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    If Frost has a worse year than this year in 2020 he will be gone. You are high as a kite if you think those results in year 3 are acceptable at any program.
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    Based on what we have seen the last two seasons, why is anyone thinking we will start 7-0 next season? Wishful thinking?
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    We are definitely under performing, but I don't think the talent composite tells the whole story because this team is so young. I saw the chart below on Facebook (I don't have access to the full article, but I think this is interesting). The talent on the top of our team is really poorly ranked compared to the rest of the country because of attrition. The highly ranked Freshmen and Sophomore classes help to bolster the overall team composite. I don't think this defends this season, we should be better, but this team has a major lack of experienced talent and these adjusted rankings fit our season ranking better.
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    That’s a funny article, that individual loves his hate for Dirk. Objectively Dirk may be a good writer, but he’s good at only writing someone else’s story because when he interjects his opinion then he becomes a classic sportswriter moron - he doesn’t know s#!t from shinola. After that 1620 breakfast the other month with him and the players from his 24th and Glory book, I found it comical when he was describing how lowly of a job (stockyards?) something was, but then the player stopped him mid-sentence to correct him, not about a simple nuance but about what the job meant to that person. My point, is how much does he interject from his position as a cozy sportswriter voice vs actually sharing the perspective from the subject of the story? The guy just doesn’t get it, but because he writes about husker football, fans flood for any new available content, so he’s got that going for him. Outside of Chris Heady and Jon Nyatawa, that sports department at OWH acts too big for their britches.
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    Based on what we have seen the past 2 years. Looking at the 2020 schedule I don't see a 100% win on the schedule. Maybe if the Rutgers game was @home I would give that 100% confidence in winning.
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    Never underestimate our fanbase and players' ability to forget how bad we actually are and quickly jump back into the world of unrealistic expectations solely based on the fact that we're Nebraska. If the team that starts next year isn't a big step up from this one currently, we'll be lucky to start 3-3. Purdue, Cincy and either Illinois or NW could easily beat us.
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    So it turns out that a 177% commitment is less than total.
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    Objectively, Dirk is a very talented writer. That's not really up for consideration. His motives... that's where he runs into trouble. A guy can have a brilliant crossover but still intrinsically be a bad guy. That's not a mutually exclusive thing. Thing is, we have great examples of fantastic writers, statistics nerds, photographers and recruiting gurus here in Husker Land. They just all happen to magically MYSTERIOUSLY congregate at Hail Varsity. SUPER WEIRD, innit?
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    10-2 looks pretty good right now....come to think of it, always has....minus our gold strike in the 90s. If i was Bo, i probably would have reacted similarly. Dirk, Eichorst, and Pearlman were douches, and treated Bo unfairly. I think any true Husker would enjoy a tussle with Eichorst and Pearlman. 2 of the purest forms of douché.
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    Sometimes something so unique and pure pops up on Twitter. It makes following other Husker Fans so much fun. This guy started building Memorial Stadium out of paper. He chose the size by what would fit in his file cabinet drawer. That's basically it. But along the way, as he posted his progress, he included tons of great historic tidbits about the team and the stadium. Just a fun little journey through Husker history. This Husker fan spent 12 weeks building a Memorial Stadium replica out of paper You'd be hard-pressed to squeeze 90,000 Husker fans into this Memorial Stadium. But you'll still spot concession stands, restrooms, a scoreboard and statues of former Husker greats. It's just scaled down. And made entirely of paper products. David Ashby, who goes by Trey to family and friends, spent nearly three months reproducing the tiniest details of Memorial Stadium into a paper replica. The Papillion man wrapped up the project this week. Ashby, 30, said he's always been interested in stadiums. He held onto a binder full of his junior high drawings of different stadiums. In recent years, he's toyed around with building stadiums he designed out of paper.
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    And then during the off-season, we can all talk about how we’ll win 10 games next year.
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    I think we gave Frost a lot of credit for turning last year's 0-6 talent into 4-2 talent to end the season. We all saw the development. That's where the optimism and pre-season rankings came from. That's why Frost's 4-8 felt different from Riley's 4-8. And that's why this year's 4-5 is such a gut punch.
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    No problem. I understand your points but I’m done believing any aspect of this team will improve until I see the actual improvement...on the field....in an actual game that counts. My predictions really have very little to do with whatever our opponents may put on the field. We’ve proven time and time again that we are more than capable of beating ourselves against lesser opponents and how good the other team is really has no bearing on our winning or losing. I mean we just lost back to back games against Indiana and Purdue so the opponent being bad or down or losing some key players doesn’t seem to be very pertinent. We’ll beat other teams when we’re capable of beating other teams. “Until we can’t be beat, won’t be beat” Until then I’m going to expect we’re the same team we’ve been for 18 years and that we’ll keep inventing ways to defeat ourselves. As far as your hypothetical, that we magically transform mid/late season into a team we have shown absolutely no signs of becoming......makes it pretty tough to entertain that remote possibility.
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    Someday we'll have to stop using Mike Riley as an excuse for Frost's failures. It's been two years, most all of those players are gone, and Mike Riley isn't the most negatively powerful influence of a previous coach in the history of college football. The way some people use him to excuse Frost's growing pains paints him out to be some warlock who cast magic spells and curses of laziness and incompetence over every square foot of campus.
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    I honestly think if you give this team some confidence, even "fake" "lucky" confidence, that will go a long way to the result we want. This team needs to feel what it's like to win a few games in a row. Fun fact: we have yet to win more than 2 games in a row under HCSF. I'll take 6-0 against the s#!ttiest teams, idc. Let this team get a feel for what winning should feel like.
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    That sentiment is misguided. Bo did do some frustrating things (ie - hat swing, challenging admins to keep him, etc.) but it was clear that the administration didn't support him and many in the media were riling up the average fan at every turn. He didn't owe anything more to the fans, let alone licking boots. He did make the conference title game in three of his seven years. Yes, I know we lost those but I believe it was only a matter of time before the cards starting falling our way. Please remember that 2014 would have had a Junior class including: Armstong, Westerkamp, Bando, Gerry, B.Reilly, Collins & Valentine. The latter two likely stay for '15 with Bo & Kaz and the team stays in the top 15 range. In short, we were primed for a good run. Bo was brash, aggressive and could be a d*ck sometimes, but the guy was a winner and got his team to play for one another.
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    We seriously need a few guards in this class! He is a powerfully built kid.
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    Yep. As simple as the title reads. Nebraska will beat Maryland and Iowa and get to a bowl. GO BIG RED!
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    Frost isn't getting fired. Even though I have faith Frost starts getting this thing turned around and we wont have those nightmarish seasons we think could happen, he signed a 7 year contract and I think even if we stay rutted with at best mediocrity he gets those 7 years. Which is the way it should be, if Frost can't turn this thing around, no one will be able to and I firmly believe that. Even though this is such a frustrating season, we have a Nebraskan at the helm, a former player at the helm and a true Cornhusker at the helm. We as fans can type out our talk about our frustrations and disappointment, but it is reassuring to know no matter how frustrated we are and how upset we may become, we have a head coach who this means more to than any of us fans. Whatever frustrations we feel as fans, Frost is feeling those 100x more. It isn't just coach speak for him, this isn't just some outsider coach who is getting paid handsomely and giving us "coach" talk to extend his time at UNL. This actually means something to Frost, certainly more than any other coach in the country that would be at Nebraska. Tough times, no doubt, but for all the talking of breaking "curses" around Nebraska football, maybe to break the curse is truly being patient this time. Yes we've been told to be patient for the last 18 years, and we are all sick and tired of being told to be patient because it has never panned out with positive results, we keep waiting. But Nebraska football/administration hasn't really been patient themselves.
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    I know I drink way too much kool-aid, but yall are depressing. Year 3 revealed the problems Riley created. I believe year 3 will finally show the progress Frost has made.
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    So much this. In my opinion, coaching cost last year's team 2-3 games, easily. Yet, it was largely attributed to the losing culture created by Riley and his staff. Despite how bad Riley sucked...the 2018 team could have (and probably should have) made a bowl game. It hasn't been kosher to criticize Frost until relatively recently. But damn, this is on him. People want to blame the assistants, and they may be bad, but Frost hired them and it's his offense has been inconsistent garbage all year.
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    Bin-freaking-go We lost to a 2-6 Purdue team. Without their best player. With their 3rd string QB carving us up. That’s not Mike Riley’s fault. That is 100% on our staff.
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    Frost & Walters will be at his game friday.
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    I believe that that number is around 75% of the top 500 rated recruits signed in December that last 2 years. (someone feel free to prove me wrong as I am going off memory) Last year in December Nebraska signed 24 (counting NPG who signed but it wasn't made public). Additions to that were: Mills (January) Houston (signed in February) Green (April) Bland (Never signed???) So technically we only signed 1 additional player in February.
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    Based even remotely on what this team has done these last two seasons, I’m thinking we’ll be lucky to start 5-2 with 4-3 very likely. That back end looks to be 1-4 or 0-5. Absolute best case we start 6-1 and end up 7-5 but more than likely once again on the wrong side of the bubble of bowl eligibility at 6-6 or 5-7 or our trademark 4-8. It’s gonna take copious amounts of off season Kool-Aid to get me thinking things could possibly be better than that. Problem is I don’t believe any amount of sunshine pumping can begin to affect me ever again. Its been proven that the BS that comes out of practices and the off season is basically lies. It’s pretty simple, I’ll believe we suck until we actually don’t suck.
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    No disrespect to Indiana of course.....
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    False. Riley walked into a winning team with experienced upperclassmen that found ways to win, expected to win. Frost walked into the opposite culture with a general sense of accepting losses.
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    Don’t sleep on SDSU. Currently #4 in FCS with 2 losses, Minnesota (who they took the wire) and NDSU.
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    Counter point, when we go undefeated in 2020 that's a playoff worthy schedule!
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    'Why did Sondland change his testimony?' I don't know maybe he didn't want to go to jail for perjury?
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    Jokes are funny. Your post sucks, ergo not funny. Fin.
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    This post reads like the football version of the Notebook..
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    I'm so tired of people saying this team needs to get more talent. Yes, every team needs more talent, but not to beat Indiana and Purdue. Nebraska has more talent at the starting positions than either of these teams. Scheme and coaching matter
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    Nobody believed the title anyway so
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    I’ve had numerous varieties of red chili but this recipe is far and away my favorite and it is simple to prepare. Ingredients 1- 46oz can tomato juice 2- 15oz cans petite diced tomatoes 2- 5oz cans Kuners Hot Chili Beans 1 Lb. Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage 1 Lb. Ground Beef 80% to 93% lean (none of that 73% stuff) or Ground Buffalo/Venison/Elk 8 to 12ozs Grilled Steak like Ribeye or Strip (the steak is optional) 1 large sweet onion, Maui or Walla Walla, chopped/diced (or yellow onion) 1 Green bell pepper chopped/diced 2 or 3 medium to large Jalapeño peppers chopped/diced & seeds removed 1 med to large Jalapeño pepper sliced and cut in half (leave the seeds and membranes in this one for some heat) 2 pkgs French’s Chili-O seasoning 1 to 2 tsps dry mustard 1 to 2 tsps Red pepper flakes to taste/heat a few dashes of Tabasco (optional) Pour tomato juice, diced tomatoes and canned beans into crockpot set on high. Brown sausage and ground beef and drain. Return meat to skillet and add the 2 pkgs of Chili-O seasoning to meat. Stir/Mix well and let the seasoning cook in to the meat a bit. Dump the seasoned meat into the crockpot. If adding steak, cut the grilled steak into smaller than bite sized pieces and put in the pot. Add the onion, peppers, dry mustard and red pepper flakes to the crockpot. Cook on high for about an hour then reduce to a lower temp. The chili is best after it has simmered for awhile and especially after it has been cooled and reheated. I wouldn’t worry about getting brand name canned items. Some of my best batches have been using whatever was on sale or the store brand. The one exception would be the steak. Use a high quality medium rare grilled steak or none at all. I prefer it made with buffalo or venison but it’s also good with ground beef. I’m not a big bean fan but I do like the pinto beans in chili sauce. If you like red kidney beans you could probably add some but I hate them and never use them. I heard somewhere that the dry mustard helps prevent farts (the jury is still out on that) but I do like the slight tweak to the flavor it contributes. Serve plain or add some cheddar cheese and or crackers. When you get tired of bowls of chili then it’s time for chili dogs with extra diced onion.
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    Frost will be here until he chooses to leave.
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    He didn't suck bad enough to give Frost an excuse to be facing down another losing season late into year two.
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    So we've reached this point in the season, huh? Predicting wins and losses at this point is absurd. Injuries, departures, freshmen/transfers are impossible to account for at this point. None of these teams (including us) will be the same next year, so we're just randomly guessing. Outside of Ohio State, they will probably crush us no matter what. One example, Iowa - they're better than us right now, but they're still a bad offense. They will lose their 3 year starter QB and a handful of other starters.They could also lose 2 first round OTs, their first round DE, and their best DB - in that case the team is gutted and I think we should win. If all of those juniors stay, it's a different story. Although I still expect their offense to regress even further without Stanley, and they're already very bad.
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    And there it is. Many have been saying attrition has been killing us but these numbers illustrate how bad it really is. 100th in 2017 is brutal, 2018 not looking much better. Luckily the 2019 class seems to be panning out much better than recent classes
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    I think this is a good example. Our DE, Khalil I think, makes a good play to help slow down the RB. The DL can make plays in the 3-4, it's just not always their primary responsibility. For example, on this play Daniel's eats up two blockers as part of a double team which should free up one of our MLB to make a play. However, the LB in this play (I don't know his gap responsibility, but seems like it should be on the backside) runs into the double team and takes himself out of the play. Maybe the safety needs to crash down harder, not sure. However, I think this is a good example of our DL doing their job well and our LBs/run support being completely missing on the play.
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    This discussion is frustrating. Yes, there are fans who every time there's a walk-on that starts, they rant and rave about how bad things must be if a "walk-on is starting". Like, it's some disgusting situation and complete failure of the program. I remember having discussions on here when Spencer Long was starting with people claiming we suck because we have walk-ons starting on the O line. Well.....really? Our O line might not have been great, but he was the best O lineman probably on that line. The issue wasn't him. The issue is that the walk-on program is a great way for us to cycle through a lot of kids that previously wouldn't have a chance to play at UNL. Every once in a while, they find a diamond in the rough that contributes and some even play professionally. What is wrong with this? Why do people get upset about it? Now, going to the other extreme, if you have nothing but walk-ons, you aren't going to have a very good team because the averages aren't there that enough of them are going to be good players. This entire walk-on discussion gets old.
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    But yet you’re upset over a guy in a down ticket position with a troubled past being elected while the leader of the free world gets a .....meh, no big deal ....when he thinks his own daughter is a hot piece of a$$.
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    This Stadium is to small how are the players going to get in there.
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    He makes a good case for Dirk being obsessed with Bo. The notion that Bo was always looking for a new job seems like it has become common knowledge. It would be scary if it was mostly fiction created by Dirk.
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    Great points. We need some linebackers....if anyone watches tape, its clear our DL is NOT the problem. Our LBs flat out suck. We may have the worst set of LBs in power 5 football. Probably worse than many FCS teams even. Edit: Im not sure how good our 2nd string safeties are, but i would have seriously considered playing a 4-2-5, or a 3-0-8 for that matter. 3 or 4 DL, and a bunch of safeties/corners....just take our LBs off the field please.
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    True - but in the 4th quarter, with the game on the line, against a 3rd-string former walk-on QB, they should be able to get a stop. Instead, they made him look like Drew Brees.
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