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    I just wanted to point out that @jessica0 has been on this board since October and already has something like 238 rep points. I've been on here since December of 2005 and have 255 points. It always fascinates me how newbies can come on here and pretty much seem to dominate the board and then become the next "guru" on the board. I mean no harm by this post ... I actually was hoping a few folks would simply +1 this post so I can get out ahead of Jessica on the rep points. Thanks for any +1's. :-)
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    No one was excited because few had heard of him, and we felt entitled to a big name or at least a more exciting search. When we looked into it, we saw that in the year we hired him, Mike Riley had been voted the second most underrated coach in a poll of fellow college coaches. Found out Alabama, USC and UCLA had supposedly tried to hire him away earlier in his career. The same college football community gave Riley a lot of credit for the 8, 9 and 10 win seasons he managed with low budget Pac 12 bottom feeder Oregon State, including regularly out-coaching guys like Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll — a situation not unlike Matt Campbell's 6-3 record at Iowa State, currently giving some fans serious boners. Guys like Kurt Warner, Keyshawn Johnson, The Spielman family and Les Miles sent their own kids to play for Mike Riley at Nebraska, and I'm assuming it wasn't just because he's a nice guy. Several of the national pundits currently pushing for Scott Frost thought Riley was a smart if slightly outside the box hire. So it wasn't quite the bizarre/pathetic/toxic choice some would make it. The idea that Mike Riley would use the late-in-life challenge and Nebraska's superior resources to right the ship for about 7 years made as much sense as Brett Bielma or Jim McElwain. It didn't work out. That's pretty clear. Definitely time to move on. But retroactively s#!tting on Mike Riley and all he's ever done isn't a good look for Husker fans. And you know who'd agree with me? Every coach we'd ever want to hire.
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    Nope, can't do that. Scott is a personal friend and I just do not share anything I know. I value Scott more then any info I could provide.
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    Thanks for the info.......BUT for the love of baby Football Jesus please learn how to embed tweets
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    you might be more delusional at this point than Matty was about Darnay Holmes
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    And in those 10 years, here are the overall records: Texas: 75-49 ( 4 losing seasons + current ) Florida: 85-41( 1 losing season + current ) FL. State: 96-33 ( 0 losing seasons + current ) Neb.: 85-44 ( 1 losing season + current ) Here are the number of top 10 recruiting classes they have had in those 10 years: Texas: 7 Florida: 6 FL. State: 6 Neb: 0 Texas hasn't won a conference championship since 2009, same year they played in the BCS championship and lost. Florida hasn't won a conference championship since 2008, same year they won the BCS championship. Florida State has won 3 conference titles ( 12, 13, and 14) and won the NC in 2013. We all know about Nebraska, played in a couple CC games but lost. After looking at all of this, we have been able to keep up ( record wise ) with these other teams despite not having any top 10 recruiting classes along with any other disadvantage we have.
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    As a guy who has just been too damn busy to follow Football like I used to and getting my Husker news and info from here; it’s a circus. I stop in here once a week or so to get the score, “what did we learn” info, and maybe stop by recruiting to see how the class is shaping up. This is bad. I don’t even care who is to blame. If i was Reilly I’d fire Diaco tonight for public comments subversive to the team. And If i was Diaco I’d start speaking my gut about the program. And if I’m Moos, I’m firing them all on Saturday evening. This is insane and I’m not embarrassed to be a Husker fan, but I’m ready for the adults to take over.
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    Nebraska drops its final game of the regular season, ending the Huskers’ 9-year bowl streak and closing the year with five home losses — an unthinkable fate at a school that once went 14 seasons dropping three home games. Bill Moos makes plans to visit Orlando after the AAC championship. http://footballscoop.com/news/footballscoops-nuclear-winter-3-0/ Florida is mentioned with Mullen.
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    I don't. Look at how poorly they treated the last two "HOT COACHES" Muschamp was supposed to take over Texas after Mack Brown retired. Florida stole him away and he was supposed to be that years version of Frost. And then J. MCelwaine, even Husker fans wanted him in 2014. Look at what Florida did to him. In my opinion, Florida is way less stable than Nebraska in regards to Scott Frost. At least at Nebraska we would give him time solely because he is "one of us."
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    In all fairness, what Diaco said on its own wasn't bad. It was the follow-up question from the media that transformed it into a pointed barb thrown Banker's way. Granted, Diaco could have risen above the question, but I think he felt he was defending those kids. And honestly, don't we want coaches that give a s*** about the kids playing for our school? Hell, don't we want someone that isn't named Moos giving a s*** about the state of the program right now? Remember--as soon as Riley is fired, the narrative changes from "will Riley be fired" to "who will replace Riley". The former narrative is an effective smokescreen for Moos to work with while he does a search behind the scene. The later narrative will expose what Moos is doing for everyone to see and tips our hand to schools we're competing against for new coaches. Riley needs to stay on through Black Friday, and maybe even through the bowl game (should we make one). The longer Riley coaches, the easier it is for Moos to do his job unfettered. Personally, I'm willing to sacrifice the last few weeks of this season for a potentially excellent long-term hire.
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    I'm blind, can I get the font a little bigger.
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    Diaco: "You're an idiot." Banker: "No, you're an idiot." State of Nebraska: "You're both idiots, go away."
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    Maybe Scott will share a picture of him when he's born
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    Had several classes with a guy on the club rugby team at UNL back in the day. He was .... not a small individual. From time to time he wore a shirt that said "Sure scrum is a funny name ..... but assault and battery was already taken." Always made me laugh.
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    Got it. I wasn't sure why you said "most", but this program isn't working, and much of that is because of the current coaches and staff. I think TO made a mistake when he made Bo retain Watson and company. The AD should hire someone he trusts to do the job. Part of that job is picking the right assistants and coordinators.
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    SE is an a-hole and that isn't news. Bo was right about it and Bo is an a-hole too. We all knew SE was a joke just like we all knew Riley was a joke. None of this is news.
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    Man it seems like people are missing the bigger story here. Our coaches were being forced by people above HCMR on how and what to coach, even though the coaches themselves hadn't bought into it. The chain of command was in complete disarray. How can we expect the players to buy in to philosophy when our own coaches were against it?
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    Start posting you have insider information that Frost is coming to Nebraska and you'll get there.
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    Calling rugby soft... that's a new one
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    I think Diaco is going to go down as a spectacularly bad hire. Better to have stuck with Banker. I get the appeal on paper, and he has his strong qualities, but man, yikes.
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    This is how I picture Moos walking into the football offices the day after the Iowa game.....its gonna be a house cleaning.
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    gosh I would really hate to be put in a situation where I'm making 800k to churn out a defense that gives up 30 points a game
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    You missed this part: *First disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. *Second disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. *Third and final disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only.
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    Barring some sort of Hugh Freeze situation, there's a 0% chance that Moos s#!t cans Riley before the Iowa game. While this whole very public bickering between our current DC and former DC is stupidly embarrassing, it's not exactly cause for termination. This team will finish 5-7 or 4-8 and there will be a press conference on November 25th.
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    He’s a grown man who has been in coaching for years, even as a HC who is expected to talk to the media A LOT. He should know better than to just spew s#!t to the media for the whole state of Nebraska to see. It’s not a good look.
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    I agree and this is why I think we should absolutely have the edge over Florida. If Frost does not do well at Florida he will be out...there is no loyalty to him. McElwain had 2 pretty good years getting to the SEC championship and they didn't even let him finish this year (can you imagine us running Frost out mid-season?...that would never happen). At Nebraska, I think he automatically gets 7-8 years or double what he'd get at other high profile schools. We'd put up with less immediate success because we are building towards long term stability with a young coach we want to run the program for 20 years. We can offer similar money to Florida with much more security/stability. It's his home state and team. We have to get this...I would be shocked if we did not get this done.
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    Decision is likely already made, don't think there will be an announcement until after the Iowa game.
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    Had Frost on my car again this morning #itsasign
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    So Chancellor Ronnie Green's wife was roommates with Scott Frost's cousin? That's... interesting.
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    SE is Human Sandpaper...most of us, sadly, have had a boss like that. I had one like that for 12 years. You know what he is and this is a huge compliment...he is normal. He is a people person.
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    I could care less about the he said/he said going on here, but the below quote from Banker drove me insane. Why weren't they doing their normal tackle drills in bowl prep? What else weren't they doing in bowl prep that they normally did? The only time Nebraska didn’t use the tackling drills in practices? Before the Music City Bowl. “And it showed,” Banker said.
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    It was heavily disputed that anything was "forced" here. And it seems like every year some coach somewhere has a whole new idea about what "tackling" really means and how to get players to "actually" do it. This is maybe the first time I've seen a coach try to call rugby tackling as fake non-tackling. I think Diaco has a tenuous grasp of the concept of accountability.
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    How is it not "journalism"? Sam trying to get different sides of the story on a topic pertaining to the job that Sam has. Sam is a reporter, covering the Husker football beat. He's not a columnist who is paid to give his opinion, he's reporting the facts and the information from his subject of covering.
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    The Rugby bumpdowning is done for the head injury threat to end the game of football as we know it, like it or not. Coach Dickoh said what he though, and in this case I have to agree. Obviously it is not working out. I will bet a weeks paycheck that the rumor about Riley not liking Langsdork is wrong. Riley, like about 80% of the coaches hired to win in D1 fail, some worse than Riley. Watching the guy, "Riley" in a press conference, I honestly just want to go up and give the guy a hug, and I am not a hugging guy. He has done what he thought he needed to to win, and it did not work, simple as that.
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    I'm in the same boat as the bolded portion of your post. But, I look at it differently. The Republican party has been starting to go down this path for quite some time. Their talking points and the crap their media outlets have been spewing for years has culminated in this cesspool we have now. Trump has latched onto it and brought it all out in the open. It's bad that Trump is in the Whitehouse and we will go through a period where the Dems gain power because of the loony toon ways Trump and his followers are going about things now. However, I think Conservatism needed this in the long run. Hopefully it will be a wakeup call when the majority of his followers look back on this period in history. The problem is, obviously, what damage is he and his followers going to do in the mean time? That is what we have to work to minimize. Hopefully it's a matter of domestic policies here and there that can be fixed. I'm way more concerned about foreign policy and what damage he does with relationships and getting us in wars.
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    Eisenhower was right. The Military Industrial Complex exists and part of its strategy to make money is to keep Americans keyed up for war so that they can make boatloads of money. I agree that it borders on jingoistic, and it makes me a bit uncomfortable. However, it is over quickly and one can take it as an actual thank you to our veterans as well as what it likely is, which is a way to keep pushing people to vote for a bigger military budget, so I try to take it as the veterans thank you. But we need to be cognizant of the fact that a strong part of this is to keep up support for our very large military budget.
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    Lol seriously? Sam did his job. Diaco attacked Banker, he deserves a chance to respond
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    It's just marketing. The same core base of people who enjoy football and NASCAR tend to be the most pro-military demographic as well. Football teams/leagues are pandering to their audience, trying to show how much they respect the military by allowing and encouraging all of these appreciation events and advertising. TBH, as a vet, I don't care one way or the other. Doesn't matter to me unless I'm getting free food, then my interest might be piqued. I do have to admit that I hate when people find out I'm a vet and scramble over each other to shake my hand and lick my butthole in feigned gratitude because they feel like it's what they are supposed to do. #pleasedontdothat #justsayhi
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    Most of the Omaha media speculated that Bobby D wanted to go off on other aspects of the team, rather than his D, but decided to hold back. For instance, his D was playing well against Purdue until the stopped 4th down gave Purdue the short field on their first TD. Then NU should have gone up by 2 scores in the 2nd half last week, but the offense could never do it. Not saying that the D played well in either of the last 2 games, just trying to see things from Bobby D’s point of view.
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