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    Man, it'd be something if you "pro lifers" applied this mindset to school shootings, universal health care and protecting the environment.
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    @TGHusker Nebfanatic beat me to my own thoughts. The Declaration of Independence also endows us all with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well. Upon which we would be infringing for women if we declare the right to life to supersede the other two.
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    The GOP is largely "Pro Life", yet cares very little about "life" in other political issues. Climate change, mass shootings, health care are all related to "the sanctity of life" and the GOP continues to refuse doing anything about those issues. Are there a handful of folks who extend that mentality entirely? Sure. I'm sure some do. But I'm yet to see lawmakers that fill that role.
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    What about when we devalue a womens pursuit to happiness by making it practically illegal to get their tubes tied? And I know that is just a what about ism but this recent legislation has me pretty riled up. In my own life I am pro life and have made choices in my relationships based on this, but personally I also feel many of these laws attack and control women. We need to do a better job of protecting our women and children who are born before we go on a crusade to save all unborn children. Just my opinion. I know you are reasonable about this issue and I am mainly venting general frustration.
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    What sucks is that as Nebraska gets better, there will now be more of a chance their games are at 11:00. 11:00am games suck.
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    Bill Barr has lost all credibility. Anything he says or does at this point means nothing.
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    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. This is the crew in Alabama that decided what they'd allow the ladies to do:
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    So the GOP is leading the charge on ending mass shootings, addressing climate change and providing universal health care in the same manner as ending abortion?
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    That doesn't mean it doesn't suck for us.
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    Agree. It would go a long way to bridge building for Pro Lifers to acknowledge that Planned Parenthood's first order of business is preventing unwanted pregnancies, and they've been hugely successful at this for years. Church groups that don't hide behind abstinence have also been helpful. Education and a lack of prudery go a long way. It's bizarre to see the clock spinning back to a time of willful ignorance and/or medieval punishment, and it's not going to end well for anybody.
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    I think it's difficult to argue that the right to life is the ultimate trump card for a country that lacks universal healthcare and has the death penalty. Controlling what a person can do with their own body should be part of the discussion regardless of where you fall on that issue. For example, if the right to life really trumps all we should make kidney donations mandatory for compatible donors in cases where the potential recipient will die without one. The potential recipient's life being at stake if they don't receive a kidney would trump any consideration of the donor's right to choose what they do with their own body since the donation most likely wouldn't jeopardize their right to life.
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    maybe trump thinks the KISS army is an actual part of the DOD?
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    As far as science goes, it tells us a fetus is not likely to be viable outside of a womb before the 22 to 23 weeks I gave before. This merely gives us a framework with which to uphold the current law, which was set forth in Roe. A soul is a problematic concept - the current scientific consensus holds that there is no such thing as a soul. I do not see what rights of noncitizens have to do with this discussion, per se.. Legally speaking, an unborn fetus is not considered a noncitizen. It is a legal nonentity void of rights before birth. You're right. We make laws as a society. If this law or another works its way up to the SC and Roe winds up being overturned this will become a radically different discussion. But as medical professionals, we have to advocate for our patients and their right to make their own decisions. I can't speak for medical doctors and OB GYNs and other providers who have these discussions and provide these healthcare procedures to women. But I presume they are compelled to make decisions in conjunction with the legal persons to whom they are providing care, i.e., the parents and primarily the mother. They cannot currently ignore the wishes of the legal person in favor of what they think is best for the unborn because they have no legal rights.
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    I don't begrudge people their pro-life opinions. I personally want as few abortions as possible, but morality and legality are two different concepts. Roe is the law of the land. The science is the science. My point in going off is that the evangelical Christian right are the ones driving this policy push within the Republican party. Certainly there are other parties involved, but they're cranking out these laws like clockwork now at the state level because this is a key voting bloc for the GOP and they feel the Trump/McConnell takeover of the judicial branch is amenable to one of these laws destroying Roe. What is wrong here is they're de facto saying an unborn child's rights supersede those of the mother to make her own decisions. Republicans who wouldn't dare say the government should have more control of their life are fine legislating away a woman's medical autonomy. IT IS WRONG for a separate third party to dictate to a doctor and a patient what they are allowed to do on the basis of their religious beliefs. Full stop. To think this is the party that complained about death panels. That is the opposite of religious freedom. The common point of agreement would be doing things like sex education and improving access to healthcare, including contraceptives, for women, so we can lower rates of unwanted pregnancies. Not crippling medical ethics or intimidating and punishing those with whom you disagree.
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    The Pantser Divisions were among the deadliest on the battlefields of WWII.
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    It's a good discussion. It's basically a question of the school's authoritative reach. I'm guessing the one thing that gives the school an "in," so to speak, is that it was related to an upcoming school event. Their school and district probably have policies against verbally or physically abusive behavior and it might extend to cover something like this. Perhaps it would be different if it had nothing to do with the school at all and then it would be more of a private matter? I don't know the answer but that's my best guess at this point. A kid at my high school was suspended/expelled for verbally threatening to beat up another kid at an upcoming basketball game. He posted the threat on MySpace. Obviously different circumstances, but, this discussion made me think of that. It probably depends a lot on the school's and district's code of conduct.
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    247 composite lists Glynn Watson as NUs highest rated recruit ever at .9692. Second highest is the kid from France this year.
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    Gameday means attention. We should want it.
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    I'm pro life but there are a bunch of other things that I think should happen before Roe vs. Wade is ever overturned so we can lower the # of new moms there would be before they can't get an abortion. And I know these things won't happen, so therefore I'm against it getting overturned. Things that should happen first: Free birth control and less restrictions to getting it. I shouldn't have to go have my vagina poked and prodded every few years in order to go on the pill. Maybe I can be convinced that I'm wrong about the need but to me it seems unnecessary and it sucks. Better and more sex education - it's mind boggling that the GOP is so scared of it. It works. Improve help for kids in poverty, because that's what most of these kids are going to be. The GOP is also against this. Also, abortion should always be available when it's rape, the woman's life is in danger, and probably if there's a horrible health defect in the baby. And I know the government demographics are what they are but it's really annoying that so few women are involved in these decisions.
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    I'm not sure what you're trying to say with the bolded. The fetus is indeed just a mass of tissue - science does not deny this but rather confirms this. But I don't think the "just a mass of tissue" argument by the pro-choice side holds much water since every single human is a mass of tissue.
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    Looks like we are in some small bowl game with the patches.
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    That patch is also just ugly. tbh I don't really even care about the winning tradition patch either. It's quite big and.... what's the point of it exactly? It's just always kinda been there but afaik nobody really knows where it came from or why it's important or anything. Our uniforms would look so much cleaner with JUST B1G and Adidas patches.
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    This is important. This discussion happens on a spectrum. A lot of what we think of as the pro-life camp does not support these extremely restrictive laws that are being passed. The problem is the ones calling the legal shots for the pro-life movement think this is the way to go.
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    I would think it would be difficult to re-open your recruitment if it was never actually closed.
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    I've usually done one week during football season and two weeks during the off-season. All those were originally set to two weeks but I went back through and changed them all to one week so they should start disappearing here shortly.
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    I don't mind them having those beliefs. They're not scientifically sound but a person should be able to hold whatever religious beliefs or opinions they want. Where we cross over into not OK territory is when they let such beliefs lead them to pass laws which trample on the rights of legally defined autonomous adults. Where life begins and what legally constitutes a person are not the same. The law is crystal clear here - viability is not when you can detect a heartbeat or at 6 or 8 weeks. So legally and scientifically, it's not two humans until around 22 or 23 weeks at earliest. Even so being born that early will likely result in debilitating developmental delays. I have a lot of problem with religious creep into the government sphere. It can be used to justify a lot of bad things. The Chinese government currently has millions of Muslims in internment camps where they are tortured and re-educated and we barely talk about it. Religious beliefs lead many people to ignore ro deny climate change is occurring. If we cannot outvote those people it will literally doom future generations and the planet.
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    It feels like this is all part of a bizarre endgame: a faltering Republican Party shores itself up by mobilizing evangelicals, including many previous non-voters who come in as single-issue voters and align with the candidate most likely to overturn Roe vs. Wade. That's how you get blue-collar voters to vote against their self-interest by siding with billionaires, Christians to vote for a Party that demonizes immigrants, the poor, the sick and pretty much anything Jesus Christ actually stood for, and Republicans to vote for Republicans who have veered out of their comfort zone, but at least aren't Hillary Clinton. And perhaps with the clock ticking down on the old white guys, they double down at the state level, outlawing abortion in a way that is painstakingly extreme and vindictive, and also, not incidentally, well beyond the opinions of their own constituents. For two years we've been playing a game of "how ugly can this get" and somehow we keep finding a new bottom. The common thread is a group of people who want to return America to the way it was; when men enjoyed clear superiority over women, minorities stayed in their lane, and America enjoyed manifest destiny to do whatever it wanted. They now have an open window to do their worst, and that's exactly what they're doing.
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    So I listened to a podcast about how the turn that Dany took was an example of how good GRRM is at writing. He gives you this young princess who is first abused by her brother, then married off to a war monger and raped, then betrayed by a witch who kills her now loving husband and unborn child. This is all in just the first book/season. She later frees a city full of slaves only to have some of those same folks turn on her because they actually liked the way things were. George sets her up to be this sympathetic character. Someone who we as readers and audience members can root for with ease. The problem is her motivation. Sure she does some benevolent things along the journey back to Westeros. Heck she even looses one of her dragons/children in defeating the Night King and saving all of man kind. Her primary motivation is revenge. It has been since a child with her bother telling her stories about how her family was wronged and all the things they would do to those who tried to destroy their family. When she finally has battle won, she isn't content with just the throne. She seeks vengeance. She takes what is hers with Fire and Blood. The Hound even tells the viewers what happens to those who only seek to use vengeance as motivation. He warns Arya that there is only one way that path ends, in death. In the end, GRRM got us to see how a super villain is created: someone with unmatched power whose main goal is revenge. He got us to root for her, love her, and even name some of our pets/kids after her.
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    They aren't going to prom I can tell you that much.
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    Please do. Just one question though. In your world, doesn't "This does not exonerate the President" mean "Complete and total exoneration"?
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    Funny you say that...since 99% of posters will tell you that they NEVER watch ESPN, that they HATE gameday, that everyone on gameday is a joke and that no one cares about it anymore... I hope they come here for any and every game that they can. When they were at Starkville a few years ago...when it was Ole Miss vs MSU (1 v 2, I think) it looked amazing. They only really do one super lame game a year...like NDSU or something like that... The rest...you know it means something.
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    Also a peek on how the sausage is made in the article "As you know, we share rights with ESPN for three of the five power conferences [Big 10, Pac 12, Big 12]," Mulvihill said. "The way that those rights are allocated is that the conferences themselves don’t decide what games will be on what network. That’s unlike the NFL, where there’s an NFL broadcasting department that puts the schedule together and they decide that Packers-Patriots is going to be on NBC and Cowboys-Eagles is going to be on Fox at 4:25. That’s a collaborative process, but in the end the NFL makes those decisions. "In the college draft, the conferences put together a game schedule [with the dates] but then we and ESPN sit down and actually choose game windows in the Spring where we’ll say — and we have the number one pick in the Big Ten draft — we’re going to take the first selection on November 24th. We pick that date obviously with an eye toward it being Ohio State-Michigan, but we don’t literally take Ohio State-Michigan. We just take the right to have the first choice on November 24th. And then ESPN will choose the right to have the first choice on a week in September. And we’ll come back and use our first pick in the Big 12 to take the number one pick in the first week of October which will be Texas-Oklahoma." Mulvihill says the process of slotting games and who gets what matchups can be exhausting for networks. "As the season goes on we’ll say, Okay we’re up to Week 7. We have the first pick. We’re going to use that first pick on Michigan-Michigan State," Mulvihill said. "ESPN then has the second pick, and they [hypothetically] thought they were going to use it on Penn State-Iowa, but because events on the field are unpredictable they’re actually going to use it on Wisconsin-Northwestern. Because you’re drafting windows and not actual games, once you get to the season in progress and you’re surprised by which teams are better than you thought and which teams aren’t as good as you expected, you can adjust and make sure that you’re getting the best game in the best window."
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    Overturning Roe v. Wade to actually enforce this law would trample the woman's privacy and pretty much destroy the point of HIPAA. They'll probably argue we have no constitutional expectation of privacy and civil-liberty lovin' Republicans will shrug & look the other way. But, you know, I'm sure some stuffy old men know what's better for a woman medically than the doctor or the woman herself. Edit: I was far too nice. I'm in the medical field. I take this stuff very seriously. One of the principles they teach you in school is to respect the autonomy of the patient to make their own healthcare decisions. This obviously spits in the eye of that principle. Once again Republicans are trying to dictate people's healthcare to them. They're trying to bully and intimidate both women and their doctors into complying with their own ideology. F#ck that. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? This is legislating theology. The evangelical right needs to back the f#ck off people's healthcare choices.
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    Can we just sell Alabama to China to help pay off our national debt?
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    f#&% you texass. And F you Oklahoma for siding with them on every 11-1 vote early in the B12 process. We gots Frost and plenty of $$$$$$$ now. How sweet the honey and how sweet the Corn.
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    Deb and Ben seem to fit that characterization perfectly. https://votesmart.org/candidate/evaluations/41963/deb-fischer#.XN3NPI5Ki70 https://votesmart.org/candidate/evaluations/150182/ben-sasse/2#.XN3Rgo5Ki70 If all of these people that you talk about were as wholly pro life as you make them out to be, then perhaps there wouldn't be dead children in a classroom every week, or people dying for not being able to afford healthcare. Are there Dems or independents championing the recent abortion issues in Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia?
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    Polling is problematic, but the 2018 Gallup Poll sounds believable: 48% of Americans identify as Pro-Life. 48% identify as Pro-Choice. But only 28% want Roe vs. Wade overturned.
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    Man, I'd love to have one of our resident Trumpers come defend this.
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    Do you honestly think we'd get a lot out of Alabama?
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    100 days until CFB is back...
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