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    Rooming with Ty Robinson this week so they have formed a pretty good relationship. He was asked about the picture with Javin and Toby Wright. He said he has known them for a long time and Toby has trained he and his brother for years. Matthew Pola Mao plans to visit Lincoln the week after the Polynesian Bowl and he is thinking of coming with.
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    If you see us finishing 19-25, why is Athlon “high AF” to put us at 19? Polls are supposed to show how good a team is compared to the other teams. It means they think Nebraska will be the 19th best team this season. If Nebraska ends up at 19-25, the people who had us unranked at the beginning were the wrong ones.
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    Country music.....hot garbage.
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    FWIW it seems like the first major 2020 domino to fall is Warren. I've heard a lot about her flaws, but from what I've heard of her positions she sure is supporting a lot of good stuff. I'm all about someone that's going to say enough is enough with bowing on bended knee to big business and wealthy donors. I like how she's going out of her way to point out how she actually strongly believes in capitalism, with government playing a vital intervening role, rather than being branded a raging socialist like a lot of people no doubt assume her to be. And I REALLY don't care if some people think she's screechy or too shrill. After watching Trump comport himself like a pre-teen girl over the past two years anyone could be 1000x more presidential than what we've got now. I'm not going to be picky. Probably not my favorite but glad she's getting in.
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    Good back and forth here. I'll just say I think everyone here made good points. Trump is the ugly, overt realization of the dog whistles the GOP has utilized for decades to get elected, even the "good ones' like Reagan who enjoyed broader political appeal. But Trump himself doesn't represent conservatism, he merely co-opted it for his own purposes. I prefer to just think of it as Trumpism, which incorporates certain conservative policy positions. You CAN be a conservative without supporting Trump. The problem is I'm not sure you can successfully be a Republican without doing so. @TGHusker@BigRedBuster I for one don't expect these actual conservatives who criticize Trump to suddenly vote like flaming lefties. I expect them to vote like conservatives. It's just disappointing seeing time after time when we get party line votes to keep Trump's taxes secret from the country or not even let a Mueller protection bill get to the floor. Republicans refuse to act as a check on Trump and instead serve as lap dogs to protect him at every opportunity. Hence America opted for the only available recourse and removed a bunch of Republicans from political office last November.
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    Good. That debt ceiling thing is the biggest, emptiest waste of breath that nonetheless always gets way more attention than it deserves.
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    Top performers from Day 1 of the 2019 All-American Bowl
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    I loved playing against s#!t talkers. most of them couldnt back it up. Someone as myself having come from a naturally strong family truly enjoyed it.
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    But it's not claiming everything has and always was about trump for Republicans. Krugman was saying that in order to get elected they played to the same base of people that love him and see nothing wrong with what he does. Republicans always claimed those parts of the base were some sort of minority whose support they didn't need or particularly want. We have seen now that that is not true and in order to be in a position to govern nationally they rely on them. How "principled" and "moral" can you claim to be if that is the bargain you've struck as a party for the last 50 years? What ends justify the means in order to push your legislative agenda?
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    That's been the SEC's bread and butter for years. They will often start with most of the conference being ranked, including half the top ten. Then when they start beating each other early in the season, the winner gets an extra boost for beating a ranked team. By the time the dust clears, most of these SEC teams have 4-5 losses but the top of the conference has a buoyed reputation by running a gauntlet of ranked teams at the time.
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    I haven't been on HB for 10 years so it's a little newer than that. Still funny once in a while
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    This post is not being given enough credit
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    Brief update this morning. Apparently the mortgage firm his mom works for has a branch in Lincoln so he made it sound like she could move to Lincoln and have a job. He was also asked if he was a Sun Devil fan growing up. His response: "growing up they had Todd Graham, so I didn't really like the program that much." He did not secretly sign with a school in December.
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    Like Osborne often wasn't the best coach in the stadium when he lined up against Switzer? Sure if you want to equally compare a first year head coach at a nothing, no history program going up against a coach in his 23rd season of building a giant elite machine. Then yeah, okay, whatever, Tom Osborne beat him once. Actually, comparatively, at least in the first 4-6 years or so of their respective careers, Tom did less with more. He took over a program that was already an elite dynasty and kept it rolling along at a somewhat lower level. Saban took over a dumpster fire and turned it into a juggernaut. Two different times, actually. When did Tom Osborne coach somewhere he didn't have a great chance of winning almost every single game? What adversity did he ever coach through with a lack of advantages? The answer is none. lol I think you're the one that's actually using that sort of simplistic definition. I am not. Tom Osborne career record coaching at a blue blood program - 25 years, 255-49-3, .836 Win% - 13 conference championships (one every 1.92 years average), 3 national championships (one every 8.33 years average) Nick Saban career record coaching at a blue blood program - 12 years, 141-20, .876 Win% - 6 conference championships (one every 2 years average), 5 national championships (one every 2.4 years average) If Bama wins the championship Monday, they'll have gone 68-5 with three championships over the last 5 years. Pretty on par with the best run in the history of football when we went 60-3 with three championships. Except he did that right after going 60-7 with three more championships the 5 years before that.
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    No, its suit cases full of$EC money
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    Patience In 100 yrs of global warming the south will be under water and we will be the sun belt Do I need this?
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    IMO, the people in positions around Trump should have fought against him tooth and nail rather than quit. The ones who are just in congress should have fought against him for our country rather than caring only for getting re-relected. The normal every day Republicans should not want to be associated with the party if they are against Trump. There should be an exodus from the party and I doubt there is. Instead they're blinded by loyalty to party as if they're cheering on their favorite sports team, and whatever Trump says they go along with it because Trump is a Republican.
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    That is exactly what someone who secretly signed with a school would say...
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    Look Saban didn't meet himself at the airport with 5 million dollars. The Alabama organization did that. And that same crew is getting the best players year after year for Saban. And the best facilities. And the best assistants. Tom Osborne did more with less. He never quit or bailed. I think there are several HC in history ahead of Nick Saban. He has a machine and it is rolling. But Nick is a guy who will only go where he has the best chance of winning. He hasn't proven himself through adversity to me enough to be the GOAT. You can't ignore the contributing factors to his success. When Bama takes the field they have the best guys. Then they win, shocker. If Marvin Lewis showed up with the Bengals to Tuscaloosa and beat the Tide by 29 pts, is Marvin Lewis a better coach than Nick Saban? By your definition, yes he is. Again, I go for character and Saban is lacking, though he is "the best winner money can buy" and also "the richest member of the liars club"- Pat Forde If you haven't read this you should: it shows that in his attack on Maria Taylor (yelling at her , telling her how to do her job) he hasn't grown up or changed in 12 years. "Nick Saban Only Lied When His Lips Were Moving"- ESPN  http://www.espn.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=2718798 Tom Osborne Career Record: 25 Years, 255-49-3, .836 Win% Nick Saban Career Record: 23 Years, 237-62-1, .792 Win%
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