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3 hours ago, knapplc said:


TV had a great angle from behind the ref who made the call showing him watch the hit on the QB, the ball still in the air, then the INT, then he reached for his flag. The QB was already on the ground before the pass was intercepted, but he didn't make the call until after the pick. 


Also, Illinois was not called for holding the entire game, despite having three sacks and their starting QB knocked out in the first quarter. 








Now, having said that, NONE of that is an excuse for how the team collapsed. But two things can be true - we can suck, and the refs can make questionable calls. Just saying for all of you "I'm sick of people blaming the refs" folks who can't understand that it doesn't have to be one or the other. It can be both.

Didn't they specifically make a point of not driving/spiking the QB to the ground in the rules? That's what Tannor looked like he did when I watched the replay. They didn't show the taunting but even if he did taunt, that would've just been added back to the end of the return, I think. 


But yeah, the fact that Illinois wasn't called for one holding and Nebraska was called for a holding when the official responsible for calling holding was out of the game is pretty damning. 


It's incredible how the offensive lines of our opponents manage to play a perfectly disciplined game whenever Nebraska lines up on the other side. 

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