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    I really don't follow where other teams post their fan messages, but I did find this
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    Yeah, I fail to see how that makes this any better. So, to lead a country, you have to kill people. That is some how logical and the moral way to look at how to lead a country? Let's be clear, we are not talking about KJU killing someone who they are at war with. He is talking about KJU killing people within his own country whom he doesn't like, is opposed to him or simply does something that makes KJU look bad. @ZRod You're really stretching it here trying to defend this line of thought.
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    Yep. This was similar to how Henrich's recruitment was going until the very end. I think Frost will be able to convince him in due time.
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    Sometimes your team drops a turd against Purdue. It happens to the best of us and I wouldn't over analyze it.
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    Should our wrestling program be worried?
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    He said he and Turner Corcoran have a bet on who can be the best peer recruiter. Turner has a 3-0 lead but Gunnerson said he's going to get him.
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    I still fail to see how the quote was taken out of context. Can you please explain that? You've said it's out of context, but that doesn't explain it. He explicitly said that to lead a country requires you to kill people. Again, he's not talking about in war with an attacking country. He's talking about people within his own country who the leader disagrees with. How is that taken out of context?
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    Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory. I love all of those things you mentioned about the B1G. If those things put us at a disadvantage, so be it.
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    Grilled Bacon Ranch New Potatoes: 15 Small New Potatoes 5 Slices Bacon, Cut Into Thirds ***I Freeze The Bacon First, Then Cut Into Slices, It’s Much Easier That Way/You Can Do This Ahead Of Time 1-(1-oz.)-Pkg. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix 15 Toothpicks Prepare an outdoor grill for low heat; lightly oil the grate. Wrap each potato with a piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Sprinkle the potatoes with Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix. Place the wrapped potatoes on the grill, turning the potatoes several times to allow the bacon to cook on all sides. The potatoes will be done when the bacon is nice and crispy, about 20-25 minutes. Serve with Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing/BBQ Sauce/Or Your Favorite Dipping Sauce
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    It's crazy that there is a 5 star WR prospect in-state. I know many media pundits have stated that they believe Watts is the best player in Nebraska, but I don't believe so. Betts does not have a QB worth a lick throwing to him. If he just had a decent to 1AA Qb caliber throwing to him, he would be a top 20 player in the country, highest to come out of the state, and highest Nebraska has ever signed in the modern era. Don't mind me, just making Kool-Aid statements today.
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    Notre Dame has already used their OV, we haven't. Hopefully that is key.
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    Like most people on this board, my expectations for Nebraska football are pretty high this year.... sometimes maybe too high, i.e. conference championship and playoff bid. Still, it would seem that the direction of this this team is way up from a year ago. A solid bowl game bid, 10-win season, Big Ten West Division title.... those all seem reasonable. That was until I watched the Purdue game. Nebraska was just really bad in that Purdue game. We had flashes of good but so many dumb mistakes and breakdowns. Can we fix it all in one calendar year? And then you look at how Purdue finished. They went 6-6 and then got beat 63-14 by Auburn in the Music City Bowl. Auburn was ahead 42-7 with 8+ minutes left until half. It felt like Auburn could have scored 100. What I saw against Purdue was a theme of last year. There's good, but then there's, "What the heck are you doing?" Like A-Mart's backwards pass to JD against the Bucks. Why? Just Why? I love the Huskers and I am ready for a breakout season. So I want to believe great things are about to happen. But I also have a bit of pause in my enthusiasm after Purdue. Anybody empathize?
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    I could live with that.
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    Interesting question here on partial qualifiers. What was the intent behind allowing them? I believe those arguing that the intent was to allow superior athletes to compete when otherwise they would not be eligible, for the sole intent to win games are accurate. However those students were then able to prove they belonged, have success both on and off the field, and gain am education that likely extremely changed the course of their life significantly for the better. So, does the fact that the 2nd outcome was not the intent behind the policy damper the good that happened as a result?? I think not. This is what is called a win/win situation. You play, we win more, and you get the benefit of all the amazing academic services we provide to ensure your success in the classroom, to ensure that when football is over you can have a degree to help ensure your success in life. This was a positive for all involved.
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    It's weird but it's reality. Any team no matter how good can be off one day. Especially if that team's players are treated like royalty and think of themselves as better than. We saw that when Michigan lost to App State. I mean we've seen it a million times with even the best teams. Ohio State has gotten depantsed by Iowa and Purdue the last two seasons. Human psyche isn't too predictable or easy to keep stable and consistent.
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    I read the entire thing and the context has no affect on my feelings on that paragraph and it shouldn’t on yours.
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    This is how you keep a high prediction rating.
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    Then goes on to defend them and Trump by literally saying it’s silly and stupid to point out they’re mean, and for the record, referring to torture as “mean” is bad enough by itself to not even need the full quote above. He may have had other intentions or was trying to make things sound better but I think he accidentally said exactly what he feels in the quoted part. His intentions at all turns are to defend Trump, who for the most part is indefensible. Him saying NK is indefensible means nothing. People always talk this way when they’re about to say something stupid. “I have Black friends but,” “North Korea is evil but.” Also, I didn’t comment on the tweeted headline nor was it what caught my attention.
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    Yes, just ask them https://deadspin.com/texas-a-m-picked-up-two-national-championships-two-con-5941380
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    A&M is contending for National Titles? News to me.
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    You are forgetting someone. https://nebraska.forums.rivals.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgflip.com%2F347vyh.gif&hash=853bb092262bc566841f10440602937f
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    A guy who obsessed about Benghazi is saying the torture of hundreds of thousands of people in concentration camps is really not that big of a deal because people die in every country. Your response here is mind boggling. It’s silly to point out North Korea is mean because people are killed in every country? You have to be f#&%ing kidding me. The internet doesn’t have to “twist” anything to make what he said f#&%ing ludicrous. What the hell is being twisted? We’re discussing the exact thing he said. I suggest you read some first hand accounts of what happens to people in North Korea, and the sheer number of people it happens to, and not think someone has a point when they equate them with pretty much any other country.
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    Yep. Reagan, Stalin - equal since both got some people killed.
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    If Democrats ever have control of the federal government again, I think creating laws to prevent gerrymandering should be their #1 goal.
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    Ive already answered this nonsense talking point before. And thats exactly what it is, nonsense. Throwing kids in cages vs universal healthcare. Tax cuts for rich and corporations vs affordable/debt free college. Unending war vs. $15 minimum wage. Subsidies and deregulation for big oil corporations vs a green new deal. Yes, I say we swing and keep swinging.
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    I think our lack of success over the last few years (or more) has a big role in some of these kids decisions. Why play for your average Joe when you can play for a team contending for national titles? This all changes with some success.
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    Lord knows I've tried but you can't seem to see them on your screen or something. Sorry I can't help more and am quite disinterested in trying to keep explaining the same things over and over again about something I care so little about. Here's how this conversation would have gone in a bar. "Yeah idk, I mean I get the approach and it's no big deal, we weren't breaking the rules or anything and plenty of kids got valuable opportunities because of it so I'm glad for that but idk if it was something to necessarily feel good about. I probably wouldn't have done it but can't really knock anyone who did especially with no rules about it." Five minutes later "Then why are you even a fan dude!?!"
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    Reading the last couple of posts, makes me think it is Dec. after the signing period. There is plenty of time.
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    What does TO and BD have anything to do with it? Their league rules were different. They didnt break any rules and the B1G is promoting higher emphasis on the student part of student-athlete. Since most college athletes don't go pro what the B1G does is a good thing and whether or not you like how TO used partial qualifiers, the league allowed him to so he took advantage of it to help make his team better. Nothing wrong with either
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    I will make categories for the recipes I post. I think that has been an issue in the past and I am willing to cooperate! It will also be easier for me to find a certain recipe if I happen to loose a recipe that I like. I will make categories tomorrow. Members will have to look in the categories when they wish and see from there if I had added any new recipes.
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    All this over a Tucker Carlson spot on Fox & Friends. Wild. Carlson is right, in a narrow sense. Anyone who leads a country and commands a military indirectly contributes to loss of human life when they utilize it. However, I'm a bit confused what that has to do with North Korea. It seems like a weak deflection so he doesn't have to substantively critique Trump's North Korea strategy. Probably intentionally, because it's absurd and not working. In this scenario, who exactly are the "bad" people and who are "worse" people? All I see is a vain old rich dude soaking up the limelight with a brutal dictator who flatters him. We've extracted nothing of value, given up military exercises and allowed the Norks to continue expanding their nuclear arsenal. Trump may be convinced he's winning bigly but that's just not reality. Also, ZRod, my beef here was never with you. It was always with Carlson because I find him repugnant.
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    The problem with Nebraska in those particular seasons, it wasn't them having a "off day". It was an "off first half of the season".
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    And they have a conference championship in ‘97 (guess they developed severe amnesia about being SPANKED in the CCG)
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    I'm with you, man. Honor and integrity are for losers. Nebraska to the SEC, where if a student athlete can read and write it's just icing on the championship cake!
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    That's not even what I'm talking about, and no you haven't answered my nonsense before because you and I have never engaged on the subject. I'm talking about being cautious of over reacting to the weaknesses we've uncovered. We need to be very cautious with how we redistribute power post Trump, how we allow information to flow from our government to the people, how we go about election reforms, how hold our elected leaders accountable, how we navigate social and societal reforms. It's a very real and very plausible threat that we overreact and swing too far the opposite way. Taking power from the president could slow our reaction times to disasters and wars. There will be new challenges with voter registration changes and redistricting, etc.
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    Please for the love of God let his academics not be an issue come NSD. Absolutely need this kid here. Day one starter.
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    ND boards say there's buzz he already committed to N... I'll backpedal quickly on my comments above lol
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    The academic standards should be the same across the board for all conferences as should the # of conference games.
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    If the only goal is to win championships at all costs, then the OP may have a point. I like to believe there are more important things; doing things the right way, educating and developing young people, financial stability. If all you want is the best team money and the lack of ethics can provide, well that's what professional sports is for. The goal shouldn't be to lower our conference to what some others are doing but rather raise the bar and get more of them doing it better.
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