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    We are definitely under performing, but I don't think the talent composite tells the whole story because this team is so young. I saw the chart below on Facebook (I don't have access to the full article, but I think this is interesting). The talent on the top of our team is really poorly ranked compared to the rest of the country because of attrition. The highly ranked Freshmen and Sophomore classes help to bolster the overall team composite. I don't think this defends this season, we should be better, but this team has a major lack of experienced talent and these adjusted rankings fit our season ranking better.
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    Based on what we have seen the past 2 years. Looking at the 2020 schedule I don't see a 100% win on the schedule. Maybe if the Rutgers game was @home I would give that 100% confidence in winning.
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    Never underestimate our fanbase and players' ability to forget how bad we actually are and quickly jump back into the world of unrealistic expectations solely based on the fact that we're Nebraska. If the team that starts next year isn't a big step up from this one currently, we'll be lucky to start 3-3. Purdue, Cincy and either Illinois or NW could easily beat us.
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    That sentiment is misguided. Bo did do some frustrating things (ie - hat swing, challenging admins to keep him, etc.) but it was clear that the administration didn't support him and many in the media were riling up the average fan at every turn. He didn't owe anything more to the fans, let alone licking boots. He did make the conference title game in three of his seven years. Yes, I know we lost those but I believe it was only a matter of time before the cards starting falling our way. Please remember that 2014 would have had a Junior class including: Armstong, Westerkamp, Bando, Gerry, B.Reilly, Collins & Valentine. The latter two likely stay for '15 with Bo & Kaz and the team stays in the top 15 range. In short, we were primed for a good run. Bo was brash, aggressive and could be a d*ck sometimes, but the guy was a winner and got his team to play for one another.
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    Yep. As simple as the title reads. Nebraska will beat Maryland and Iowa and get to a bowl. GO BIG RED!
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    Frost & Walters will be at his game friday.
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    I'm so tired of people saying this team needs to get more talent. Yes, every team needs more talent, but not to beat Indiana and Purdue. Nebraska has more talent at the starting positions than either of these teams. Scheme and coaching matter
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    Nobody believed the title anyway so
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    Frost will be here until he chooses to leave.
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    It most certainly will not.
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    Yeah, he rightfully got credit for that, because he took an underperforming player and team and elevated their potential a long ways. If you do that, you should get credit. If you are unable to do that, you don't think that's a legitimate criticism of your coaching abilities? It doesn't seem consistent to give credit where it's due, but then absolve blame where it's due.
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    The numbers are averages of average percentiles for figures from the following statistical categories (as appropriate): pass d/o; rush d/o; scoring d/o; total d/o; and turnover margin. You can click on the data cells pasted below a couple of times to make them more legible but I think it opens up another tab in your browser in my experience, at least. You get what you pay for, I guess, but I'll take any free advice as to how I might be using the board wrong also. B1G Rankings National Overall Statistical Rankings National Defensive Statistical Rankings National Offensive Statistical Rankings GBR !
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    Oh no, I read it. It was just difficult to read the the whole thing with blurry vision from laughing and crying so hard after I saw, "I'm so incredibly fearful that next year will be like Mike Riley's 2nd season. We start hot and get to 7-0 only to get slammed back to reality." I mean, I wish that was my only fear for next year's team. Going 7-0 to begin the season. Hell, even getting 7 wins total. I think of all the things to be fearful of, going 7-0 to start the season, and then getting "slammed back to reality" is probably one of the last things on my list.
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    And Ferentz’s record his first three years in Iowa city was 11-24. it took him time to build that O line and culture.
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    This Stadium is to small how are the players going to get in there.
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    I don't think people understand the 3-4 all that well. The d-line shouldn't be making plays right and left. They are there to eat up blockers. The linebackers should be making the plays, but they are always so far out of position, it makes the d-line look horrible. In addition, we have no pass rushers at the OLB position, so this makes the pass defense look horrible too. It's so frustrating to watch.
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    You're not supposed to be hearing the DL's names being called much! That's not how it works in most 3-4 schemes! Posts like this are driving me batty, because there's a whole lot of misplaced blame here. I mean hell, simple counting should tell you that you're not going to hear the DL's names called as much, since there's only three of them on the field. But you also need to realize that they have very different responsibilities in a 3-4 than in a 4-3. Mostly, they're there to chew up OL blocks and take up space, while the linebackers are the guys responsible for pass rush and making plays. And it's our linebackers that are letting us down, there. ^ More teams turning to 3-4 defense - ESPN Here's what Purdue's coach had to say about our D after the game: TL;DR: Our linebackers are the problem, and it's not even close. And it's even scarier when you look at how our LB recruiting has went lately...
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    Hello my fellow Husker Fanatics. Has been quite the year so far and much worse than literally all of us expected at this point. We have massive issues galore and I do not think we have the culture nor the players nor the flawless level of coaching needed to offset eachother. This will take time and it is going to be rough. Just know that Frost will get it fixed. He will do what is needed to make this work. Love you all, Hedley
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    One thing I also think we mis is that the team has dramatically improved in their measurable. BUT it's compared to themselves. Not compared to position groups from Bama, Clemson, LSU etc....No doubt we look better, but it's a closed comparison. A lot to top tier teams that have great S&C have been getting guys stronger/faster for years. NU is just into year 2 of caring about S&C. This could be a factor in performance when you talk about losing "X" number of games in the last few minutes....I don't think you peak in S&C. It continually improves. We are much better than 2 years ago, but still probably behind our B1G counterparts.....
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    Is that actually true, or is it only true because they haven't been capable enough to develop the potential of any untapped players? Like if Bo wouldn't have been able to develop Suh and co, we would have said, "Well Bo didn't inherit any talent." but it wouldn't have been true.
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    Good point. Also, Bo's teams were all built for Big 12 play, obvious since that is the conference he coached in prior to Big Ten, but it didn't look like he was adjusting the roster at all to prepare for the years coming up in the Big Ten. Reason why Wisconsin and Minnesota was able to over power his teams. That lack of adjusting to prepare for the Big Ten, and also failing to develop a true consistent identity for the team, was what lead to a further spiral downward when an average coach like Riley comes in. Riley was dealing with a divided roster, a roster that wasn't built for the Big Ten, all awhile trying to implement his identity and trying to learn a completely foreign conference for himself. I was not excited at all about the Riley hire, but probably because of my Nebraska fanhood, I began to see how the theory on paper about hiring Riley looked promising. A guy was an average coach at a severely disadvantaged program, but had some winning seasons with those disadvantages, had years of coaching experience, maybe that would mean he could do a lot more with more. Riley also in theory you'd think would be a great CEO type coach. With that, since entering the Big Ten in 2011 Nebraska has not had a true sense of identity, it's just been floating out there not knowing which way to go, and when you don't have a understandable identity, you don't have a solid culture. This is what Frost truly inherited. He didn't inherit a 4-8 team from 2017. He inherited a program without an identity since 2011 that is still trying to navigate in their relatively new conference.
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    Ganz was there in 2009, NC. no doubt.
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    At this point I would take the paper 7-0 start like we had under Riley and some of Pelini's years. Where we won the games we were supposed to, but got pounded by any team with a pulse. So 7-0 falsified start to the season would be awesome, even though Ohio State may show up and beat us 62-7. But looking at that schedule I see 5 wins we should be looking for. Maybe we can beat Purdue giving us 6 wins. Cincy will be tough, don't like our chances in that one.
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    Man very depressing chart, I had wondered what the impact of the departing players has been, I'm guessing that the adjusted ranking is against everyone else adjusted ranking. This helps see why you need to give the coach time I would hope the departures stabilize as the staff and environment settle down.
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    If we are talking about lifesaving medicine, then I agree. If we are talking about elective abortion - than not.
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    To Brohm's comments, for whatever reason, it appears that other teams scout us way better than we scout them or we really have tells that are easy to see..... Maybe Frost can reach out to Urbs and have him "scout" our team as an analysts..... Our screen passes get sniffed out before the ball gets to the QB, several coached have mentioned ways to exploit the D, stifle Martinez etc.....My fear is we seem to have no counters to any of it. No exotic blitzes, no manufactured pressure, no counters/traps to slow an aggressive D, no quick slants, outs etc.....Really mind boggling IMHO. And to be out coached and out played by teams that we "out talent" is painful to watch.... Last year, Husker chalk talk showed a lot of setting up one play with another. This year they are MIA. Closed up shop or just madness and no method? (I know this is O related)
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    He said he really enjoyed being here for another visit. The loss really didn't bother him. Said he sees clear goals here and, if anything, it shows areas where we need help, particularly his position of OLB that can rush the passer. Plans to visit Wisconsin and Iowa State yet this fall. Doesn't have another visit scheduled here but says he'll be back again.
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    Pretty sure there is plenty of data that says 4 and 5 star recruits have a better chance of being successful college athletes and drafted.
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    Bold statement considering 2 of those guys aren't even on the team.
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    HAHAHA. Man that post from inside FSU is good. I am guessing Saban buy out is what like 50 million. The guy makes 10 mill a year.
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    I saw a graphic recently that said that KSU had zero 4 or 5 stars while Oklahoma had over 50. Not trying to bash on Scott, but scheme and coaching matter, too.
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    Yeeeah, gonna need a source there. And if you're building with 2 and 3 stars, you're going to be bad. You can find gems there, but if we're signing 25 of them a year and hoping we end up with 22 good starters 4-8 will be the norm forever. To clarify, a lot of 3 star and unrated players end up in the NFL. That's because the vast majority of recruits fall into that bucket. People have posted the numbers before, but the odds of a 5 star being good are much better than a 4 star, and much much better than a 3 star. But there are enough 3 stars that there are still a lot that do turn out, and the NFL doesn't care about your rating, they have all of you college development to look at as well.
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    247 mod said walk-on as well. It's a solid addition. We'll have a super star wide receiver room with Kade and this kid out there running the walk-on show.. In all honesty though, walk-ons seem like they are getting a mixed reaction from fans at this point. There's the crowd that thinks you can't build a contender if walk-ons are getting in the mix and the crowd that thinks you can find 1-2 diamonds in the rough and fill them into your depth chart when misses happen with scholarship players and contend. I'm in the 2nd group. There are a lot of teams I think that would love to have a guy like Kade Warner in the rotation for receiver. If nothing else, this kid helps because he can give a look in practice and give a good representation of speed we'll see in games. Welcome aboard kid!
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    But we Nebraska fans are eternal optimists
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    It’s the lbs and it’s really not even close.
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    I have no idea. Good point on Vedral. Maybe Vedral's "natural abilities" are more in line with Verduzco's methods? I have no idea. Just wish it was something that could be identified and fixed. Not just the sophomore jinx....He just seems timid and unsure. Playing "slow" and not to get hurt.
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    The clip is embedded in the corn nation article about the Purdue game. Not much in it that hasn't been said, but the INT slowed down to Frank Sinatra's Once in my Life is pretty good. https://www.cornnation.com/2019/11/3/20946293/report-card-purdue-boilermakers-31-huskers-27
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    I am worried that we might not beat Maryland now. I would bet that the team knows that Wisconsin and Iowa are going to beat the crap out of the Huskers. Win or lose against Maryland, there is no bowl game or future this year. Now we can look forward to next year. I don’t think that this team has enough pride or guts to do more than turn in the equipment and clean out their lockers. i cannot imagine that any top high school players want to join a bunch of back to back 4 win losers and coaches that are getting improvements.
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    As I've stated, I'm pro-life. However, I'm sick and tired of the political fight over it. I would prefer to, instead of trying to outlaw it, work to make it so they aren't needed. Then, on top of it, I find stuff like this baffling. Alabama is sitting here with some of the worst infant and child healthcare in the country. And.....instead of trying to figure out how to save those babies, they choose to fight the fight of outlawing abortions. Here's a novel idea. Why don't we fix healthcare so that babies don't die? FYI....Alabama is a state that did not expand medicaid.
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