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So NU SHould Have Went Back to the Big 12?

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I got an idea. Lets consolidate into super conferences creating pods and have them play each other each year. At the end of the year we will play a tournament and decide who is the champion. We will call the league the National Collegiant Athletic Association and the pods conferences. 


At the end of the day this is a money grab for large universities, many of them that really don't need it to survive, that is being driven by football. I think this will hurt sports at most universities that don't have a football program or not part of this group of large universities. 

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1 hour ago, Redux said:


Texas fans legitimately have a prefabricated sob story about how they had no choice but to seek out that Pac 10 move before Nebraska left and it's all Nebraska’s fault because somehow even though the time-line proves differently, Nebraska leaving would burn the conference down.  And even though it wasn't like that and the following years after prove that theory false, they still believe it.

 They are delusional


Even the texas media gets its the longwhores fault. 



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12 hours ago, funhusker said:

I say still expand to 12, or even 16.  But only include the 12 (or 16) highest ranked conference champs.  No “at large”.  Norte Dame and other independents can decide if they want to play for nattys or not.

This has been the problem with the playoffs all along. It should be exclusive to conference championship only. You don't win your conference you don't get in period. That makes wins and losses truly matter.

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Looks like the BIG will not expand. 


Kevin Warren sitting on his hands as usual. Meanwhile the BIG dies by a thousand cuts. What are we paying him for again- as a poll counter only? 



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Texas and OU pay NO exit fees- NO one pays it for them. 


Scenario that very well could play out. The BIG12 folks scatter to other conferences and it ceases to exist. When that happens, OU and Texas save about $100 million each in exit fees. Only 8 remain, if someone gets nervous and jumps, that would leave an ugly number 7 left. Teams like Houston, SMU etc just don't move the needle at all, even in Texas. Houston is referred to as "cougar high" and SMU is tiny, no one goes to their games. You just don't have any marquee teams without Texas and OU. Looks pretty bleak. 


OR ESPN sees the additional value the network would gain and pay the fee for them. ESPN is set to own 100 percent of the SEC media rights. ESPN splits half of the media rights of the BIG12 with Fox. So there may be enough there to incent ESPN to pay OU and Texas fees to exit early. 

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9 hours ago, Bledred said:

Adding USC (gag), Washington, Stanford (double gag), UCLA, Oregon and Colorado would make our conference 20 teams.  Could have a 5 team pod of USC, UW, Stan, UCLA, and Oregon with Colorado joining a midwestern pod of Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  New conference name: MEGA Conference. 




Would have to call it the prairie pod or the heartland or something - places like Illinois/Indiana/Ohio consider themselves more the midwest than us.

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20 minutes ago, Lorewarn said:



Would have to call it the prairie pod or the heartland or something - places like Illinois/Indiana/Ohio consider themselves more the midwest than us.


Always thought that was weird. East = everything east of the Mississippi. Midwest= everything between the Mississippi and the Rockies. West= everything west of the Rockies. I guess they could call themselves the Mideast, but that's kind of taken. 

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14 minutes ago, Micheal said:

Do we really thing the Big Ten will sit still and do nothing during this latest shuffle? 


Can we exchange Rutgers  or Maryland for Kansas or something? I don't know when the warranties expires.

Basically the only worthwhile options are ND or poach P12 teams. ND wants to stay independent, and maybe the conf doesn’t want to move on P12 teams right now. Staying put is smarter than just making moves for the sake of making them. 

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More bad press for the incompetent Kevin Warren. 


 "Warren, in his press conference at Big Ten Media Days, portrays a position of weakness.

Heck, the Big Ten doesn’t even know what it’s going to do yet about COVID this season (check back in August!). COVID has only been a thing for about 17 months now. If that’s the pace the Big Ten is moving, they are going to be left out in the lurch. 


The SEC outmaneuvered the Big Ten during the pandemic, and it’s happening again. And the Big Ten seems helpless to stop it.


I’m sure Warren is a smart guy, but he sure doesn’t come across that way in his press conferences. 


His press conference last Thursday was insufficient. It was a fluffy 26-minute opening statement, followed by 15 minutes of him complimenting reporters for their questions — and then not coming remotely close to answering them. 


 Is the Big Ten ready? Publicly, at least, there is no indication that is the case.

Warren referenced Illinois University instead of the University of Illinois. He was reading a prepared statement, not just speaking off the cuff. 

 the Big Ten is getting left behind."





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17 hours ago, Notre Dame Joe said:



I thought the 2011 plan was to form a PAC-16. 

Nope. Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, aTm, and one other school (Mizzery? Colorado?) to the B1G. Would have happened except aTm got greedy on the dollar amounts and scuttled it all. This is per the OWH and discussions with current (as of 2011) Big XII ADs. 

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7 hours ago, Courtesy Flush said:

Is there a source for this bolded statement? If this were remotely true, and leaked, it would be all over the news right now. I’ve searched quite a bit this morning and can’t find a thing that says this. I could be missing something in my search, so a source is highly recommended.

Rumors lol.  But that particular rumor is so wide spread, and it has never been flatly denied, that I am willing to accept it as true that OU made overtures to your conference and the answer was anything but YES, C'mon in. 


with some options you shouldn't hesitate.

7 hours ago, Courtesy Flush said:

Hypothetically driven post -


If the SEC locks down OU/Texas (which seems inevitable now), their next step could be even more disastrous for college football as we know it. SEC Commissioner, Greg Sankey, has recently been attacking the NCAA. The NCAA is archaic, and we all know that. They need to change and adapt, but have refused to. What happens when the SEC decides they have enough big names and draw to create their own system, and their own college football conference national champion? You may laugh, but what’s there to stop them? They clearly only care about money and power. This would be the ultimate power move. As the NCAA’s power is quickly losing its hold, the SEC could step in to fill that void for their own teams.

Could this lead to other schools leaving to join SEC? Will this lead to a split system where the remainder of the country recognizes its own national champion? This may not be as far fetched as you’d think.

Not hypocritical - Here is a quote from the article:

Some administrators believe it is a sweeping realignment, where the top football powers create a super league most similar to the Premier League in soccer.”



wABFJsK.gif (500×281) (imgur.com)


It won't happen.  But my dream is that the other 100 schools tell the NFL-Lites,  You 20 something can go form your own league and we will have ours.  We'll let you have the best talented players while we settle for 75% of the nations fans.  Just don't call asking about a Superbowl between the two leagues, or any other type of bowl because we'll need all of the Rose, Fiesta, Cotton, and Orange.  



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1 hour ago, VectorVictor said:

Nope. Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, aTm, and one other school (Mizzery? Colorado?) to the B1G. Would have happened except aTm got greedy on the dollar amounts and scuttled it all. This is per the OWH and discussions with current (as of 2011) Big XII ADs. 


His original question was "2011 the plan was to form a Pac16" which was well documented as almost happening.  ESPN ran their show that day and the opening promo ended on a Big12 logo and an ominous voice saying "the big 12....is......DEAD".  It was the move made in response to Colorado leaving and then Missouri leaving, not because of Nebraska like Longhorn fans will lead you to believe.


So yes to @Notre Dame Joe that absolutely was in the cards and was being kicked around long before Nebraska decided to bounce.  Texas was weighing options before Mizzery started spouting off at the mouth that they wanted out and ruined any other plans that were on the table to move multiple teams North because of Texas shopping themselves out behind the scenes.


Maybe @knapplc can drop that vaunted timeline in here for us as a full refresher.

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