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    Yep. This was similar to how Henrich's recruitment was going until the very end. I think Frost will be able to convince him in due time.
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    Interesting question here on partial qualifiers. What was the intent behind allowing them? I believe those arguing that the intent was to allow superior athletes to compete when otherwise they would not be eligible, for the sole intent to win games are accurate. However those students were then able to prove they belonged, have success both on and off the field, and gain am education that likely extremely changed the course of their life significantly for the better. So, does the fact that the 2nd outcome was not the intent behind the policy damper the good that happened as a result?? I think not. This is what is called a win/win situation. You play, we win more, and you get the benefit of all the amazing academic services we provide to ensure your success in the classroom, to ensure that when football is over you can have a degree to help ensure your success in life. This was a positive for all involved.
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    Then goes on to defend them and Trump by literally saying it’s silly and stupid to point out they’re mean, and for the record, referring to torture as “mean” is bad enough by itself to not even need the full quote above. He may have had other intentions or was trying to make things sound better but I think he accidentally said exactly what he feels in the quoted part. His intentions at all turns are to defend Trump, who for the most part is indefensible. Him saying NK is indefensible means nothing. People always talk this way when they’re about to say something stupid. “I have Black friends but,” “North Korea is evil but.” Also, I didn’t comment on the tweeted headline nor was it what caught my attention.
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    You are forgetting someone. https://nebraska.forums.rivals.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgflip.com%2F347vyh.gif&hash=853bb092262bc566841f10440602937f
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    Reading the last couple of posts, makes me think it is Dec. after the signing period. There is plenty of time.
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    Here's another preseason prediction. Martinez behind Patterson at #2 and Fields at #1 https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Adrian-Martinez-Justin-Fields-Shea-Patterson-Ohio-State-Buckeyes-Michigan-Wolverines-Nebraska-Big-Ten-quarterbacks-2019-133360234/#133360234_1
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    Is the number of misses or non gets for the linebacker class a concern or is it more a product of shooting for high ranked recruits and in doing so your % is going to be lower until the results on the field improve?
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    Here’s what I said to someone ... we are back to beating ourselves rather than being beaten by other teams, as we’ve had the past few years. It’s a swing in the right direction - knowing they’re capable of winning will eventually translate into the ACTUAL winning.
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    The storm came. 4 new commits.
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    This is 100% true do not hire me I don't have the right approach or instinct for that job whatsoever. You won't get that proof from me because I don't have it because I don't know if it even exists. It's all in my head as just a hunch. I only started this whole thing saying I kind of wish TO didn't do it because of my general disposition to the idea (theoretically). But people kept asking me to expound and now it seems like this is some high horse crusade of mine
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    Trump's pecuniary interests, not necessarily American interests, right?
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    He's whole freaking point is that Trump doesn't care about the dirty laundry of the people he is working with as long as he can advance his own interest. We all know this, we've seen it the last few years up close. I'm happy to discuss that issue, because I think we should care about that laundry. The original tweet was out of context and a mashup of two different portions of the conversation. I pointed out that it was twisted. Then you come in, only reading the mashup, and begin commenting about how it means that Tucker is ok with people being killed. That is not at all what he said. His statement is that Trump doesn't care about that when he can get what he wants. I can't believe I have to explain a Tucker Carlson comment this much, and it's making me nauseous.
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    Hey give em a break, they're from Texas and things are confusing and stuff
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    If you're not going to watch the full clip then don't even bother to comment on a gotchya headline. Seriously, you of all people know better than that. He literally says in the clip that NK is indefensible, monstrous, stalinist, disgusting. Then goes on to explain the small clip that was quoted. There's an argument to be made against what Tucker actually said, but you guys are running with something completely different than what his intended statement was.
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    And they have a conference championship in ‘97 (guess they developed severe amnesia about being SPANKED in the CCG)
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    We cool. I was getting ready to overreact with a snarky post, but I deleted it. I feel like Jenny's boyfriend in Forest Gump these days everybody attacking each other. "It's just this war, and that lying son of a bitch Trump!"
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    Sure, there's even more issues that are hypocritical like death penalty.
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    I'm with you, man. Honor and integrity are for losers. Nebraska to the SEC, where if a student athlete can read and write it's just icing on the championship cake!
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    People in Tokyo drop dead from overwork. The work culture there is pretty crazy.
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    Look at that, a corporation using health insurance to blackmail their employees. If only there was a way to stop that... oh well, T&P.
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    Breaking Bad wasn't that good.
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    They have Nebraska winning the most games in the West!
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    Or just win 49-10 which is my prediction for the game. A total and brutal beat down. My dad secured 6 tickets last week and we’ll be there to drink the sweet sweet river of tears of the Buffalo.
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    I'd be good with this. Do whatever you can to hit him legally as often and as hard as possible.
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    I want him in if only because he is independent. Sure, he's aligned with the Democrats for his presidential bids, but only so that he could stand a chance. We would be so much better off if people would divest themselves from these two parties that don't really represent anyone's interests but their own.
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    You wanna see pure evil from right wingers, read this thread and listen to what they are saying as the congresswomen try and speak out about the camps.
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    I'm catholic, grew up 45 min from ND, met Lou Holtz and still would have commited to Nebraska over ND.
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    You just implied losing in the playoff isn’t being competitive and said the goal is to have a legit shot at beating the other 3 teams.
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    Fong bomb for N...I am so confused about this recruitment.
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    It's forsure frustrating seeing the misses pile up, that is why the season has to be a good one. Winning cures all. It's a long way to NSD and I expect this staff will once again have a top 20 classes, but the frustrations are there as this was talked about as being a top 15 type class with the numbers and guys we were in on. I am thrilled with who we have gotten so far, but some of these misses are very telling that this staff needs to show what they are selling come fall.
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    Shrimp Fettuccini: I got this recipe from a dear friend who is a fantastic cook! A few weeks ago, I made her shrimp fettuccine with cheesebread and a salad. It turned out great! I doubled the recipe below. I didn’t have enough Parmesan Cheese so I used some Shredded Mozzarella Cheese to make up the difference! If you want spice, you can season the shrimp with Creole Seasoning/Cajun Seasoning/your favorite Seasoning or the Seasoning I will post here. I seasoned it with the spice posted below after I plated it! If you make the sauce, start out with the amount of heavy cream listed and just add to it to get the thickness you want! It all depends on how many shrimp you are using! The sauce did thicken up in the refrigerator overnight, just so you know! I liked it better that way! Served cheese bread and salad with it. Alfredo Sauce For Fettuccini Or Seafood Fettuccine: 1/2 Cup Butter 2 Cups Heavy Cream 1 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese Or Asiago Cheese ***I Used Part Parmesan & Mozzarella Cheese Because I Didn’t Have Enough Parmesan 1 Clove Garlic, Pressed ***I Just Dumped Some Christopher Ranch Minced Garlic In Fresh Ground Black Pepper Fresh Parsley In a Dutch Oven, combine butter and heavy cream. Simmer this for about 10 minutes, until nice and warm. Add the Parmesan and garlic. Simmer this for 15-20 minutes on low until Cheese is melted and flavors have melded. Remove from heat and use on cooked fettuccine or your favorite pasta. Garnish with more Parmesan Cheese, fresh ground black pepper and parsley. I sprinkled it with Parmesan Cheese from a can, parsley and seasoning that is mentioned below. You can make seafood fettuccine by adding scallops and/or shrimp to the sauce when the cheese is melted and continue to cook on low until the seafood is done to your liking. I just used fresh shrimp from Albertson’s! Don’t cook shrimp too long or it will get tough! When seafood is done, pour this creamy sauce over fettuccine or your favorite pasta. I used fettuccine. Toss gently until all pasta is coated. After you plate it, garnish with more Parmesan, freshly ground black pepper and parsley. I used Parmesan Cheese from a container, parsley and the seasoning below: Mexican Seasoning Blend: 2 Tablespoons Ground Cumin 2 Tablespoons Chili Powder 2 Tablespoons Paprika 2 Tablespoons Dried Oregano ***I Used Dried Oregano Leaves Because That Is What I Had 1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder 2 Teaspoons Cayenne Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container; refrigerate. ***I save empty seasoning shakers and use them to store homemade seasonings. Use in tacos, fajitas, chili, or as a Mexican Flavored Rub for chicken, pork or beef. Use this when you grill pork steaks, etc. Pictures are of Seasoning and shrimp fettuccine! ***i apologize if I ever repeat any recipes. I don’t keep track of the ones I post.
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    If the only goal is to win championships at all costs, then the OP may have a point. I like to believe there are more important things; doing things the right way, educating and developing young people, financial stability. If all you want is the best team money and the lack of ethics can provide, well that's what professional sports is for. The goal shouldn't be to lower our conference to what some others are doing but rather raise the bar and get more of them doing it better.
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    I am TheMeanFarmer. And I have no desire to play Colorado, Iowa St., Kansas State, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, OSU, or Texas ever again. I fully realize the upcoming schedule. Doesn't mean I have any nostalgia about old times. Interesting this came up today. The clowns on 590 AM in Omaha were talking today about how happy Husker fans would be to sacrifice the $15+ Million a year to go back to the Big XII, because if would feel more like home. What stupidity.
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    True. But, does seem EXTRA quiet this year. Calm before the storm.
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    I do my best to let others know that life is meaningless and death is inevitable. Joking. Mostly.
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    ..... that's exactly what happens here
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    Fong changed his back to ND
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