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    If he were my son I would tell him to go to Oklahoma
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    Gebbia is by all accounts a great kid, a talented quarterback, and a leader on the team. He may be the hardest worker on the roster and poured his heart and soul into winning the job. He’s also a young man who’s just been told that despite all that work, sweat, drive, and leadership, it just wasn’t enough. So he’ll have to watch someone else lead the team this fall. It’s hard to imagine how hard that would be. Cut Gebbia some slack. He’s earned it.
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    If he were my son, I'd tell him to stop listening to Mike Riley.
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    Lee, why did you vote for Michigan for the AP title in 1997 when they had played a worse schedule than Nebraska, eked out a lackluster, asterisked win over a weak #8 Washington State team featuring Ryan Leaf and a cast of nobodies, and after Nebraska had DECISIVELY trounced a #3 Tennessee team featuring Peyton Manning and a cast of future NFL players? FOLLOW-UP: Lee, how many times did you rank Michigan #1 in the final AP ballot in the 1990s? Lee, why do you have such thin skin that you block anyone who disagrees with you on Twitter? FOLLOW-UP: Lee, how does your "block them all" attitude correspond to your employer's desperate pleas for more online subscribers, and do you personally see any conflict with those two positions?
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    Best win: getting Frost. /end thread.
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    Coach Reggie Davis: It is tough to get complete backs to commit to DONU. Coach Held: Hold my beer! Dude is doing work. Completely changing that RB room in a hurry. Lots of speed and versatility seen from the guys they have targetted. Looks like Frost and Co. are serious about wanting to be able to run the football.
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    Michigan did not win a national championship in 1997. They won the Pac-10/Big Ten intramural trophy.
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    Maybe Riley recommended that he go to Oklahama.
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    No, you are not accurately describing it. You are sensationalizing to fit your agenda. He didn't "cloak[ed] himself in Husker Red to promote his opinion." He went to speak on a topic. He was caught somewhat off-guard when asked to give his address and, after hesitating, replied with "One Memorial Stadium". It is equally possible and probably more likely that he had to make a snap decision about giving his home address where - being a local celebrity of sorts - he - and his family - could easily become a target for retaliation and opted for a different answer. You have nothing to indicate that his intention in doing that was to use his position as a bully pulpit. And he apologized for doing that. Had he actually gone into saying "I'm Husker coach Ron Brown" or something along those lines, that would be be 'cloaking himself in Husker Red' and his following apology would be less meaningful. But that's not what happened, only how it's being presented.
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    Damn it, Mike Riley and co. even turned our media into soft marshmallows.
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    These are our students with severe and profound disabilities at Burke. We call them our Rockstars. This makes me proud to be a Nebraskan. He didn't have to stop by here, had nothing to do with the reason he was at Burke. He just went out of his way to stop in and say hi.
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    Eh, I think we'll score a touchdown sometime in the next 30 years so I'd take this bet.
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    2020 headline - Nebraska's Maurice Washington sets all-time NCAA single-game rushing record with 527 yards against Buckeye defense
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    I love how fans treat these kids differently than they'd treat the same scenario in the free market. If a big promotion came around at work that you and one other very qualified employee were fighting for and he got it and not you, nobody would spite you for weighing better options with a different company. You make the decisions that put yourself in the best position to be successful. The same concepts surely apply to talented young collegiate athletes.
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    Crouch's head nearly ripped off, but no facemask call
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    The entire Texas A&M game. You know the one.
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    BREAKING FROM GOOGLE --- big, if true
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    How many more felonies do we need to get back to championship level? Frost gets it!
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    I think you're all missing something very important. Check out what I found when I zoomed in on Held's hand:
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