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    Hell of a job by the Idaho State staff
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    That right there is a MAGA mating call if I've ever heard one.
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    The silence from the MAGA crowd on this is deafening.
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    You said it has nothing to do with being a starter. The entire tradition is literally based on being a starter. There wouldn’t be any Blackshirts if it weren’t for coaches wanting to differentiate the starters. So, yeah, it has a helluva lot to do with being a starter. Unless you mean the Italian fascists. They definitely gave max effort and had a kick your a** attitude.
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    He has good measurables being he is 6'4. He throws better than I anticipated. He has also been consistent at the varsity level as a 3 soon to be 4 year starter at QB. JR: 1,218 passing yards (62%) 21 TD 5 INT, 745 rushing yards (7 ypc) 12 TD - also had 2 receiving TD
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    Ouch - wonder if this one will make the walls of one of the golf courses?
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    That's cuz they don't read and it isn't being yelled about by Breitbart or Fox.
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    Yeah I don't think he liked to workout. Best of luck to him
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    I originally posted this in the Trump Foreign Policy thread, but I thought it was substantial & disturbing enough to warrant its own thread. This administration paid foreign PIs to try to collect essentially opposition research on the political opponents (Obama diplomats) in an effort to boost their own foreign policy. Seems insane even given where we're at now. Imagine the headline "Obama paid British firm to collect info Bush knew there were no WMDs in Iraq." It just seems shady as all hell to target other Americans that way, regardless of your motives, because you disagree with their politics. Interestingly, this same firm was apparently used to suppress bad Harvey Weinstein news from getting out. Here's a thread from one of the two people targeted about a likely attempt to gain info on his family:
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    I honestly like the 2 guys we have at the front of our depth chart. I honestly also think we should get Joe on board too.
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    From what I can tell, the smoker part is pretty much the same as the Traeger. We smoked some wings on Saturday, then pulled them and threw them in the air fryer for a few minutes to crisp them up. They turned out pretty damn good. Meat was juicy and had a good smokey flavor to it. The sear box is a little smaller than I thought. We threw a couple foil packets with potatoes, onions, and green beans with some herbed butter we made. Then we did 3 chicken breasts on there. There's a hook to hang your propane tank from on the back, which was cool. It's a good rig so far. My parents gave me some steaks, so I'll have to test out the reverse sear method.
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    Pretty much. They will probably have "individual" workouts with a few teams, but are unlikely to be drafted. Typically players like Palmer & Copeland will be invited to work out for a team so they can play with/against a player they are actually thinking about drafting. There is an outside chance that they could do something special in one of those workouts & get drafted, but it is very unlikely.
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    Similar name and linebacker. Yea, kind of lame. To be fair to Broph, I'm the tool.
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    Yup. Really feel bad for the kids--this thing isn't coming together at all this season, so little things like this help.
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    Hmm. Things are developing here a bit. Turns out... he has a sibling that attends Nebraska and is an athlete as well. Visit in May or June and wanting to decide by July.
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    On to the next. Not everyone is going to workout.
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    Really starting to think you're POB's mom or dad.
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    What Coach Frost is talking about is giving Blackshirts to those who demonstrate the passion, work ethic, attitude, and the "we're going to kick your a**" mentality. That's what Frost means when he says it means more than just giving them to the starters. And let's be blunt: Nebraska's defense hasn't lived up to the true Blackshirt traditions since 2010 at the minimum. Again, being a Blackshirt has NOTHING to do with being a starter. It means all those qualities I just mentioned. And it just so happens that the players who most exemplified those qualities were the starters and top backups who played.
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    I agree, it used to be for special players only, under Riley it was like a participation ribbon.
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    Can we add "Not Buffalo" to the poll?
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