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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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2 hours ago, Nebfanatic said:

The last part is what im concerned about. I have a feeling voting where I live won't be the easiest experience but we will see 

I just took the day off - should be a breeze here, but hoping to volunteer (ironically nobody has returned my calls).  I think it's going to be hard in many places,.  Are you able to request a ballot by mail and turn it in early?  I can hand deliver mine to a dropbox at City Hall and plan to do that.  (also I can track where it is, which I need to do today)

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I've never seen anyone so arrogant - what a flea bag.






If Donald Trump were to square off with US founding father George Washington in an election, the current president would have had a leg up — so says Mr Trump.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen, the polls have been going up like a rocket ship. George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in, before the China plague. And then, you know, like every other nation, like other countries, when you get hit, it affects you, and we went down a little bit,” Mr Trump said in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

The president has blamed several factors for his decline in the polls this summer against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who has led him by a nearly double-digit margin at times during the pandemic.

The former vice president led Mr Trump by 7.2 percentage points in an average of polls between the dates of 24 July and 10 August, RealClearPolitics found.


Mr Biden is also leading Mr Trump in nearly every key swing state — North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and others — according to FiveThirtyEight‘s aggregate of polling.



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10 minutes ago, Notre Dame Joe said:

Biden is playing it safe just as the Ds picked him for being safe.  Harris won't win him any meaningful votes or cost any either. 

I don't disagree.  In an election where the winning strategy for Biden is "just don't screw this up", I think this is a good thing.

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