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Who should our next HC be?

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3 hours ago, HuskerofMN said:





Kiffin would be a Grandslam hire in my opinion.


But who knows. 


There were rumblings that Lane was upset with attendance and NIL money in Oxford.  The one thing I think why Lincoln would appeal to Lane other than the NIL money and the fan base is the challenge to a high achiever of getting a blue blood back right.  He would be immortal if he was able to.

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O'Brien would be incredibly underwhelming. Bama fans can't wait to get rid of him, and the end of his Houston stint was a Callahan-level disaster. No thanks. 


Traylor is a name I didn't expect to see. He has used the QB run game to great effect, so that would be interesting. I honestly think he could make that work in the B1G, but he'd have to flip the OL quickly. 


A Bronco hire would destroy what little is left of Nebraska football. 

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8 hours ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

Maybe Fickell realized OSU and ND have coaches that are doing well and are younger than him - so his chances at a midwest historical blue blood are few and far between. Come on Fick. 

We could make up shirts that say things like "Fick" off, "Fick" you. If he doesn't work out, we got"ficked".  I like it for that value alone!

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I would prefer a Saturday announcement to dominate the news cycle as other college teams play. He could show up personally on the  Fox Football telecast and deliver a singing telegram to Urban- they both walk off and board a plane back to Nebraska ...Trev knows the value of free publicity.


I will admit the last 8 weeks have been nerve racking.  Just don't screw this one up.  I am already hearing renewals are in the toilet and the ticket office has been making some personal calls to season ticket holders (those with 4+ tickets).    


As much as I like Meyer, I think Klieman  makes th most sense (midwest guy, tough as nails, and worked his way up)- except we may have to wait an extra week for him to announce.  I think Lane is too flighty as it was mentioned here before, but would consider him a great hire.  If A&M is willing to pay Jimbo $70 million to leave-  they would control the next hire.  Who knows what kind of contract they could offer a new coach.  I just think Deon would be too risky for A&M, but you Never know.  


Beinemy is getting another whisper or two downtown but do not think it has legs.  I have heard zero on Locksley ( Maryland) since 4 weeks ago.  I do wonder how many and who has turned us down.  I am sure Trev is working harder than an ugly stripper.


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