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    Mental health ain't nothing to play with. Wish him nothing but the best.
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    Zealot Patrols. The thing that bugs me the most are the narrow minded Zealot Patrols that haunt this board. If you don't support their position with enough zeal, they take it upon themselves to formulate a position they think you must support. ================= Me: Trump isn't all bad. He seems to have the country running pretty well. Anti-Trump Zealot Patrol: YOU'RE A TRUMP LOVING NAZI!! YOU HATE ALL IMMIGRANTS AND PROBABLY CHEAT ON YOUR TAXES AND MOLEST YOUNG WOMEN. YOU HATE AMERICAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (Disclaimer: I didn't vote for Trump, and I think he's a goofball. But things do seem to be running fairly well these days.)
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    How about this.... Bundt cake recipe link Oops I forgot the link help Bundt cakes-links
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    I disagree. The next President with either be Trump or the Dem nominee. I'd bet everything I own on that. A "write in" or "3rd party" vote is to say that a person is okay "enough" with Trump for another 4 years that they didn't take this election seriously. I won't fault a person for it, but I will roll my eyes when they complain about how much of a douchebag Trump is and how he shouldn't even be in office.
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    It still perplexes me to think back about last year. 8-4 was very doable. And 7-5 should have been a slam dunk. The CU loss was a tough pill to swallow. Even so, we still looked okay for the season up through the midway point. After NW we were sitting at 4-2. Not great, but okay. But after the NW game in the first week of October the wheels fell off the wagon. The only game we won after Oct. 5 was Maryland. Ouch! The wheels didn't just fall of the wagon. The wheels fell off, rolled down a hill and knocked over a silo killing old Betsy the cow.
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    That's a False Dichotomy Strawman argument that's trying to move the goal posts
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    Impeachment is over. Trump and Barr are trying to clean it all up to fit their view. Fire those who testified against Trump (the innocent) and try to diminish or overturn the sentences of the friends (the guilty). https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/justice-department-opens-inquiry-fbi-interview-heart-flynn-s-guilty-n1136481
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    There were several games after Oct 5th where Nebraska not doing the little things killed any shot of a 7-5 season. Several fundamental errors in both Indiana and Purdue games. To me had Nebraska been better in the slightest of details, they likely beat Colorado, Indiana, Purdue and Iowa.
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    Then please don't b!^@h about Trump
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    Wednesday, December 4, 2019 during the House Judiciary hearing: Professor Karlan. Thinly-veiled, corrupt QPD is no less wrong just because it is blatant and public.
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    Well thats not on his day 1 agenda. Legalizing marijuana through and executive order is though! Jan 20, 2021 is about to be LIT! The food service industry better be ready!
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    "I'll wait" "Link please?" "Show me where I said EXACTLY that"
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    Hope Frost is coaching here in 2034 - that would mean he would have had a very successful run by then -- 3-4 NC, 8 Big 10 championships, 10 div championships - you know a dynasty And we'll all be debating - who was the better coach SF, Tom, BobFather.
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    I think you have to go wt Hillary. The Dem primary was rigged for her. She had all of the advantages of big name, big money, operation, etc and she let traditionally blue states like Mi, Penn and purple states of Wisc and Florida slip into Trump's hand who was easily the worst GOP nomination in history. Her arrogance and sense of entitlement deceived her into thinking she didn't need to work at it. Plus calling a lot of people deplorable did not make her appear any more adorable. (Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours burn any brighter!).
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    Nothing against the kid, but if we have walk-ons contributing significantly at RB moving forward I'm worried. I'm sure there will be exceptions to that, but for the most part that's a position we need elite athletes.
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    A certain running back staying committed would have won us 2 more games easily.
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    Money buys politics. That’s nothing new. Bloomberg is buying “no more Trump” and I’m perfectly okay with that.
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    Its because hes a crazy radical. Everyone knows, especially in purple districts, that they LOVE getting ripped off on their prescription drugs! They also love going bankrupt from medical bills. Its the best feeling EVER!
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    I used to have a dog. But my favorite color is red. So what does my favorite jacket have to do with this?: I’m having Chinese food for lunch today!
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    Almost as if Trump only cared about the announcement!?!
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    I'm not sure what the bad idea is. Not using toilet paper or putting 5 rolls in your toilet and flushing. Please elaborate.
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    Gives the SEC time to drop teams if one of their opponents develop a pulse before they play
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    the younger crowd here may not recognize this scene...but for us older folks
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    *Sees thread title* 2019 Husker Previews: CFN - Nebraska Schedule Breakdown & Prediction *Looks at Watch* *Looks up* *Looks at Calendar* *Looks at Computer Date* *Sighs audibly*
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    Strong words from the guy making money off locking up children and separating them from their parents. https://www.businessinsider.com/john-kelly-new-role-will-profit-from-child-separation-policy-2019-5
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    IT'S THAT TIME! I'll be posting a light preview of Nebraska's season opener against the Baylor Bears! Baylor has one player named to the third team preseason All-America team: Nick Lofton Baylor finished with a 34 RPI last year, and was 35-19 (14-8 Big XII). They were knocked out in the regional round as a two seed. Nebraska won the series against Baylor last season winning 12-4, 2-0 and then losing the third game 3-10. Nebraska (0-0) at Baylor (0-0) Feb. 14-16, 2020 Baylor Ballpark • Waco, Texas Friday, Feb. 14 • 6:35 p.m. (CT) Online Stream: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Gareth Stroh (0-0) vs. Jimmy Winston (0-0) Saturday, Feb. 15 • 2:05 p.m. (CT) Online Stream: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Colby Gomes (0-0) vs. Paul Dickens (0-0) Sunday, Feb. 16 • 1:05 p.m. (CT) Online Stream: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Cade Povich (0-0) vs. TBD (0-0) Scouting the Baylor Bears • Baylor went 35-19 last season and finished second in the Big 12 with a 14-8 record in conference play. The Bears qualified for the NCAA Tournament, where they went 1-2 at the Los Angeles Regional. • Baylor didn't lose any position starters or starting pitchers from last year's squad. Additionally, the Bears welcome 14 newcomers to the roster for 2020. • Steve Rodriguez holds a record of 130-92 as he enters his fifth season as the head coach of the Bears. He holds a career record of 416-392 as he begins his 17th year overall. Rodriguez is assisted by Jon Strauss, Mike Taylor and Mitch Karraker. • Baylor leads the all-time series against Nebraska, 35-29-1, dating back to the first meeting in 1938. In Waco, Texas, the Bears hold a 23-10-1 advantage over the Huskers despite NU winning 2-of-3 last season. Rest of article here.
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    Yeah...who wants lower taxes!
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    I'm seeing lots of opinions and narratives about Bernie Sanders that are very different from the same man four years ago. It's almost like the guy who was widely admired for bringing energy, voters, and a more progressive platform to the Democrats in 2016 is now perceived as a genuine threat to be taken down with extreme prejudice. Or maybe when people think of Sanders they're thinking of the Larry David impression. Anyway, when people take the time to actually listen to Bernie, at least they get the appeal.
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    Ohhh, I think this counts... When a person WON'T quote your post...but then responds to it in that snarky way.
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    Unless you don’t eat enough protein you are wasting your time with BCAAs.
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    Time to own the state of Colorado!
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    1 of the original planet of the apes movies
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    I cant believe this is what our country has come to. We are so desperate to get rid of this president that we are willing to throw away democracy for another terrible human in Mike Bloomberg. Thank god some of his record and old videos are starting to emerge now that's hes rising. Its worse than even I imagined. The guy is a s#!t human being and should not be anywhere near the white house. And it doesn't matter how much s#!ttier Trump is. That's my point, we are trading in a terrible human being for a little less terrible human being. If Bloomberg wins the nomination, democracy dies whether Trump wins or loses against him.
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    John Kelly, speaks his mind about Trump - trump was wrong about Ukraine, NK, pardoning Eddie Gallagher, & immigration. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/02/john-kelly-alexander-vindman-north-korea-and-trump/606496/
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