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    I feel like we'll be able to get some mileage out of this gif for a while:
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    that seems to be exactly what you are debating...
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    Yeah, we should probably ignore how things were done for most of last century, and refuse to go back to something that worked.
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    They should just bang already.
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    Pretty sure it's this Wolf Pack
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    Both Sharp & Benning have Farmer at #2 in their super 6, at OLB
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    It's not really an argument. It's an undeniable yes. Although it is a different topic than taxation. One could be for low taxes and want a lot of the policies that benefit only the wealthy be changed. Like bailing them out because they're "too big to fail," removing regulations that keep people safe, putting a cap on what corporations can be sued for, letting them schmooze politicians and help write policy (which is how much of the former happens), letting them off easy when they break the law because they're only committing "white collar" crimes. IMO, no one should want taxes to be lowered until the other stuff is fixed. Nice related read here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikecollins/2015/07/14/the-big-bank-bailout/#776729a32d83
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    Munson tried to reach him last night and the person who answered said he had the wrong number. They haven’t been able to make contact with him in quite a while. All they know is he is not signing today however he will be kept on the commit list with an outside chance he makes it. Doesn’t look good at the moment though.
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    I’m old enough to remember when Joe Walsh said he was going to grab his musket if Trump wasn’t elected president
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    When someone is making 365x as much as another person making $13/hour, there should be course correction in how we place value on people.
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    More on SDNY. They've been busy.
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    There is definitely a shifting definition of radical. I'd say avidly supporting dumping billions of dollars into a wall on the Southern border because it feels good is radical. It's also largely unpopular with the public. On the other hand, Trump and Republicans call things like raising tax rates on wealthy people and universal healthcare "radical" because they know they lose the argument on the merits and can only resort to name calling. They're also incredibly popular with the public. The problem is the GOP has a really sh#tty definition of "radical."
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    We can either argue what boils down to semantics or we can call a spade a spade. The guy issued a verbal challenge to his superiors to fire him. Call it a dare or don't, but, we all know what the intent was.
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    I believe she has been an outstanding senator for my state. Her campaigns have been clean. She doesn't attack he opponent with scare tactic ads. She, to my knowledge, is free of any real controversy. She is able to pass a lot of legislation which means she has the ability to work in a bi-partisan way. She is honest, level-headed, and direct. She doesn't shriek her policies at people and doesn't make a spectacle of herself with her time in front of the camera. I think she truly has the interests of ALL people in mind when she makes or considers legislation.
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    Didn’t want to make a new topic. But I wanted to post about the “You just hate Trump” crowd. This argument gets used a lot by his defenders, including in this forum. Although some of those claim to not like him. It’s amazing how many people don’t like him but defend him. Their sentiment is that because there are a lot of criticisms of Trump, it must be because people hate him. And this is used as an attempt to nullify all arguments against his fitness to be president. Sarah Sanders: This has to be the s#!ttiest and dumbest defense of a politician I’ve heard on my lifetime. People are critical of Trump more often than of any previous presidents because he does and says more things that are worthy of criticism than any other president before him. People are trying to treat it like it all started with people hating him, as if nothing Trump does or says actually causes the criticism. It’s idiotic. It’s also crazy the things people will do to shut their brains off so they can continue supporting him.
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    Luckily, we live in a capitalistic society, and you don't have to let that happen.... We could just solve all of this by implementing a consumption tax.
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    Yep i started working for my company 25 years ago, mainly because i couldn't afford healthcare for my family, any other way, and 25 years later that's still true . I've had to pass on several opportunities that I may have liked better, because their overall package wasn't as good. (No insurance, no pension, bad 401K program etc) I would love to see all of that separated from my employer so id have true freedom to do what i wanted.
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    Even if he doesn't succeed in making Cincy a winner, he's gotten his foot into the door, and that's really all that counts. So what if he's fired? Aren't most NFL coaches fired?
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