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    There is Verduzco with his cigar?
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    My favorite play from the Riley era is when Moos fired him.that was sweeeeeet
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    I mean, you can make the argument that DJ Durkin killed a guy.
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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    Going 1600 miles away into a state that currently has two Top 15 teams and getting one of the best players - THE best according to 247 - to commit 20 days after you offered him. That'll do
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    There is no controversy. Vedral is a great BACKUP, but we have our guy in Martinez.
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    Don't be that guy.... The fan base is the only thing that kept this program anywhere close to relevance the past 18 years....
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    The first 3 pages of this thread gave me cancer. I’m so glad we have all these legal experts and people who know exactly what transpired and when. And thank God for the level of disgust and judgement shown for the actions of a teenager. Winner winner chicken dinner for those showing the most contempt and outrage. You’re better than everyone else. That seems to be what some are trying to display. Excuse me while I go puke.
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    I got confirmation from the developer that Xenforo may not have that feature so I have cancelled the conversion for now. The site will remain on the current platform.
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    Once again your assumptions are wrong. In fact I do have season tickets this year. Can I ask a serious question. Why do you hang out and post on a Husker fan message board when you absolutely never have anything positive to say about the program? Is it solely to defend the legacy of Bo Pelini, because that is the only time I ever have seen you say anything remotely positive concerning anyone or anything connected to Husker football. Speaking for myself, I find it highly annoying and it appears to be a very sad existence.
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    Listen. Even if charges aren't filed against him, he is a very low character guy sending the video to the girl. That alone should be enough to have him off the team.
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    Best of luck to the young man. Gotta move on.
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    By TL you mean... Tyjon Lindsey? Boy do I have some news for you.
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    I didn't put 20 minutes into this every Saturday night for someone to come in saying "HAY GAIS WE WENT 5-7 ONCE AND I'M GONNA IGNORE THE RULES EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE'S TELLING ME WE ARE INELIGIBIBLE AND WE'RE GOING TO A BOWL 'CAUSE THEY LYK US" without bothering to even read any of it at all and then arguing with everyone and I'm certainly not going to explain when it's all here.
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    Frost said it best in the Illinois post game. He has the evidence to prove a majority of calls go against the Corn Huskers. This conference has made us house rich, but at what cost?? To turn our weekends into a fun get together to drink and watch us get our asses kicked?? Absolute incompetent officiating, rigged schedules, and worst of all absolute boring traditions and teams. The leadership at the University pissed our traditions down the drain, and worst of all cut our lifeline off to the massive population of the south. Texas kids accounted for a large part of the roster and kept our heads above water for a long time. Was playing in the world's nicest stadium for a title game that bad?? The honey moon is long over, it's time to go back. and I'm sorry to any of you too young to not remember the vastly superior story lines we had within the big 12. Cheers I won't log in again.
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    Ok check it out I signed up for lessons, and sent this, also have the response email. The text I sent read this: I am an absolute beast from the midwest. You want to Phillip Rivers 2.9 you have found your man. I have broken receivers hands with my howitzer arm. This thing should be labeled a weapon of mass destruction. I just want to see if you can even come close to matching these moon shots. Only reason I didn't go pro is because I don't need anyone telling me how to launch the rock. I'm a men among boys sir, this thing is trained, maintained, lifted and crafted by the best arm strength coach in the world, me. I can't even play catch at the tailgates because people can't hold their beer while I rifle spirals across the lot. This beast should be caged but I might take it out to eat for an hour, just to see if you can hang. Email response: Thanks for following QBLesson.com. Here is what I want you to do: 1. Go to store and get 3 gallons of Vitamin D milk - I know that the Main Stream Media Illuminati wants you to think that the tariff war is raising prices on everything. But milk is actually $1.69/Gallon. And Justin Trudeau once had his eyebrows fall off during an interview. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHLn_DXiwrs 2. Drink all 3 of these gallons of milk before & within 2 days of our quarterback lesson 3. It has to be white milk, not chocolate milk 4. I want you to be prepared for the following. I will most likely warm up with you to get my goose loose. Then I will motion for you to run some kind of deeper route. And you will trot another 10-20 yards, and I will throw it way better than you ever expected. Nervousness will start to rise up in your throat. But its okay. Just listen to your apple watch, and take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. 5. Okay, so you're going to throw it back to me, and realize that I don't move. At all. I don't pretend to run any routes for you. I just stand there, wait for the ball, that will probably hit someone 10 yards in front of me. Because you can't throw as good as me. 6. It will bounce my way, and I will pick it up. To which I will motion for you to run another route. This time further. Until you realize that you are roughly 40-50 yards away. And its starting to get a little more serious than you thought. 7. At this point I will throw the ball 60 or 70 yards, and most likely 10 yards past you being able to catch it. Because I am trying to tell you to go further, and for some reason you don't believe me. But you do now. Because dear god I have never in my entire life seen an arm like this. 8. You wont be able to throw it back, but don't try to punt it either because I hate kickers. and that is the fastest way to never throw with me ever again. So just do you best to throw it. Again, Keeping in mind I don't like to move that much. Maybe in a radius of 10 yards around my throwing area. I am not the dog fetching balls in this situation. You are. 9. The rest of the throwing session will be just me motioning you to various places on the field, you running, and me throwing passes very hard, really dead seriously accurate and hard, and the football making noise because the laces are trying to breathe, because the football is so scared about how high I threw it this time, and the actual football is having a panic attack, as it comes crashing down back to earth, to cave your sternum in, because you were not able to catch it, with your hands, I am assuming here, because its just too professional of a throw, and you have no idea that I was actually this talented. and that combination of events. 10. So after an entire 1 hour straight of me just wearing your a$$ out throwing passes for you to drop out on the football field. Barely letting you get water breaks, because I don't need breaks. And I just keep saying 1 more. 1 more bro.1 more. The lesson will be finished. And you'll go to hand me $40 dollars. And I will accept it. And go home. Make America Great Again!, Go Deep!, Thanks man, H
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    This absolutely cannot be a real tradition 1) Traditions only exist for 1 1/2 years. 2) It is NOT internationally known. 3) Nobody waved
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    Here's a test for those who think the left is acting unhinged: Donald Trump wins the popular vote. But Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency thanks to the electoral college. Every U.S. intelligence agency confirms that Russia meddled in the U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Vladimir Putin clearly believed that Hillary Clinton would be better for Russia. Hillary Clinton responds by firing the FBI director and undermining her own intelligence community. She stands next to Vladimir Putin, assuring the world she believes Putin's word over the consensus of American intelligence. She tells us every criticism of her is Fake News. Her supporters tell you to move on. She won. Get over it. Hillary Clinton appoints Chelsea and that husband you know nothing about to key government positions. Hillary faces well-documented cases of financial fraud and refuses to release her tax returns. She takes credit for things that actually happened under the Bush administration. She has uttered more than 4,000 categorical lies since taking office. She goes to the hair salon constantly, and plays croquet every weekend, charging the secret service to stay at the resort she owns: Rodham-a-go-go. She puts in little of the hard work, but stays up late taking potshots at Ted Nugent on Twitter. She either ignores her inner circle of advisers, or fires them, resulting in an unprecedented turnover of staff. Then you notice she is pulling every lever she can to subvert the Constitution, gain executive power, and shield herself from prosecution. Also, everything you thought you knew about Hillary's politics was an understatement. Her policies and appointments are even worse than you feared. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz as Secretary of Labor? Are you s#!tting me? Her position on Israel appears to be based on Christian End Times prophecies. She give Kim Jung Un the photo op his family has always dreamed of. Everything wrong is someone else's fault. Not Hillary's. If she didn't deserve all this power, why is there an arena full of Hillary supporters in Westchester chanting "lock him up!"? So as a Republican, would you say: well, I don't agree with her, but Hillary is our duly elected President. I'll tone down my rhetoric and just see where she leads America for the next 8 years."
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    The snaps are NOT improved. 2AM saved a couple of them from sailing past him, including on one of Wan'Dale's touchdowns.
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    I have not seen one single person on this board condone Maurice's alleged actions or void them of condemnation, so it's time to cut the nonsense and pious tone of your posts. You shared your opinion. It has been debated/contradicted. Either expound upon your argument without the quips and feathery insults or move on from the thread, please.
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    Nebraska fans on February 7th
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    We built speed city on Frost and Duval
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    Forget the record. This team has made me (and, I think, most of the State of Nebraska - and those whose hearts are still here) proud of this program again. They’ve done it not with swagger or false bravado, but with “old-fashioned” values like humility, putting TEAM ahead of individuals, along with Hard Work and (perhaps above all) relentless perseverance. I hear those things from every coach and every player interview (most recently, Sipple’s article on Ozigbo). I felt this season would be a success if I ONLY saw EFFORT on the field. If I ONLY saw a team playing for 60 minutes. If I ONLY saw hope for the future. I’ve seen MUCH MORE than that. I can feel that the culture has changed (and yes, that process has only begun and will continue). I feel that everything is pulling in the same direction, and am grateful for a process that effectively, and Nebraska-Nicely, EJECTED players who could not (or would not) fit the new (old) culture. Regardless of how the last two games turn out, this entire team (from the AD down to the Rudy-est walk-on in the program) can take pride in the EPIC TURNAROUND that has already captured the nation’s attention. A special thanks to the Seniors who can take pride in laying their own “blocks in the foundation” (some literally, pardon the pun) of the Big Red Revival. It’s a great time to be a Cornhusker fan again, regardless of the won/loss record this year. GO BIG RED
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    We're eight games into the first season of a new head coach and we're being asked if the old WR coach was better, but, we're not allowed to include JD or Stanley because of some arbitrary whim that they're naturally gifted athletes and somehow don't count. JD already has more TDs than last year and is on pace to have more yards. Stanley should finish about where he was last year in terms of TD's (10) and total yards (just under 1,000). They're also doing this with a true freshman QB who is throwing an average of six fewer passes per game compared to a senior last year in Tanner Lee. I feel pretty good about where they're at overall.
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    If NU doesn’t make the mistakes it did today, NU wins by 17-21. Yes the mistakes matter, but there is the potential there.
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    This feels like Andrew Luck's premature retirement all over again. I mean, I've had a young family for years now, and managed to waste hundreds of hours on HuskerBoard. I hate to call Blackshirt "soft" but.... Seriously, thanks. Great board and good luck.
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    Sometimes I wonder if snitches no longer even get stitches.
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    Yep, he ate Cory Ross.
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    They might be perfectly fit for Kentucky then
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    The last 4 years, Nebraska averaged the 22nd best recruiting classes (247). While there has been a high attrition rate, we have recruited at levels higher than 2/3 of the Big Ten. Iowa, the 14 ranked team in the country, averaged the 42nd. They have been much better than us in that span and it has more to do with having an identity than strong recruiting. Also, Colorado averaged the 50th best class over the last 4 years and beat us both times and currently have a first year head coach. People need to stop using the recruiting excuse. Yes, teams like OSU will generally beat the Nebraska’s of the world, but it doesn’t have to be a beat down like today. Nebraska has some coaching issues and a mentality problem.
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    There will be a huge group of recruits, Game Day, a marquee top ten opponent, a night game... Should be one hell of a day in Lincoln win or lose.
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    Its embarrassing people jump to the conclusion that this is about money. It's his hometown school, 30 minutes away from him with a lot of friends and family there. The same people who say this has to do with $$$ are the same that would take this kid in a second.
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