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    This is kind of what I was thinking as I read Snook's post. McMurphy's seemed like someone reporting what they've discovered from records and interviews. Snook's sounds like Joe Pesci giving his opening argument in My Cousin Vinny. "Everything that guy just said, is bull s#!t." Ultimately, Snook may be right. But it's not because of any agenda on McMurphy's part. And whoever tipped McMurphy off doesn't have anything to do with what Zach Smth did.
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    Wash -> Worsh Stick random r's into words is the Nebraska way
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    Oh man, my high school history teacher said that. It was the worsht.
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    I don't think it's Bunch, but I don't recall any coach coming out and saying anything specific on a player without specifically being asked about Gebbia or Martinez this fall camp.
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    I don't even know why the whites would want to go to college anyway. They will just go away to have their minds corrupted by the liberal agenda.
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    Creek ---Crick (depends on the day) Roof -- Rough (NE) Popsickel (NE) -- Popiggle Route (root) (NE) --- Route (raught) And I wouldn't say it's snobbery, it's just regionalism.
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    I heard some good advice once: when you're arguing something, always argue against the strongest form of your opponent's argument. That way you're actually arguing on the merits and not just tackling some straw man. It's something we're all guilty of a lot of the time - arguing against a weak or misleading opposing position. That's what this is. There may be liberals who call for open borders, but none in the mainstream, certainly no elected officials with any actual power. The bolded is closer to the Koch brothers point of view than that of liberals on immigration.
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    $ trillion deficits are the only way to balance the budget? costly military parades are budget wise? tariffs are not actually taxes on the consumers? trickle down economics are going to work THIS TIME?
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    You're just trying to milk the likes from this photo, aren't you? I don't know why the word milk came to mind. I'm not sure why the word came was inserted into my mind. I'm not sure why the word inserted was on the tip of my tongue.
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    I just read than Tanner Lee completed 50% of his passes for 37 yards and fumbled twice in his preseason debut. As soon as he gets an NFL team around him...
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    I think this is the only answer to who starts at QB. Sarcasm, of course, but interesting idea anyway.
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    My wife says crowns. I've let her know repeatedly she's a weirdo.
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    My husband (non Nebraskan) saw the word, Kearney and pronounced it KEERney. I've always heard it as Carnie. But, considering that he also pronounced Dubuque as DO-B-Q, I think he just sucks at picking up how words should be pronounced. I'm not sure if i ever laughed so hard as when he asked if I had ever been to DO-B-Q, and even had to call my parents and share it with them. Also BOO to anyone who says WORSH. Man, that grates on my nerves. Along the same lines, saying the word, SEEN, when it should be SAW (or I have SEEN), is nails on a chalkboard, but that is a different topic.
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    What do you expect, the guy is lazy. Trump on the other hand has worked harder than any president in the history of the world and the economy knew that even before he was elected. The economy and Trump are friends so the economy knows what a great guy Trump is. Because of this, the economy has been working out so it can look good around the President. He's just such an inspirational person, its incredible how much bigger and stronger the economy is now all thanks to the Donald.
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    But I've heard this argument since before and even during the recession. So there must be numbers if everyone knows it's a thing right?
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    You wanna talk up those numbers and show us how much it piles up to? And what's the percentage of people that refuse to work compared to the total populus? I see that argument (usually anecdotally) thrown around all the time, but never hard data to support it.
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    This is a good reminder that everyone has an opinion. But not everyone has a qualified opinion. Huge difference.
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    I’m more excited about the start to this season than I’ve been in ages. Frost seems to be encouraged by what he’s seeing from the team. Hopefully we’ll win the ones we’re supposed to and even surprise a couple pf people this season. We need to get back to dominating Iowa asap. Their fans are like K-State fans used to be in pure obnoxiousness.
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    Herman pretty much dodged the question. On one hand, it was a Texas press conference, and I can understand him not wanting to comment on another program, especially since there's an ongoing investigation. On the other hand, he still kinda makes you wonder how much he'd heard, even if he had no direct involvement. Reminds me of when Charlie Sheen was on Two and a Half Men. Holds a knife to his wife's throat? "This is a very private matter, and we're going to let them work things out without our interference." Makes fun of the producer? "FIRED!"
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    ric is using hyperbull
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    Good to see Grant was back to teach the importance of pounding nerds!
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