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    Dude has missed a lot of things.. and if Tim Miles was his coach, I assume most of them were freethrows.
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    The bankruptcies, the casino failure (it's hard to lose money owning casinos), the lawsuits from several hundred contractors, and the 100% failure rate of the various products carrying the Trump name were well documented during the election. The unwillingness of banks to loan him money, and his post-2004 reliance on Russian investors somewhat less so, but it was still out there. New Yorkers knew him has a preening and garish celebrity who loved the media attention in a way that genuine power-brokers typically avoided. Only recently did the New York Times compile the complete picture -- many of the pieces already public record -- to show Trump was a liar, a cheat, and probably criminally fraudulent: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html More recently, a profile of Mark Burnett makes a good case that Donald Trump was a C-list celebrity who got a complete television makeover in order to star on The Apprentice, and it's this character that Americans elected.
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    If he does there are already a couple HB members in his camp. I'm so heartbroken to see some of you interested in him after what we've been through for 2 years. Please, please dig in to what he is saying - it's got zero substance. Zero. This is truly a vanity project and America can't take 4 more years of that, regardless of the party affiliation (or lack of) associated with the candidate. You are smart people. I know last time we debated the value of a vote, and in some situations how voting for the "lesser of two evils" and that got us this frickin' mess. Your vote counts, and you have to think beyond simplistic "he says what I like". Those that said a vote for Jill Stein or Gary what his name were not wasted were proven wrong. This a$$hat is going to do the same thing - don't fall for it. The biggest supporter of this man and his campaign so far? Steve Schmidt. Yes, that SS. The one that has so eloquently spoken up against Trump, the one who dramatically left the Republican party after a lifetime of service because of Trump. The one that handpicked and supported Sarah Palin as VP candidate for John McCain and took the man's presidential aspirations down the tube. Yet this choice may be worse than Palin, and one has to wonder his motivation. Do you trust the man who one could argue turned the tone on politics into what it is today? Palin became the tv darling because of her catch phrases and personality, not because of her knowledge or ability or history of experience. And ultimatley her absolute lack of appropriateness for the role took the race away from an otherwise qualified, deserving man. Wealth does not equal intelligence, or an understanding of governing. Wealth does not necessarily come from being a good business man/woman (see current POTUS). Being a good business man/woman does not mean someone will make a good leader. Wealth does however breed ego, and an ability to surround oneself with people who support your thoughts no matter the content. Wealth does seem to give some the security to assume the best in someone - god knows why. This man is an asinine joke. And he's preying on the American people with this joke of a candidacy.
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    Announcing on signing day. Has taken no other visits since the early signing period and is not going anywhere this weekend. N.
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    Maybe they're going to combine them into one player with 2 good knees
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    Stan The Man was...well...the man going into last season. No injuries, and he definitely did not disappoint. If you are looking for the injury jinx to be broken, consider it broken then.
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    If you really think their similar, you're trying too hard to find an argument in the other direction.
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    Ha: "Rumor is Putin told Kim he’d sell him nukes and get America to pay for it."
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    What I picture every time @Tim Miles*Alum posts.
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    I've always found it fascinating how people don't care if a company does something it shouldn't do by using something that isn't theirs and someone is wronged while creating a game....if it's a great game.
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    OFFENSE WR 9 Noa, Kanawai SR 81 Warner, Kade SO WR 10 Spielman, JD JR 88 Woodyard, Jaron SR WR 1 Robinson, Wandale FR 19 Williams, Mike SR LT 76 Jaimes, Brenden JR 70 Sicheterman, Matt SO LG 75 Hixson, Trent SO 50 Raridon, John JR OC 51 Jurgens, Cameron FR 68 Farniok, Will FR RG 56 Wilson, Boe JR 66 Miller, Hunter SO RT 71 Farniok, Matt JR 68 Benhart, Bryce FR TE 86 Stoll, Jack JR 11 Allen, Austin SO QB 2 Martinez, Adrian SO 16 Vedral, Noah SO RB 28 Washington, Maurice SO 22 Mills, Dedrick JR DEFENSE DE 94 Davis, Khalil SR 96 Davis, Carlos SR NG 79 Daniels, Darrion SR 93 Daniels, Damion SO DE 95 Stille, Ben JR 97 Thomas, Deontre JR OLB 22 Davis, Alex SR 4 Tannor, Caleb SO ILB 7 Barry, Mohamed SR 42 Henrich, Nick FR ILB 31 Miller, Colin JR 3 Honas, Will JR OLB 43 Ferguson, Tyrin SR 13 Domann, JoJo JR CB 21 Jackson, Lamar SR 15 Clark, Braxton FR S 8 Williams, Deontai JR 4 Anderson, Avery SR S 19 Dismuke, Marquel JR 26 Pola - Gates, Noa FR CB 23 Bootle, Dicaprio JR 5 Taylor, Cam SO SPECIAL TEAMS P 98 Armstrong, Isaac SR PK 32 Pickering, Barret SO KO 98 Armstrong, Isaac SR LS 54 Urbach, Chase SR H 98 Armstrong, Isaac SR PR 10 Spielman, JD JR 37 Mazour, Wyatt SR KR 10 Spielman, JD JR 88 Woodyard, Jaron SR I will update this as the year goes on....A few tidbits here: Coaches like Warner's ability to block and he has sure hands - is that enough to start this year? A lot of quickness at the WR positon overall. Chart didn't even show Miles Jones or Mazour. The interior of the offensive line will be the biggest storyline to follow for the offense this off-season. Does Bland sign and start? Can Jurgens get PT as a Freshman at Center or does Will Farniok step up? For playing a 3-4 we have a ton of depth at DE. Not sure if Carlos will stay at NG or not. Can Darrion be a starter as a grad transfer? We have a lot of kids who will get PT at LB if I had to guess. Will be interesting to see who comes out of the pack. A lot of discussion on who will be our two safeties this year. I really liked Jones out of HS. D Will and Dismuke with the most PT so far.
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    What isn't, TheSker? While I generally appreciate your refreshing brevity, you have a way of saying nothing and pretending it's profound.
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    I share my opinions on a sports themed message board, I think its pretty clear i have no balls.
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    The reason govt. is corrupt is because corporations and wealthy people looking to push their agenda buy out politicians.
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    The currently partisan and inefficient government, perhaps. Previous governments that actually pursued social engineering on a vast scale, not necessarily for a profit motive but nevertheless with the cooperation and profit of corporate America, yes. Churches and charities do some incredible work to help the underclass and at-risk. Corporations pump billions into grants, charities and initiatives. But left to our own devices, too many powerful entities will prey on the weak to the benefit of the few. Obviously the federal government can't totally prevent that --- and is often compliant -- but I can't envision this more efficient and effective method of which you speak.
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    Marlon Lucky. He gets lost in the shuffle because he was a Callahan guy, and three of the guys that followed him (Helu, Burkhead, and Abdullah) were three of the best in program history. The guy was pretty darn productive w/ 2400 rushing yards, and 1400 more receiving. 26 TDs. Edit: To give you an idea of how close he was in production to the three I mentioned (Ameer was in a class of his own): Abdullah - 5278 scrimmage yds - 46 TDs Burkhead - 3836 scrimmage yds - 35 TDs Helu Jr. - 3905 scrimmage yds - 28 TDs Lucky - 3772 scrimmage yds - 26 TDs
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    I'm real tired of this bafoon. What can we the people do to put pressure on this guy? He is by far the worst POTUS of my lifetime and probably of all time. Its unacceptable.
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    If Schultz really wants to do everything possible to remove Trump from office then he will join a party and go through the primary process. I understand that he doesn't line up real well with either party right now but if he truly thinks that running as an independent is going to remove Trump from office he's not smart enough for the job. HOWARD SCHULTZ, FMR. STARBUCKS CEO, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: I've spent the last almost 40 years building the kind of company which we serve people, 100 million customers a week. We employ almost 400,000 people. I’ve spent my entire career building consensus, creating imagination and innovation and working well with people on both sides of the aisle. President Trump to me is not the litmus test for the presidency and not the litmus test for what I'm going to try and do. What I will say is I'm going to do everything I can to remove President Trump from office.
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    Not at all fighting against anyone based on party affiliation - content bro. Intent, experience, what the guy is saying should be enough. The only party issue is that when it comes time someone like this, who has about zero chance of winning will only disrupt and create a situation where votes cast for him will impact outcomes, and as we've seen (going back to Perot and the most recent example who is sitting in DC right now with only 3 things on his agenda today from 11:45 until 4pm, tweeting about last nights Fox newscast) not always in a good way.
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    Listen. I'm sorry the Nebraska fan base rightly thinks your former coach sucks. He's a really nice guy, which to be frank, is why he's lasted this long. We all liked him, and wanted it to work, but it just hasn't. He's had more than enough time to get the job done, and he's failed. Simple.
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    Maybe we can get the f****** game back now!
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    I was stupid enough to challenge some of the volleyball team to a match in the rec center the years Sarah Pavin was in school. I was scared for my life the first time she actually let a swing rip when I wouldn't stop running my mouth.
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    Tim Miles main reason for his demise is kids leaving the program. It happens more often now in basketball, but man there have been a ton for him. I didn't include Jake Hammond, Jack McVeigh, Nathan Hawkins or Nick Fuller as they weren't B10 caliber kids. Terran Petteway - for some reason thought he would get drafted and didn't Walter Pitchford - left/quit after Jr year Deverell Biggs - transferred. Avg 12 ppg at Tx Southern Tarin Smith - transferred. Avg 8 ppg at Uconn this year Andrew White - transferred. Avg 19 ppg and 5 reb for Syracuse. All-ACC player Michael Jacobson - transferred. Avg 12 ppg and 6 reb for Iowa State this year Ed Morrow - transferred. Avg 5 ppg and 4 reb for Marquette this year. Avg 9 ppg and 8 rpg for us as a soph Bakari Evelyn - transferred. Avg 11 ppg at Valpo his two years there Jordy Tshimanga - transferred. Avg 5 ppg and 4 reb for us Jeriah Horne - transferred. Avg 9 ppg 4 reb for Tulsa this year. Shooting 41% from 3P
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    Except he isn't going to pay his "fair share" either. So now, you and I need to either pay more or get less benefit for our roads, bridges, healthcare, environment, etc. He is his own government now. He paid himself to not pay the public. The public now has less to benefit everyone.
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    The people who tend to be the most distrustful of the government also seem happy to suckle at its teat when they need to, a fact they work very hard to ignore. For that matter, mega corporations run crying to the federal government when they need help -- which is often. They don't "police themselves" but they do expect the government to intervene against their competitors.
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    And a wall will never stop this type of activity. Its so stupid. Know what always beats a wall? A driver with proper documentation in a vehicle at a port of entry. I'd venture to guess 99% of the drugs coming across the southern border would not be the least bit deterred by a wall. Planes, trains and automobiles(and boats) > steel slats.
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    I made this for dinner last night and pie. This is Pioneer Woman’s recipe, it is my favorite. Chicken Fried Steak: 1-1/2 Cups Milk 2 Large Eggs 2 Cups Flour 2 Teaspoons Seasoned Salt Freshly Ground Black Pepper 3/4 Teaspoons Paprika 1/4 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper 3-lbs. Cubed Steak Kosher Salt 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 1 Tablespoon Butter Set up an assembly line of 3 pans. I save aluminum pie pans and I use those pans, but, I use a large round glass dish to whisk the eggs and milk in. I prepare the steaks ahead of time so all I have to do is fry them later. I put each individual prepared cubed steak in an aluminum pan and cover the pan with foil and refrigerate them until it’s time to fry. In the first pan, put the eggs and milk in; whisk well. In the second pan, put flour, Seasoned Salt, 1-1:2 tsp. black pepper, paprika and cayenne; whisk. Put the cubed steaks at the end-(3rd pan). Work with one cubed steak at a time. Sprinkle both sides of cubed steak with Kosher Salt, black pepper-(to taste)-then put the steak in the flour mixture, turn to coat. Next, put the cubed steak into the milk/egg mixture-let each side of the meat sit in the mixture for awhile before turning to coat the other side! Finally, place the meat back in the flour and turn to coat. Steps are dry mixture/wet mixture/dry mixture. Put each breaded steak in a pan seperately; repeat process with remaining steaks; cover pans with foil and refrigerate until ready to fry. When ready to fry, heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat; add the butter. Drop in a few sprinkles of flour to make sure it’s sufficiently hot. When the butter sizzles, you know it’s ready. It shouldn’t brown right away, if it does, then the temperature is too hot. Put the cubed steaks in; turn the heat down and cook until lightly brown in both sides. They are more tender when you fry them low and slow! I add more pepper and I sprinkle some garlic salt on each side as they are cooking.
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    People can also hoard, it is their choice. That is why society wants to demand a little more each time you have a little more for whatever reason. Marginal utility of a dollar over the coarse of society and such.
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    No. The player actually joining a team, going to practice, going out on the field of play knowing the TV cameras are there to show it....is TOTALLY different than someone randomly using their likeness to make money. You can argue all you want, the courts agree with me.
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    Quick. Someone smarter than me tell me if this is good news for the NCAA franchise coming back.
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    If there's one thing the Trump residency has taught us, it's that the Oval Office is no place for rich old guys to get their on-the-job training in politics. If Howard Schultz wants to run for political office, he can start with local politics and work his way up. No free pass to the top because he's wealthy.
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    Im a Benning fan, he does know the intricacies of the game and as an ex player- has a great perspective others just cant have. He is outstanding calling the State High School football championships. You can tell he does his homework while others struggle and make lots of mistakes and then lazy generic calls of " a run up the middle", when Damon breaks down the play, inside zone, power, Iso, trap, wham etc and what made the play work. He will predict what a coach will do next and is usually correct. Can go off on tangents at times- but pretty good to listen to most mornings Bahe is funny, likes basketball too much, but is more introspective than most give him credit for, I like him. USC- they try too hard to be funny and edgy- get off on too many tangents and seem to smugly talk down to the audience at times. Cant listen to it.
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    Free Runza after a win doesn’t seem all that risky right now.
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    I think we have some very expensive problems in this country and the only way to fix them is to tax the people with the means to make a dent in it . Taxing the lower classes will make their situations worse and not begin to touch billion /trillion dollar problems anyway. Question ? Do you think the corporate overlords, and mega rich, in this country are going to allow themselves to be taxed 70% though? I see them trying to destroy anyone who tries it .
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    Danny Nee was a better coach than Tim Miles. I'm sorry if that hurts you...
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    Most of Kansas City is in Missouri.
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    Heard something like this in riley's last year.
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    Well, I would hope facts are uniform, ya dumbass
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    Schultz sucks, IMO. I was glad to see that guy rip him for helping Trump the other day. Suddenly every billionaire with zero political experience thinks they can run on running the country like a company and we should just vote for them? Personally I'd much rather have Schultz economic policy of fiscal restraint and trying to get the debt taken care of now in good times rather than the massive irresponsibility of Trump's tax plan... but both Schutlz and Bloomberg seem to gawk at the idea of restoring our income taxes to historical norms. This naturally requires asking the wealthy to pay a bit more. They've gotten such a sweet deal under Trump this really isn't a radical idea. Schultz honestly seems to have no actual policy ideas he can espouse beyond fiscal conservatism. The only other things I've heard from him is how our politics is broken and how both sides are failing us with no specifics. I get that's how you have to frame things to run as an independent, but it seems incredibly lazy to mete out blame to "both sides" equally for where we're at. I do think whatever Dem wins will have to shift back to the center, though, so that's good for you. Unless it is indeed Bernie. Then all bets are off!
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    Bivens is just waiting on the coaches to let him commit. I haven’t seen a date for Houston to commit yet. Parker is visiting KU this weekend so he won’t commit until next week.
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    I feel like you don't understand what it takes to build paragraphs.
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