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    By TL you mean... Tyjon Lindsey? Boy do I have some news for you.
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    Brief update this morning. Apparently the mortgage firm his mom works for has a branch in Lincoln so he made it sound like she could move to Lincoln and have a job. He was also asked if he was a Sun Devil fan growing up. His response: "growing up they had Todd Graham, so I didn't really like the program that much." He did not secretly sign with a school in December.
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    Trump took the Republican party hostage and snuck in the back door to usurp and take over, but every GOP member in the three branches of government has actively remained a GOP member for the last two years as their party and platform have become Trump's party and platform. They've stayed on the train for their own self interest. What they did before isn't really relevant. If they believe in conservative principles that's even more damning evidence of their culpability with Trump and even more gives proof that what they really care about is power, not a conservative ideology. People like Evan McMullin have walked the walk of their talk of true conservatism.
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    Usually pretty spot on with my husker predictions- not so much this year what I was wrong about: didnt think ozigbo would ever see the field because he used to not be able to run zone worth a darn and too slow didnt think Washington would ever make it to fall camp as eligible Didn’t think we would have so many untimely penalties thought our special teams would be vastly improved/ they were bad early saw some good progress had as us on 6 wins didnt think our guys would be able to compete against Ohio state love the direction and improvement- hes definately got our team moving in right direction
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    No, that's not what that thread of tweets said, although sure there are probably some people that believe that. The point is not "if you support conservative policies you are an enabler." It's that, Trump is the reflection of the constituents they are seeking votes from even now, and republican voters support him and his policies at like 90%. When they look in the mirror as a republican lawmaker they should see his ugly mug staring back at them, he's everything they've been dog whistling for 50 years to get support come to pass. He is the right wing narcissistic policies embodied and put into practice. The point was, when your party base is Donald Trump, by design (because the party built it that way since Nixon) you cant lament for the good old days, because those "good old days" were window dressing covering up all the "Donald Trumps" just under the surface. There is no "principled moral republican party" it doesn't exist, and maybe it never did, but it certainly hasn't since at least the dawn of the southern strategy and Nixon secretly extending the Vietnam war. So its time to stop pretending if you are Mitt Romney or any Republican lawmaker that wants to claim some sort of moral high ground, and if they aren't pretending then they're fools maybe for buying into it in the first place, but certainly for trying to claim it now.
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    I'm in agreement wt BRB on this. I HATE the way conservationism has become tied to Trumpism. There are times as the Romney oped notes where Trump is correct on the issues - I attribute this to any adults in the room and not any core beliefs / values from Trump himself - he has none but 'whatever benefits me, is good policy'.
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    All talk, zero action. Or, for the Texass fans that happen to drunkenly stumble over to our site, all hat, no cattle. Until Romney takes action to rally the few remaining sane, moderate Republicans (in what is otherwise a party hijacked by religious fanaticism and catering to the LCD among their supporters), then this *is* the easy way out. Romey gets to stand up in a couple of years and say 'hey, I wrote a scathing editorial about Trump' and claims he did something...when in actuality all he has done is put into print what we've known for some time and little else. Romney has to stoke the fires within his own party for Trump's removal for this to mean anything--calling friends, starting a movement within the GOP to kick out Trump and the Tea Party/MAGA vermin that have infested it. Reset the GOP to the Eisenhower days (sans homophobia and racism), and you'd have a moderate party that would capture the election in a heartbeat.
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    Without getting into the results of the Trump Tax Cut (you know, the one that was supposed to benefit workers and the stock market), there is more than just voting in Republican lock-step. There are also Congressional oversight duties that have been abdicated, or even worse, used to conceal/defend Trump. After two-years of confirming Trump's grossly unqualified nominations, Flake feigned leverage as a lame duck to protect Mueller. (We still don't have legislation protecting Mueller).
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    Saban is the best coach in the history of major college football.
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    IT JUST MEANS MORE ........ except when we don't care that it does.
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    I don't think Miles is the main reason for a KU visit. Emmett Jones the new KU WR coach was coaching at South Oak Cliff HS then TT. That seems to be the relationship of note.
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    To this day I don't think LP should have been reinstated.
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    No we don't. No we don't.
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    Like Osborne often wasn't the best coach in the stadium when he lined up against Switzer? Sure if you want to equally compare a first year head coach at a nothing, no history program going up against a coach in his 23rd season of building a giant elite machine. Then yeah, okay, whatever, Tom Osborne beat him once. Actually, comparatively, at least in the first 4-6 years or so of their respective careers, Tom did less with more. He took over a program that was already an elite dynasty and kept it rolling along at a somewhat lower level. Saban took over a dumpster fire and turned it into a juggernaut. Two different times, actually. When did Tom Osborne coach somewhere he didn't have a great chance of winning almost every single game? What adversity did he ever coach through with a lack of advantages? The answer is none. lol I think you're the one that's actually using that sort of simplistic definition. I am not. Tom Osborne career record coaching at a blue blood program - 25 years, 255-49-3, .836 Win% - 13 conference championships (one every 1.92 years average), 3 national championships (one every 8.33 years average) Nick Saban career record coaching at a blue blood program - 12 years, 141-20, .876 Win% - 6 conference championships (one every 2 years average), 5 national championships (one every 2.4 years average) If Bama wins the championship Monday, they'll have gone 68-5 with three championships over the last 5 years. Pretty on par with the best run in the history of football when we went 60-3 with three championships. Except he did that right after going 60-7 with three more championships the 5 years before that.
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    I wonder why the republicans disrespect the military so much. And yet yet they support a draft dodger with bone spurs. Happy New Year.
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    You know how good poets can take a complex idea and reduce it to a couple of beautiful words and still get the point across? OP is the opposite of that.
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    Where does "Trojan Insider" fall on the list of unfortunate names?
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    Hard to believe this guy is president.
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    Mad props for bringing up this super important point again. I especially love the part where you wrote 1000 words to get your point across.
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    Since you can't stockpile players to keep them from playing against you anymore due to scholarship limits, Sabin is now stockpiling coaches so they can't coach against him
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    I would appreciate it If you would stop using facts to disprove my arguments.
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