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    Thanks for your kind words. I had a Bible college professor who I had invited to speak to my campus fellowship group at SDSU way back in the day (I'm old) He said something that has always stuck wt me "Major on the things Christ majored on and minor on the things He minored on and you won't go wrong". He was speaking of theology and encouraging students not to go off the deep end chasing issues that divide or blowing up minor issues into a unhealthy mindset. This is true of politics and most of life. Only a very few things are uncompromisable - my faith, family, and person integrity. Be open to the opinions of others if they are different - we might learn something. Unfortunately years ago I got caught up with the talk radio crowd and those filters became my stained filters. The Trump election was a big eye opener for me but even more so seeing GOP members and church members compromising proper values just to have a seat at the Trump table. He has ruined the party, and spoiling those in the evangelical circles who support him and moving them away from the Gospel to a corrupting loyalty. Prior to the Trump election I had already given up talk radio because of its corrupting influence on my soul - negative talk makes for a negative guy (just ask my wife). While I remain neg towards Trump, I'm more positive and happier not listening to the political junk and hearing a broader spectrum of voices. I would encourage those who lean towards the left of center side to also listen to the voices that they normally don't listen to (not talk radio but conservative voices and articles) just to get a better understanding of those perspectives. Politics should NOT be like a football game (competition) it should be about seeking the truth. It is also understanding that those who have a different opinion aren't bad people (in general)- they just have a different perspective on how to fix the same problem we both want to fix. Maybe a little compromise can bring us to the point of actually fixing the problem (like the abortion issue where both sides just yell over each other).
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    From 2017 to 2018, Cohen was deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.
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    That's a very good question. Maybe, the American people need to see and be slapped in the face with the type of person they elected to the highest office in the nation. MAYBE....they need to see what type of people he surrounds himself with for his personal business. MAYBE....America needs a wakeup call and reexamine their priorities when voting people into office.
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    I remember this part and that is a severe mischaracterization on what happened. The congressman was asking Cohen if he had any recordings of Trump being racist and he said he didn't then the congressman asked well why not since you record everyone all of the time to which Cohen said I don't then he was asked about the number of times in which he had recorded people. It was a bizarre line of questioning that really got nowhere.
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    This portrait looks familiar....maybe I saw it in a movie?
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    Crap. Now we're going to have to send somebody to Beatrice to get the real story. Anybody know somebody with naturally strong connections in Beatrice? And we don't want anybody who's afraid to say "told ya so"......because, you know, that's so endearing.
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    Another take away from this on a personal level - I need to take what I hear for its own worth and value and not run it through the filters of party or political philosophy (liberal or conservative). I was glad to hear AOC speak also - very sincere in what she had to say. Loyalty must be the the country as a whole, our constitution and the truth. Remove the filters that divide and let true patriotism, the Constitution and the truth lead us to the correct conclusion on issues and policies.
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    Add as much stuff as possible. I know it seems excessive considering Nebraska hasn't won at the level of a Clemson or Alabama but if you and barber shops, movie theatres game rooms and what ever else you can think of that's time spent in campus supervised as opposed to out on the town getting in trouble
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    Not all of us Christians. But yes - it is a "10 Shekels and a Shirt" situation (google it - if you can't find it - let me know) Selling of our eternal purpose in God, for a temporary stay at the political table.
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    I'll be honest, if this is going to be his testimony, it's not earth-shaking. Yeah, it shows criminal activity on the part of Trump while in office, but we already knew or had reason to strongly suspect that this was the case vis a vis Stormy Daniels. This won't move the needle on polls. This isn't Trump shooting a guy on 5th Avenue.
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    If there are no secret passageways I for one will be very upset. I think we should also build a great lake to put next to our indoor practice facility so we can outclass Northwestern.
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    By whom? The Republican-held congress? C'mon. They have. So far there are convictions and/or cooperation by Trump's: Campaign Chairman Lawyer National Security Advisor Campaign Staffer Campaign Advisor What do you think has been going on the past two years?
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    They could probably impeach him for violating the emoluments clause alone. Impeachment rules are very vague. The House can define “high crimes or misdemeaners” in a number of different ways. I’d also say having 2 witnesses that Stormy Daniels was paid for her silence, plus the checks, might be enough by itself. There are probably going to end up being dozens of ways they could impeach him that have enough evidence to back them up. And what @funhusker said about Trump’s “charity.”
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    Rep Roy TX - complaining about all the things we are ignoring while we are engaged in this hearing. But this is important work - not just a boarder wall, etc. Blaming the dems for something the Reps should have done under Speaker Ryan. Talk about
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    The irony is that it's a joke that the NFL still screens for weed. Then again the NFL is more or less a joke the way it's ran these days. Roger, roger.
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    I heard the big announcement was that we just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.
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    I thought this exchange was amazing.
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    That would be nice but I feel like we can't get to the point of what are we going to do about it, because any effort that has been tried in the past is immediately shot down as a failure. In a vacuum everything looks like a failure because there is no context to understand why you don't see a significant impact you are hoping for.
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    Up to #31 in the country according to 247 There are usually about 30 five-stars in each class so he would be pushing five-star status if he can hold that position through January.
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    A virtual reality room that puts you on the field from the QB position, MLB position, a safety, a RB, and an OL. Attach a small cam to those positions helmets in games so you can see what they see and then edit them down to highlight plays, the tunnel walk, and other on field experiences for fans to enjoy throughout the season or on tours of factilities. It’s the wave of the future. Wave of the future, wave of the future. The future.
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    I wish more people would listen to the words coming out of the mouths of the people they vote for/against. Cable news opinion shows have reduced that a lot. People are lazy now and just read a summary and unfortunately trust some awful messengers.
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    He was really amazing, I thought his opening statement was great, but I was in tears for the close. It worries the hell out of me that the good ones are dying off.
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    Well, hopefully we can agree that the economy is growing. All we hear is the bad/"fake news" about Trump. I honestly want to know more about the good he's done.
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    Honestly, at this point in this, I don't really know who to believe. The thing is though: What's the goal of all of this? Is it to impeach? Because if so, I don't think they have the evidence for that.
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    What questions did the Republicans bring that had any sort of substance to what Cohen was there for?
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    Thanks for the info. And thanks for updating my previous post.
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    Disagree with that. The Dems have nothing with this testimony, and won't have anything with the Mueller report.
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    It's a little picky on how you paste the link. Either you have to right-click and choose "paste as plain text" or after you paste the link there is a line of text that shows up at the bottom of the reply box that you can click on to "paste as plain text instead".
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    So interesting to see how the mainstream media is covering the Cohen testimony. Fox News: "Former Trump lawyer now disbarred in New York" Washington Examiner: "Michael Cohen's testimony can't be taken seriously because he's always been a sad joke." National Review: "How to Evaluate a Known Liar's Testimony"
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    Just took the day off. It's super cold here and I want to be planted in front of the tv at 10 EST for the show.
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    Of course, the 2019 Men's Big Ten Indoor Track & Field Championship is followed up by Pepin being named Conference Coach of the Year for Indoor T&F. That makes 28 Conference Coach of the Year awards he's accumulated in the Big 8, Big 12, and now B1G. And that's not counting region and national COY honors. Someone will have to tell me how to post this twitter stuff so that it shows up in the reply instead of as a link. I don't participate in social media so I don't have a twitter account proper.
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    It usually was in big games. At least in the only year it actually mattered. 2006 we had a defense good enough to win us a championship. Held USC to 28, Texas to 22, Oklahoma to 21, and Auburn to 17. And our offense s#!t the bed in all four of the biggest games, scoring 10, 20, 7, and 14 points respectively.
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    I have zero problem with body cams or police accountability if a cop is wRong prosecute them ive never understood how people of a particular group supported one of their own no matter how guilty that person was Michael brown was not shot with his hands up or in the back like the blm people tried to get everyone to think black witnesses said it wasn’t so blm and their supporters didn’t care or apologize so yes it seems like you’ve agreed blacks do cause more than 1/2 of all murders and robberries overepresenting themselves by 300 percent but are only shot by cops at a 100 percent over represented rate so this may not be as racial as many are making it out to be how to solve the problem spending trillions has only destroyed the black family putting more money into social and education programs? That’s been Tried the below hasn’t been tried some very simple answers and truths no one wants to hear about even or especially when uttered by black people
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    Short lived. 1 day only for the OU profile picture on twitter.
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    Per OU 24/7, Someone committed from 2020 to OU yesterday. Supposed to come out today. They made 0 mention of who it is or could be. Let’s hope it’s not TC. He said he got to meet the players and former players and that was really the last thing on the bucket list that he needed to do. (This is his OU visit report)
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    A lot of the HBO series are now on Amazon Prime.... Sopranos and True Blood for sure but I think there’s a lot more.
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    Cool factoid about The Blacklist: the creator of the show (Bokenkamp) is from Kearney, my older brother was a close childhood friend of his. There are a lot of old references to Kearney buried in the dialogue of the show, but they are hard to catch unless you really know the town (I've caught the names of old elementary school teachers, for example). The same guy spearheaded a renovation of an old theater in downtown Kearney a few years ago that now shows arthouse flicks and classic movies, and they have special screenings with every new Blacklist episode, often with live Q&A afterward with people who actually work on the show.
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    Top 4 - no order - Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Texas A&M Early enrollee. Wants to major in Aerospace Engineering which UNL doesn't offer so we're pitching him on a Mechanical undergrad and then get his masters in Aerospace. Said he thinks it's "special" in Lincoln
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    I’m not sure I want kids who need a lazy river to come play for us. Suh would not have donated millions to put in a lazy river. I’d rather have a heisman level player instead of a lazy river player.
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    Ok you’re right blitzfirst and one of his buddies thought I was wrong no eye rolls anyone that knows anything about the situation knows he never plays it was a 4 star non padded camp thing as to why Riley offered him chronic injuries be damned
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