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    Announcing on signing day. Has taken no other visits since the early signing period and is not going anywhere this weekend. N.
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    The currently partisan and inefficient government, perhaps. Previous governments that actually pursued social engineering on a vast scale, not necessarily for a profit motive but nevertheless with the cooperation and profit of corporate America, yes. Churches and charities do some incredible work to help the underclass and at-risk. Corporations pump billions into grants, charities and initiatives. But left to our own devices, too many powerful entities will prey on the weak to the benefit of the few. Obviously the federal government can't totally prevent that --- and is often compliant -- but I can't envision this more efficient and effective method of which you speak.
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    If Schultz really wants to do everything possible to remove Trump from office then he will join a party and go through the primary process. I understand that he doesn't line up real well with either party right now but if he truly thinks that running as an independent is going to remove Trump from office he's not smart enough for the job. HOWARD SCHULTZ, FMR. STARBUCKS CEO, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: I've spent the last almost 40 years building the kind of company which we serve people, 100 million customers a week. We employ almost 400,000 people. I’ve spent my entire career building consensus, creating imagination and innovation and working well with people on both sides of the aisle. President Trump to me is not the litmus test for the presidency and not the litmus test for what I'm going to try and do. What I will say is I'm going to do everything I can to remove President Trump from office.
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    Listen. I'm sorry the Nebraska fan base rightly thinks your former coach sucks. He's a really nice guy, which to be frank, is why he's lasted this long. We all liked him, and wanted it to work, but it just hasn't. He's had more than enough time to get the job done, and he's failed. Simple.
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    Figured I'd put this here ... good source to double check before you support any charity. https://www.charitynavigator.org
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    Tim Miles main reason for his demise is kids leaving the program. It happens more often now in basketball, but man there have been a ton for him. I didn't include Jake Hammond, Jack McVeigh, Nathan Hawkins or Nick Fuller as they weren't B10 caliber kids. Terran Petteway - for some reason thought he would get drafted and didn't Walter Pitchford - left/quit after Jr year Deverell Biggs - transferred. Avg 12 ppg at Tx Southern Tarin Smith - transferred. Avg 8 ppg at Uconn this year Andrew White - transferred. Avg 19 ppg and 5 reb for Syracuse. All-ACC player Michael Jacobson - transferred. Avg 12 ppg and 6 reb for Iowa State this year Ed Morrow - transferred. Avg 5 ppg and 4 reb for Marquette this year. Avg 9 ppg and 8 rpg for us as a soph Bakari Evelyn - transferred. Avg 11 ppg at Valpo his two years there Jordy Tshimanga - transferred. Avg 5 ppg and 4 reb for us Jeriah Horne - transferred. Avg 9 ppg 4 reb for Tulsa this year. Shooting 41% from 3P
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    Sam Keller.....never heard of her I remember one of the years they had Judd Davies as a black player lol. The only similarities from the players from real life to their counter parts on the game was their numbers and that’s it. Height, weight, birth place, etc we’re all wrong
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    Most of Kansas City is in Missouri.
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    Pretty cool vizualization of the jet stream bringing this polar air down to the States. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=39.8;-87.9;3&l=temperature-300hpa&t=20190131/0300
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    I noted it was a bounce back. It is in the first three words of my original sentence. Couldn't care less about Trump.
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    At least it has bounced back. https://www.vox.com/2019/1/31/18205060/trump-dow-jones-tweets-25000 His tweet accidentally acknowledged that 2018 wasn’t a great year for investors. It’s almost identical to one he posted on January 4, 2018, shortly after he signed into law tax cuts targeted mostly at businesses and the wealthy, touting that the Dow had just hit that same number. “Dow just crashes through 25,000,” Trump tweeted. “Congrats! Big cuts in unnecessary regulations continuing.”
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    That's not the point I'm making. The Frost hire was literally an "everything fell into place just right" situation. He wanted another year at UCF. If we hire a crap AD, he is very much still their coach last year.
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    If you're going to call out Mick Stoltenberg, at least have the balls to do it by name.
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    The transition away from relying heavily on property taxes in Nebraska is needed. If we were in a state where the majority of the land is owned by lots of people in small plots, it would be different. BUT....instead, we have a situation where we have a small population with a large amount of land, which is owned by a small amount of the population. The industry that the land is used in, isn't like oil, gas or coal where there's huge amounts of profit/revenue to pay large amounts or taxes. So, we have a large amount of the tax burden on agriculture. That tax burden needs to be leveled out to other members of the population. I'm open to lots of ideas on how to make that happen. I'm also of the belief that companies selling retail into the state, should be collecting and paying sales tax. And, I might add. Because of this over burden on farm land, it's next to impossible to raise taxes to meet the demands of the state.
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    he would have been able to pick his school prior to injury. Part of me hopes you bring him in give him a RS and let Duval and Ellis work on him and see if he gets it back. If his knee will never be the same you cross that bridge at that time. I am cool without taking him but I think this kid will have a chip on his shoulder and I like that.
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    I don’t think I ever played the game, but I played a Madden game on our apple IIe and the players were just little dots on the screen, and I thought that was the greatest game ever because I could create my own team and name all of the players. So I made a Nebraska team. I got the full roster from the Omaha World Herald and created every single player on it. I even gave them stats based on what string they were. Also, you could design your own custom plays. And there was one offensive play that was a guaranteed touchdown every single time. So let’s just say Nebraska won a lot of national championships.
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    27 commits right now, though Bland is a question mark. 25 open spots plus however many over-signs. Word is we are taking 28-29 - maybe one spot for a grad transfers. I don't think we'll be taking another CB. Houston and Bivens seem likely. See what happens at OLB.  Current Scholarships/Commits QB - 1 - LUKE McCAFFREY RB - 3 - RAHMIR JOHNSON, RONALD THOMPKINS, JUCO DEDRICK MILLS, John Bivens WR - 3-4 - JAMIE NANCE, DARIEN CHASE, WANDALE ROBINSON, DEMARIYON HOUSTON TE - 1 - CHRIS HICKMAN OT - 3 - MATTHEW ANDERSON, BRYCE BENHART, JIMMY FRITZSCHE OG/C - 2 - JUCO DESMOND BLAND, MICHAEL LYNN NT - 0 - DE - 4 - ETHAN PIPER, MOSAI NEWSOM, BRANT BANKS, TY ROBINSON ILB - 3 - JACKSON HANNAH, NICK HENRICH, GARRETT SNODGRASS OLB - 2-3 - GARRETT NELSON, JAMIN GRAHAM CB - 2-3 - QUINTON NEWSOME, JAVIN WRIGHT, Tavian Mayo S - 2 - MYLES FARMER, NOA POLA-GATES    Early Enrollees: McCaffrey, WRobinson, Nance, Hickman, Banks, Henrich, Nelson
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    I remember when the kids thought it was cool to be in the game.
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    Could a smart business person who understood research and development, delegating authority, building consensus, investments and negotiations, and answering to shareholders get better results for this country than professional politicians? I'll be he or she could. Donald Trump just isn't that person. The guys in the Real Billionaires club have always considered him a joke.
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    Illinois predicted to finish 4th in the Big Ten according to D1Baseball.com
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    Penn State is selected to finish 13th in the Big Ten according to D1Baseball
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    New Mexico State is picked to win the Western Athletic Conference according to College Baseball Daily:
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    True. That kind of vote is pretty much class warfare theater. But the weird part is how we supposedly vote to spend our own money as taxpayers, but it's never a line item choice, and our elected representatives on both sides rarely align with how we'd prefer the government to spend our money.
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    Those graphics show their name and an actual graphic of their body. not some randomized face with messed up heights, weights, birth places. I did the rosters for NCAA one year and I feel those companies make more money than anyone based off of it.
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    Where in the heck have you been?
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    Hmmm, I find it hard to believe he would chose N if he hasn’t visited.
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    I will say, been out a few years, but my last years at UNL were still under Mike Riley. I saw football players lifting at the rec multiple times. I don't buy it for a second that they were forced to use it. Maybe it was just closer to their dorms, they wanted to get some extra work in, blow a little steam off, get a break from being around the team? But watching D1 football players lift next to Joey who decided to put the XBox controller down long enough to hit the rec for a little bit was pretty comical.
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    Maybe the Miles Alum!
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    It's telling that any enemy of socialist-style programs always point to places like Venezuela or Cuba or China where corrupt dictators run their countries into the ground for their own gain. Because of course it's far easier to pick that apart those countries instead of arguing on the merits of introducing some more socialist programs or policies to increase the social safety net and benefit everyone. It's not like the U.S. is going to become a socialist dumpster fire overnight if everyone has access to healthcare or the incredibly wealthy have to pay a bit more so we can fund education or infrastructure.
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    I bet when he did this he expected a couple more zeros at the end of that check. Better than nothing, I guess. Enjoy your used Silverado.
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    Hispanics will be conservative as long as the Catholic Church is. but that new Pope is asking people to behave more Christ-like, and that’s not going over well in some quarters
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    that show is pure trash whenever Gary sharpe isn't on. i used to like benning's commentary, but over the past year or two it's really gotten weird. self-serving, i-know-more-than-you-but-i-won't-say-but-i'll-let-you-know-i-do-know, e.t.c.
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    This is proof, that just because you may have played basketball in college, it doesn't mean you know anything about building a program. You don't get to blame Doc Sadler when you're 7 years into your tenure. And the shots at Nebraska's demographics, and population hold zero weight, when you consider that one of the best programs in the country resides in Lawrence, Kansas.
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    The only time he's made the tournament was in year two so apparently those bums were better than what Miles has done with his own guys since then.
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    Despite the fact that they have accounts on most message boards or at least visit them to take the temperature of the fans almost daily. Then crack on them afterwards. It's that kind of elitism that turns people off of journalists.
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    Decommitted from Auburn. Was at Alabama last weekend. Reportedly also interested in Clemson, Nebraska and Tennessee.
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    This sounds like a whole lot of nothing. Gee. We had an AD that never was around socially and people didn’t like that. Now this...... id much rather have this.
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    At this point, this entire saga appears to be nothing more than rampant, wild and unsubstantiated speculation. Although that seems to be about 80% of the content of this board, generally, I think it is very unfair and just plain wrong to be defaming and attacking a man who up to now has done nothing but been a pretty darn good AD for Nebraska. What has Moos done, or not done, to deserve the wrath of so many? His primary job has been to right the football ship and from the opinions of the vast majority on here, it seems the Husker football program is headed in the right direction. Nearly everybody seems to be positive. Why not we give the man the benefit of the doubt, especially since we have absolutely no indication of anything otherwise.
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    This was funny and cute.
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    So much this^^^ Heck the story has started to spin out of control, with no proof or evidence whatsoever, within this thread alone. It's the old pass a story along via 5 people and see if the final version even resembles the original. It may be nothing more than Moos had one too many drinks at one event but now magically he's fondling booster's wives and sh#tfaced 24-7. Gotta love social media and message boards.
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    Every year I get this feeling. Starts off with hope (albeit I have less initial hope as the seasons pile up), then by the end of the year I cant understand why we didn't fire him.
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    Sounds like Zuckerberg would prefer more control over his wealth than letting the government have the control. I don't find that odd.
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    I love Nebraska and greatly enjoy the entertainment opportunities the state has to offer. However, tourism is NEVER going to be our answer to state financing. Colorado passed legal marijuana claiming it was going to fund their schools, roads...etc. They still don't have any money to do anything.
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    @knapplc you pretty much owned this entire thread was just two posts. The first a prediction, the second a rock solid analysis. Venn diagrams will always get a trophy from me.
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    Nebraska’s last (non Tim Miles) tournament appearance was in 1986. When he took over the program he had kids like Brandon Ubel on his roster. He’s a bum. His first 2 years were spent playing with Doc saddlers Bums. His next 2 years he had to take transfers(most of which were buried somewhere else for a reason)to try and win to convince quality players NU was even worth coming too and made the tournament. He then had 2 of those transfer declare for the draft and not get picked after investing 2 years in them. Petteway is average on a bad European team now. pitchford doesn’t even play anymore. He had White, another transfer, graduate and leave after investing 2 years and degree into him. He also had to deal with Morrow and Jacobson transfer after they believed they should be swingman. What positions do they play now? They aren’t very good at their natural positions! After taking all of this into account, NU should be giving this guy a 20 year contract. NU hasn’t been good at any sport outside of Volleyball since the 90’s. Y’all need to chill. If you think Tim Miles should be fried, you don’t understand what it takes to build a program. After taking over Doc Saddler’s bum roster and putting NU on a path to making them kind of a desirable place to play basketball, he should be praised. Remember, it’s still Nebraska. A white republican state with less than 2 million people. Majority of talented basketball players do not fit that mold. Go Tim Miles
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