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  1. Saw Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom.  Franchise has turned into more of a monster movie for Dinosaurs, but it was enjoyable outside a few cringe parts. Think the marketing did the movie dirty by showing what happens once the Dinos are off the island.

    1. Toe


      I mean, it turned into that back in 1997. The sense of wonder and gee whiz is long gone, unless you're a kid too young to remember the original.

  2. Surprise result of the day, Iceland drew with Argentina 1-1.  Skol

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      Saw people celebrating on the internet.


      Realized it was a tie.


      lol soccer

    2. ZRod


      World cup is fine with ties in the first round. It really shouldn't matter anyways that early.

    3. corncraze


      Vacationing here now! Yesterday was awesome!

  3. If the force is for everyone, why can only white humans use it?

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    2. commando


      but finn did fight kylo and hold his own for a bit. he showed some skill.  it wouldn't shock me if we find out he has some latent force powers...much like leia in the originals.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      This is a fictional show, right? Or is there a real force and real perceived white bias involved?

    4. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Are we even sure they are human? I mean, this is in a different galaxy, so why would we assume they are human? Do the books give any indication?

  4. So the Solo movie looks pretty good.

    1. teachercd


      I won't be seeing that move solo.

    2. knapplc
  5. Love Randy Moss.  Glad he got into the Hall of Fame.

  6. SEC refs be screwing the Badgers.

    1. ladyhawke


      No kidding. It's bad enough that this is a 'home game' for Miami!  The Wiscy guy was down. 

  7. Someone have a good end zone look at the running into the punter penalty?  If he was outside the "tackle" box that should not have been a penalty.

  8. FYI UCF is playing on ESPN 2 right now.  Watched a couple of their games this year and it seems like they run plays that people get mad at Riley for doing, but hey double standards.  This does not mean I don't want Frost as coach next year, just that they do a lot of throws on 3rd and short which is something Riley and Langsdorf gets roasted for.

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    2. whateveritis1224


      In looking at this offense, the only thing that it appears the team does not have is a running QB.  If Frost does come next year do I think it will be a completely smooth transition, no.  But I think we have the playmakers to at least make it run.

    3. ZRod


      Lee is actually has decent speed, I don't think he has any burst though, and he would always rather pass it.

    4. whateveritis1224


      Barring people leaving, off the top of my head the only two people graduating are Hoppes and Demornay.  If Lee decides to stay I think the offense can improve.

  9. Quick question, was last night the first time Nebraska had two 100 yard receivers?  (Morgan and Hoppes)

    1. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Spielman did it twice by himself a couple weeks ago:D

    2. zoogs


      I'm inclined to say no, but I didn't find a counter example just now. Two 400-yard passing days only had one receiver above 100 (KU '07, Purdue '15) and even the 500-yard passing day by Ganz vs KSU '07 only had one. Purify led the day with 108 on that occasion.

  10. Nice win by the national team.  Onto Trinidad and Tobago.

  11. As much as I hate PSU, LOL Iowa.

    1. Moiraine


      My thoughts exactly.

  12. Watching the Defiant Ones on HBO. Man a lot of tragedy could have been avoided by people being smarter and not stirring s*** up.

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    2. whateveritis1224


      Episodes 2 and 3 are fascinating look into Dre and Interscope/Death Row Records through Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Definitely a recommendation if you have any interest in Dre (also has some looks into Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and No Doubt/Gwen Stefani).

    3. ZRod


      I watched the first episode last night. I'm a big music fan, and it has me hooked.

    4. whateveritis1224


      FYI all episodes are available via streaming, so HBOGO or HBONOW.

  13. Golf Ball size hail in Papillion

    1. ColoradoHusk


      What kind? Titleist, Callaway, TopFlite?

    2. huKSer


      Balls the size of golf balls in Kansas


  14. HOLY Did that just happen?

    1. krc1995


      A Greg Norman-esque collapse

  15. Not a big fan of Gaga, but she just killed it

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    2. Redux


      Yeah, she killed it. Not a huge fan but that was impressive.

    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Yep .I don't know any of her stuff but she did her job.on a sad note Black Sabbath played their last show last night.they would of been epic at the super bowl.

    4. Scratchtown


      100 times better than last year

  16. Seriously f 2016. Praying that Carrie makes a full recovery.

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    2. Red Five

      Red Five

      Carrie is one with the force, the force is one with her. Carrie is one with the force, the force is one with her. Carrie is one with the force, the force is one with her. Carrie is one with the force, the force is one with her.

    3. Redux
    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Cocaine's a helluva drug

  17. No call obvious face mask on Watson that set up a 3rd and 21. Refs

  18. Damon is very salty right now.

    1. whateveritis1224


      Holy cow, kinda feel like he might get pulled into an office on Monday.

    2. krc1995
    3. whateveritis1224


      Big Red Overreaction, one of their regular negative callers called in (a supposed Nebraska fan) and Damon did not want to hear his usual schtick.

  19. Crazy stat by people smarter than me. Nebraska Special Teams are 13th in the nation overall. Punt team is atrocious, but the other three parts are decent to pretty good.

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    2. krc1995


      Even the punt blocks or partial punt blocks?

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      This might be a case of stats not telling the whole story. We've watched the games, we know better.

    4. Redux


      That stat couldn't be further from the truth.

  20. This BYU/Boise State game is crazy. Blocked field goal by Boise with 15 seonds left, but it doesn't cross the LOS so BYU gets the ball back. Hail Mary attempt incoming

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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      All that matters is BYU covered $$$

    3. Moiraine


      It wasn't as bad as that Matty. I think it was a 42-ish yard field goal.

    4. Lil' Red

      Lil' Red

      This game also featured probably the worst fake punt attempt of all time. BYU attempted a fake from their own end zone on 4th and 19. The punter barely got it to the line of scrimmage.

  21. Bad targeting call on Duke just now. DB hit WR going across the middle in the middle of the chest, but because of momentum WR head snapped forward and he flipped. Call unnecessary roughness, but disqualification for that is BS.

  22. Damon salty af on overreaction right now

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    2. Cdog923


      That's because the "what if" game is BS.

    3. whateveritis1224


      Didn't like the caller going what if that undercut route to Cotton was pick sixed.

    4. ZRod


      I agree even Brady has what ifs

  23. Turn to FX now for a massacre! LOL Mexico