    Jim Jordan is a complete douche bag. Just had to get that out. Now I feel better.
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    Are you in any way skeptical about the veracity of this article in this tiny little paper? Who wrote this? It provides no real information. It's in the Opinion section. It just says this guy's name, claims he's found the miracle cure just by testing, and the bulk of the article is a letter to Trump. But... It's pretty weird that he writes a letter to Trump asking Trump to approve a cocktail of drugs including hydroxychloroquine, as if he wouldn't know that Trump has been pushing this drug for months. Is the claim that he independently stumbled on HCQ as a cure, and without knowing anything about the national discussion surrounding this drug, advocated for its use? And this is a novel virus, meaning there are no known cures. So why is he so very quickly prescribing this cocktail of drugs to people without having any knowledge of how it'll react? That's not sound medical practice. This is super sketchy. And it flies in the face of findings by the FDA. Are we presuming this local doctor has more resources than the FDA? This article was written two weeks ago amidst a pandemic that has killed 10,000 Americans since it was published. If this really is a cure, why haven't other doctors started using it? Why haven't other news sources picked up this story? And the Houston doctor you're referring to is the demon sex doctor.
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    So you were talking about the demon sex doctor. That whole video has been debunked so badly that it's been pulled all over the internet.
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    It has nothing to do with politics. You don’t start prescribing a drug to people in mass who aren’t already in serious condition before you have tested it. If you then find out it works and the positives outweigh the negatives you start prescribing it. Trump is not a scientist. He’s dumber than your average layman. Going off of his recommendation for treatment or any other politician’s before testing the treatment on smaller groups would be moronic. You’re definitely not the one with a level head if you think we should try it now before adequate testing on smaller groups has been done. I’m in favor of them trying to speed along trials but not testing it would be asinine.
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    And lets say doctors also make a breakthrough and find that COVID 19 is caused by demon sperm spreading through rampant sex with demons. Will you reconsider having or not having demon sex with this new information coming to light?
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    Do you know why they call C19 a "novel" coronavirus? It's because while it's similar, it's not the same (or same enough) to be treated wholly like other strains. So whether this study in 2005 showed that HCQ was effective on whatever strain(s) they were testing on at the time, it wouldn't show anything vis-a-vis this new virus. What makes me most curious is that a certain segment of the populace is really, really interested in HCQ being a cure for THIS flavor of coronavirus. It's a similar but flipped question for Remdesivir, as @DevoHusker is talking about above. It's possibly effective, studies have yet to show effectiveness, but while Remdesivir and HCQ have possibly the same efficacy in treating this virus (or not treating it), yet Trump sympathists and supporters don't push Remdesivir at all like they push hydroxychloroquine. That's the politicization of this epidemic that everyone hates so much. And yet another curious thing - why does any Trump person care what Fauci said or didn't say at this point? I thought Trump was actively trying to discredit the man because Trump's jealous that Fauci is being listened to more than him. But here we are, asking whether this 2005 study from Fauci's organization shows that Fauci tacitly endorsed HCQ as a remedy. But anyway. About that study.
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    if there was truth in advertising that would be the commercial trump would run
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    I did not say that although it is not laughable it is possible. As you say, the Big Ten controls its membership and apparently all things its members do - which is how the Big Ten cancelled all those games. The individual games are between the named non-con school and the Big Ten member school so essentially it is up to Big Ten rules. The game contract likely has provisions that allow Big Ten to control how, when, where, what, etc, the game is to occur. Essentially the contract is Big Ten Nebraska vs SDakotaSt - for example. Therefore, the Big Ten is breaching unless there is an act of God clause or some broad safety clause as a basis. Articles Ive read by persons familiar with contract terms indicated game contracts did not have much language that opened up the cancellation option for the Big Ten. It is more the best interests of the Big Ten to honor contracts for sake of future return visits.
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    I have no problem with everyone under 75k getting 1200$. What I have a problem with is 500 billion to corporations directed by Mnunchin and other crap like that. 500 billion could send out those checks nearly 3 times over. Business needs support too but this is all so damn stupid to me. Spend the money, pay everyone to stay home for 8 weeks. Keep business and landlords and utility companies and people funded for 8 weeks then get back to business safely. I know its not quite that simple but I also really don't think it should be as hard as we are making it.
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    If you need some motivation today I urge you to listen to The Vegas Badboyz interview with Diamond Dallas Page If you have ever doubted yourself about anything this interview will give you insight on how to start changing that. In the times we are living in we can all use a little positivity. Don’t do this for me. Please do it for YOU! bit.ly/DiamondDallasPage
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    I agree. It's perhaps a preview of what future P5 schedules could look like if they ever break away from the NCAA? Who knows, but much better than being front heavy with FCS opponents. Unfortunately, I think the B1G schedule will end up looking something like this:
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    It gives him the most room possible when it comes to the number of fans that can be in the stadium if a season happens. Obviously, he wants a full stadium as it gets him the most money. If a season happens, I fully expect to see him lower those numbers drastically. Sigh...
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    I just posted data a couple days ago - I'll let you go hunt it down and draw your own conclusions. https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/ece0db09da4d4ca68252c3967aa1e9dd The bottom line is It is very rare that anyone under 30 even has a severe case of Covid. To take it a step further, people in excellent shape, like athletes, are at an even lower risk. The vast majority in this age class don't even get symptoms. Here is a quote from the Red Sox chief officer today regarding the one baseball player that made headlines, Eduardo Rodriguez- " ...the complication that he had was very mild in terms of just the severity of it." I don't blame the media for running with the story but it sounds like it may not have been worthy of the panic that it created. Can you find a single severe case involving a college athlete? There has sure been a lot of positive cases but I'm not aware of a single severe case.
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    Yes. Chemotherapy is approved for human consumption. That doesn't mean it should be used to treat diabetes and that it won't have negative side effects that outweigh the benefits of using it to treat diabetes. I'm acting like we don't know yet if it's good to use for Covid-19.
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    Actual clinical trials says its ineffective for the most part You should see what the FDA says about its use for COVID
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    If it's on Facebook, it's gotta be true.
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    Might have something to do with it being effective against malaria idk dude
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    Just think how good we'll be now that we're doing back squats rather than front squats.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.news-journalonline.com/sports/20190412/spruce-creek-falls-1-point-shy-in-boys-weightlifting-title-defense%3ftemplate=ampart he’s a state champ powerlifter.
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    Scott III is one strong MF'r. The kid benches 400+ at 190 and hit a 390lb front squat. This kid is more then ready to come in and contribute physically.
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    Height/weight don't necessarily have anything to do with how hard a guy hits. Small safeties frequently hit harder than LBs. The dude is strong and powerful and likely knows how to drive through a hit.
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