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    1. knapplc


      That was interesting. At one point he jump cuts from the west stadium under the press boxes to the east concourse. I'm surprised at some of the places he got into. Makes me think he had permission... but maybe not. I've done this several times at Memorial Stadium, especially when they were doing stadium construction. I've never gone as far into the team areas as he went, but I've been on the field at least a dozen times. Did the same thing when they were building PBA.


      It's funny how much access you can have to a place if you just act like you belong.

  2. Week 0 bay bay!

    1. admo


      Navy vs Notre Dame in Dublin, Ireland, baby !!!!  Great game, great venue, historical teams and matchup !!! 


      Cannot wait!  :w00t:w00t

  3. Hey guys. Heard any rumors lately?

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      I heard Biggie killed Pac.

    2. TonyStalloni


      We deal in facts here.....nothing but the facts! :sarcasm

  4. My Arkansas State Red Wolves just took down the Husker bowling team. 

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well there’s something I never expected to see, especially as a brag.  “My Arkansas State Red Wolves bowling team” :lol:

    3. swmohusker


      Hope our bowling coach pulls a Dabo and starts talking about the downfall of collegiate bowling with NIL deals loading athletes up with free shoe rentals and lane fees. What happened to STUDENT athlete??

    4. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      Dabo never said anything negative about NIL. He was against players receiving a salary…and made those comments before anything was mentioned about NIL…but go off.

  5. Hey guys, 


    Yall got anything going on today?

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    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      I like the reworked one. The original looks too much like a rose.

    3. Toe


      Alt version. And I'd lengthen the stalk part a bit to make it more like the handle of a sword.

    4. chamrocck


      Those are pretty cool! :throwdabones1:

  6. https://twitter.com/adameargle/status/1297224723953332224?s=21

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      I agree with the comments saying it looks too much like a rose.

    2. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      That’s a tall a$$ rose

    3. knapplc


      You still got it. Good stuff.

  7. Not sure I’ve ever shared much here, but I put some of my art in the 2019 College Football thread if y’all want to see how I pay the bills day-to-day.

  8. WTF?



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    2. Judoka


      Xmas32 - They may as well be SEC, not much else in the ACC.

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      Lol, ok. I guess we’re the bad guys now.

    4. ZRod


      If you're going to be a perennial playoff team, like you are, you had better get used to it. 


      It's better to be hated for being good than to be hate like OU is for being terrible and stumbling you way into the playoffs every year.

  9. It seems as if I’m no longer welcome, so Imma head out for good this time. I love you all, except the 4 of you (you know who you are).


    Bye guys. Godspeed.

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    2. deedsker


      I remember when Cacti was welcome...it overlapped with when we didn't have ads. Coincidence? I think not.

    3. VectorVictor


      Cacti, sorry about whomever was being a douche to you. You're still welcome. 

    4. BigRedBuster


      Never have understood why some posters just can't emotionally handle it when fans from other teams visit and contribute to our board.


  10. Still room for 6 of you on the bandwagon. 4 if you’re Refrigerator Perry sized.

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    2. redout22


      F"ck me killer we've been friends for 11 years on this board. I'm with you but I'm still a skers fan even after today

    3. GSG


      Pass. Orange makes everyone look like a c***

    4. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      @GSG But a winning c***

  11. Gameday.

    1. hskrfan4life


      hope you guys have a good season!

    2. killer cacti
  12. Hey guys.



      I think we are all gender neutral now. But hey sup

    2. killer cacti
  13. I met @Landlord tonight in ATL. One down, a lot of you f#&%ers to go.

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    2. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      @GSG Y’all don’t want that 

    3. Minnesota_husker


      @killer cacti and @GSG - Good point... We dont want a team from a lower level conference :)

    4. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      @Minnesota_husker when’s the last time the B1G has scored a point in the playoffs?

  14. From twitter: “BREAKING: C/O 2020, 5️ Quartberback DJ Uiagalelei has committed to Clemson! Clemson now has the..

    #1 overall recruit/DT

    #1 QB

    #1 safety

    #2 RB

    #2 & #3 DT

    #3 CB

    #4 & #6 ILB

    #5, #6 and #8 OG”

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    2. Xmas32


      Petition to the mods to merge Killer Cati's status updates with Roxy's funhouse thread?

    3. killer cacti
  15. Clemson picked up another ***** today, and expecting another Sunday...

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    2. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      @OH HSKR FAN IMO, not close at all. That was only his 2nd full season. He knew he had to make changes and did, which Bowden wouldn’t do, so he was good.

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      @Scarlet Overkill Actually, Dabo pretty much let’s everyone play. 3 or 4 games this season, everyone who traveled to a road game got to play in that game. IMO, that’s been a huge part of his success. Letting the young guys play and get solid reps instead of leaving them on the sidelines.

    4. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      Wasn’t anything personal - just how things are with the new transfer rules and I wasn’t actually serious.  Players at Clemson would be nuts to leave the progrum

  16. Hey guys.

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    2. killer cacti
    3. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman



      I'd say that captures us here perfectly :lol:


      Welcome back KC!

    4. redout22


      The man. The myth. The legend. 

  17. What you all have witnessed is the changing of the guard. The rules have changed. The tribe has spoken. All your base are belong to us.

  18. Hey guys.

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    2. 308_Husker


      How does it feel?

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      What am I missing? Is something going on?

    4. jsneb83


      Bama's losing. Nothing major

  19. Y’all drop by Death Valley tomorrow and check on it for me, ok?

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      You need to stop with that "Thug like SEC thrash talk."  :D

    2. seaofred92


      I'll be at Esso at 4 this afternoon. Will knock back a cold one for you. 

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      @Sea of Red enjoy, get the meat & 3 if they’re still serving.

  20. Y’all.

    1. redout22


      It's been a minute killer!

    2. HuskerInLostWages


      I believe you forgot to finish your sentence, It should be "Y'all suck" and we'd be ok with you saying it.

  21. Any Chiefs fans up in here?

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    2. NoLongerN


      Good for you.  Get Bookie and you have a great day going!

    3. ladyhawke


      Chiefs fan here! Been one since the 60's! I remember when Hank Stram and the boys won the Super Bowl in 1970. 

    4. CPT Blackshirt

      CPT Blackshirt

      Goooooo CHIEFS!

  22. I have two empty spots on the Clemson bandwagon. First come, first served.

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    2. knapplc


      Here's my current level of Clemson fandom:  I want Brent Venables as our next Head Coach.


      Make that happen and Clemson will by my East-of-the-Mississippi team.  Deal?

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      I doubt he's leaving. I could be wrong, but he's got a great gig and paid very well not to have all the pressure on him.

    4. 4skers89


      I've only caught 1 husker games so far this year and don't feel like I've missed out on much.  I appreciate good football and as I suggested last week I watch Clemson games.  Always will be a Husker fan and can't make room for another team.  Congratulations on your team's success though.  It's exciting when your team is in the hunt.  I still remember that feeling from... a long time ago.

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