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    You just want to see Gebbia fail!
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    Tanner Lee had an awesome arm Frost has consistently said quick, correct decision making trumps all
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    Wash -> Worsh Stick random r's into words is the Nebraska way
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    Oh man, my high school history teacher said that. It was the worsht.
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    I don't think it's Bunch, but I don't recall any coach coming out and saying anything specific on a player without specifically being asked about Gebbia or Martinez this fall camp.
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    Creek ---Crick (depends on the day) Roof -- Rough (NE) Popsickel (NE) -- Popiggle Route (root) (NE) --- Route (raught) And I wouldn't say it's snobbery, it's just regionalism.
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    HFS!!! (Squints at the screen) I agree with...Ric...on something. (Looks around for a drink) Well sh!t.
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    Don't you know ZRod, its the shareholders who worked hard, thats obviously why they are rich. If you tax them alot then who will even want to be rich anymore?? Just too much of a hassle.
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    I've only heard of it being Quoted For Truth.
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    I just read than Tanner Lee completed 50% of his passes for 37 yards and fumbled twice in his preseason debut. As soon as he gets an NFL team around him...
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    Driving time to Big XII opponents (from Lincoln, per Google Maps) North - Average 4 hours-12 minutes Kansas State - 2-33 Kansas - 3-20 Iowa State - 3-37 Missouri - 4-47 Colorado - 6-43 South - Average 11 hours-38 minutes Oklahoma State - 6-07 Oklahoma - 6-47 Baylor - 10-19 Texas Tech - 11-02 Texas A&M - 11-39 Texas - 12-15 Driving time to B1G opponents West - Average 7 hours-07 minutes Iowa - 4-24 Minnesota - 6-14 Wisconsin - 7-07 Illinois - 7-41 Northwestern - 8-10 Purdue - 9-08 East - Average 16 hours-04 minutes Indiana - 9-59 Michigan State - 10-28 Michigan - 10-46 Ohio State - 12-02 Penn State - 16-09 Maryland - 18-00 Rutgers - 18-58 I guess "not that big of a deal" is a pretty relative term but a 69% increase in driving distance within the division and a 38% increase to the other division is pretty significant. In addition, in the Big XII there were four road games you could do as a day trip without too much trouble. There's only one of those now. So that makes quite a bit of difference.
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    Ric would have to go pretty far to warrant a banning, and I personally haven't seen anything that comes close. 62 million Americans voted for Donald Trump. It baffles me. And yes, Trump presents a unique danger to America and the world. I truly believe that. But I don't see a way out unless I understand what Trump supporters are thinking. There's a good chance it will be offensive to my sensibilities. That doesn't mean I'd like to see them banned or discouraged from posting in this forum. They're just going to have to bring their A-game. This board tends to do its research.
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    I think this is the only answer to who starts at QB. Sarcasm, of course, but interesting idea anyway.
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    Norfolk- Norfork Virginia way- Norf#&% Grocery. I've never heard or pronounced this as Groshery and I'm not snooty. There is no 'sh' in there. Snooty is calling a vase a vozz. And popiggle.....I've never heard that. Popsickle seems pretty straightforward. Accurate I've heard both ways. Ackyurate seems right to me. I don't like ackerate. I'll say comfortable both ways depending on usage and context.
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    This is a good reminder that everyone has an opinion. But not everyone has a qualified opinion. Huge difference.
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    As long as that right is consistantly held up for every religious group its hard to argue with that on a legal basis due to the First Amendment, though morally of course I'd like to see my fellow people in God be more accepting and not resort to that. I'll concede on this one, Ric! Good debating with you.
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    Yeah, @HuskermanMike I think you are in. I believe @obert1 has been on vacation this week, so I can see why he hasn't joined yet.
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    High school girlfriends mom is the only person I’ve heard say warsh. Crazy bitch I tell ya!!
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    Challenging opinions. So intolerable.
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    NU was forced to start 4 different I-backs in the first 5 games in 1995. Quality depth is important, are having different types of backs available.
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    Don’t they deal with two different issues too ? Border patrol tries to stop illegal border crossings , and ICE deals more with deporting the ones who living here illegally . I’m sure there are a handful who want to do away with ICE but just like anything else, extremes won’t work . It doesn’t need to be a draconian, barbaric, thing like Trump seems to endorse, but it is a necessary program that shouldn’t be abolished .
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    I think we could look at it a couple of ways. Looking back on UCF in 2017, they had four running backs with 25 or more carries on the season. This is good news for guys lower on the depth chart from the standpoint that there are probably going to be a lot of carries to go around and a need for a deep running back room. The bad news for some of those guys is Bell has two years of eligibility, Washington four (excluding the redshirt rule) and Bryant I think has a full three if he's granted the medical redshirt this year (which he likely will be), and those three are probably going to get most of the carries for the next two years at least. So much can change year to year, though, especially since it's becoming more common for backs to head to the NFL early because of the shorter shelf life.
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    Gonna have to rename my team. I don't need any more reminders of previous coaches
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    Important to note, though: Kansas State - Manhattan, KS (yawn) Kansas - Lawrence, KS (yawn) Iowa State - Ames, IA (yawn) Missouri - Columbia, MO (yawn) Colorado - Boulder, CO (beautiful town/environs) Oklahoma State - Stillwater, OK (yawn) Oklahoma - Norman, OK (yawn) Baylor - Waco, TX (YIKES) Texas Tech - Lubbock, TX (yawn) Texas A&M - College Station, TX (yawn) Texas - Austin, TX (great town, neat destination) Also important to note: Kansas State - easy win, boring game Kansas - easy win, boring game Iowa State - easy win, boring game Missouri - probable win, OK game Colorado - easy win, boring game Oklahoma State - probable win, OK game Oklahoma - great game, wonderful environment Baylor - probable win, OK game Texas Tech - probable win, OK game Texas A&M - great game, wonderful environment Texas - great game, wonderful environment I know people really like to wax nostalgic about the Big XII, but the most likely outcome was a round trip that ate up most of two days, a boring win, and a hugely boring town. You're staying in a Motel 8 or a Radison, there's no decent food, there's no decent entertainment, there's no decent shopping (or, at least, none of it was better than you'd get in Lincoln/Omaha where 80% of the fans were coming from).
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    Twitter is suggesting that I follow Notre Dame Football. Might have to delete my account.
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    Thanks - 1.5 hints would have been enough but thxs for the full 2
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    Thread derail - Me: What year is this? Person: Two thousand eighteen Me: Really? So the Declaration of Independence was signed in one thousand seven hundred seventy-six? IT'S TWENTY-EIGHTEEN PEOPLE!
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    Well by his own admission via twitter he knew about the Trump tower meeting and if you've been following along not reporting the Kremlins interest in handing over Hillary emails in a timely fasion is actually a conspiracy crime based on you know, our laws. The evidence he is working with russia grows more overwhelming by the day. But of course you don't seem to mind rolling back sanctions on Russia or playing buddy buddy with Putin or legalizing asbestos and having Russian asbestos manufacturers stamp their shipments with a stamp that says "thanks trump!". You must be very excited for Putins visit to the White House.
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    what happens when we spend money on the space force when we already have the airforce space command? does double dipping really save us money? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Force_Space_Command
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    Indeed, the effects of economic decisions typically aren't felt for years, so it's wildly premature to credit Donald Trump for doing anything, and not unduly pessimistic to anticipate a major market correction that may already have been in motion, and may also be exacerbated by Trump's unpredictability, the one adjectives the markets hate most. Also, blaming Bill Clinton for the credit crisis is like blaming David Kneval for Nebraska's blowout loss to Ohio State.
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    blind trumpism? or pure hypocrisy?
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    Aw yes the Trump strategy of reverse everything Obama did, give my friends a bunch of government money, and playing footsie with Russia is truly making America great again
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    maybe alex jones sells a pill to help with that. lol
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    In all seriousness, screw this antiquated, archaic macho masculine bulls#!t. The world has moved on, and there's no room for legitimate abuse masquerading under the guise of tough love anymore. Defenders will chalk it up to the pussification of society or snowflake culture, but that is not the case. Reality is that society has grown up and has found better behavior towards goals. There are better, healthier ways to inspire, encourage, teach, criticize, punish, etc. than something straight out of a 1960's military boot camp manual. Not only that, but that approach isn't even conducive to high yielding results anyways. Even from a selfish/win at any cost perspective, that approach just isn't effective towards getting the most out of your players.
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    :56-1:15 I haven't seen monkey rolls that weak since the first day of Jr. High practice. Kids today.
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    This situation is rapidly turning into trying to watch a drunk hobo run a 3 card monte game. At first you look on in bewilderment as to what is going on, then you get confused as to what exactly is happening followed by feeling a little bit dirty about watching the whole thing and then finally giving up and going to get some nachos.
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    Personally, I think where Martinez loses this battle is on the mental side of things. If Gebbia can make better decisions he'll beat out Martinez even with this physical gifts. Reading the defense correctly and putting the ball in the spot that allows the offense to take advantage of defensive mismatches is more important in this offense then athleticism alone. Just my opinion, but I think Gebbia wins on the mental side of it.
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    I see Nick Gates is listed as 4th team. The only time I noticed him was when he got called for holding.
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    On one hand, Paul Finebaum is 100% correct. On the other hand, Paul Finebaum is a SEC shill/hack that, IIRC, turned a blind eye when it was Urban Meyer at Florida winning. Glass houses and all that.
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    Episode two! Maurice earned a little more respect from me after watching this episode. Enjoy!
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    Hey Ducks, stay outta our 500 mile radius!!
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    I think I made this comment before, this kid is a leader, by example. He will play at some point, but his attitude, drive, desire and loyalty will help this staff and team. His attitude is exactly what I would expect of him. I think we are very fortunate he is here, and we will reap the rewards very soon. He is exactly what Coach Frost needs to get his message accross to those that might not see it clearly.
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