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    Apparently Holmes and Watson was so bad Coach Devaney returned from the dead to warn us.
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    People are blowing his arrest warrant way out of proportion. He didn’t pay a speeding ticket. It’s not a big deal. It’s not like he hit a woman or was drunk driving.
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    If anyone watched the CFP and came away thinking that Frost and Nebraska will get there and look competitive with any form of regularity recruiting classes in the mid-20', step away from the bong.
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    Partially correct and I have posted on this before. I am in agreement that this is a must have in our future to compete for national titles AND league titles. This year Clemson is at #4 nationally in total defense while Bama is #10. I have a feeling Bama loses this one but the Clemson QB while good, is young. (Syracuse game etc..) Also, Nick Saban has yet to win a MNC with a defese ranked higher than #3 in total defense (this year so far Bama is ranked #10 in total d). Here is the list going of teams that won the MNC since 1998 and their final total defense ranking: (stats from ncaa.org) 2017 - Alabama #1 2016 - Clemson #4 2015 - Alabama #3 2014 - Ohio State #19 2013 - Florida State #3 2012 - Alabama #1 2011 - Alabama #1 2010 - Auburn #60 2009 - Alabama #2 2008 - Florida #9 2007 - LSU #3 2006 - Florida #6 2005 - Texas #9 2004 - USC #6 2003 - LSU (#1) / USC (#30) 2002 - Ohio State #23 2001 - Miami #6 2000 - Oklahoma #8 1999 - Florida State #19 1998 - Tennessee #17 6 teams in the last 20 years have won MNC's with a non-top 10 defense. Most of those teams were still in the top 25-30 and had killer offenses (i.e. 14 tOSU, Auburn 2010, and 03 USC). Auburn had Cam N. in 2010 who was a complete freak of nature (think Vince Young^2) and made up for their #60 ranking (although they did hold Oregon to 19 pts in the MNCG). For fun here is NU's total defense for all 5 NC's: 1970 Coundnt find 1971 Couldnt find 1994 #5 1995 #13??? yikes (KSU was #1) 1997 #5 The way I see it is this: with Frost we will always have a dynamic offense that plays up-tempo and can put up 30-40 a game easily; heck we are doing it now with only a year of recruiting. That being said I think we need to at the very least field a top 25 defense to contend for the B1G and MNC. Watching OU play Bama last night it was obvious why Saban has so many MNC's: he knows how to field a solid defense year in and year out (his average total defense ranking when he wins a MNC is ~1.74). I think top 25 total d should be an easy/realizable goal for the coaching staff. There could be unique challenges given that the defense will practice with our offense and could leave them vulnerable to power running teams/pro style offenses. For those hating on Michigan's D in their bowl game I have a suspiscion that Harbaugh is part of the problem; his seat is hot af right now. I know Venables is an OU/KSU guy, and we got Chin..but wouldn't it be nice to poach him from Clemson??? Feel free to discuss.
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    I actually thought they did a pretty tremendous job fleshing out characters and providing character arcs and beats for most of the key players. They gave Thanos an at least passable motivation to serve as a sort of moral dilemma. Kept hitting father/mentor/legacy beats with Tony Stark and his relationship to Peter Parker coinciding with his struggles or burden of leadership and sacrifice. Even the alpha male competition dichotomy (and later trichotomy) with Stark/Strange/Star Lord was entertaining, mostly because the interactions and the plot progression were centered in each character. There were decent juxtapositions of the large stakes of Thanos wiping out half the universe with the smaller stakes of things like Scarlet Witch trying to save the mandroid she loves. I could go on and on, but at the end of the day, this is much more like jumping into Season 3 Episode 16 of a non-serialized TV series more than it is jumping into a movie. Its biggest strength is also it's biggest weakness, which is that the movie doesn't need to spend time on certain foundational work because 18 films before it already have. I thought the Russo brothers did a mostly great job, though.
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    I agree , still blowing off court not exactly a brilliant move.
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    Patience In 100 yrs of global warming the south will be under water and we will be the sun belt Do I need this?
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    Amazing! Thank you President Trump! It’s so good to have competent leadership!
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    Maybe Alabama throws cash at players, maybe they don’t. But they don’t need to. Alabama and the surrounding states are absolutely swimming in talent, and recruits and their parents like to stay close to home.
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    There is a -100% chance Brent Venables will ever work at Nebraska. Other than that, agree with all points, and I think we might get lucky with a conference championship with Chinander, but I've seen absolutely nothing to have any confidence we'd even come close to competing in the playoffs as long as he's our DC. BUT there's not a lot of data points on him yet so I'd be glad to be proven wrong.
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    Go Ravens, screw the Steelers
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    Yeah, it’s not ideal, but people do a lot of dumb things at age 22, including myself. In my early 20s, I didn’t pay a fine for a speeding ticket, and my drivers license was suspended. I don’t know how it works in Georgia, but I see this as a similar incident.
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    There is no valid argument for Saban as best coach of all time. Put Tom Osborne at the head of that Alabama unscrupulous recruiting, and under the table funding scheme, with all that local talent, and I don't think he would have lost a single game in 6 or 7 years. Put Nick Saban at NU in 1991. would he have turned it around to go 60-3? OH! That's right! He would have lied to all of us and then bailed like he did to the Miami fans: "Nick Saban Only Lied When His Lips Were Moving"- ESPN http://www.espn.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=2718798 OR OH! Thats right! He never would have come here in the first place! Too tough of a challenge just like MIA was! My Point: You can't say that he is the best coach ever when his major successes have come at Alabama, a school absolutely drowning in local talent , and ruthless boosters. Tom Osborne Won 3 National titles as head coach at Nebraska, had his team in at least three more, AND called the plays for two other championship teams. AT NEBRASKA, which is like barren of local schollies. All Saban does is throw tantrums at everybody, and find other people to call the plays. TO would RULE Saban if they were forced to call their own plays.
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    SEC bias is real and alive. There is no argument for or against any one conference this year. Notre Dame was undefeated with a moderately good schedule. Don't care if Georgia thinks they deserved a shot, they had one, and lost against Alabama. Don't care about the Buckeyes either, they shouldn't have gotten blown away by a very mediocre Boilers team that couldn't even sniff a mid range SEC team. The fun and gun style isn't going to beat a good solid SEC team or teams right now. This includes us. As long as Saban is at Bama, they arel ikely to make the party each and every season. Don't like this playoff(payoff) anymore than I liked the BCS format. In fact, I think I read that if we had kept the old BCS format, we would have had the same teams in the finals regardless. As far as the Big 12 being what they are, you can say that about all the P5 conferences. Each conference has there bell cow, and each conference protects those teams. This system is really no better than the old bowl systems.
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    It will always be Constantinople!!!!
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    Don't forget about buzzkill. That's when I see a new post about a recruit and you all are discussing the colonial Dutch in here instead of an update.
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    Currently watching The Good Place on Netflix. Holy smokes this show is fantastic. Parks & Rec guy created it and Kristen Bell and Ted Danson kill it. Great sitcom.
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    Don’t forget Peekskill, Wallkill, or the Catskills; the lasting impact of the Dutch settling NY, all of the towns that end in “kill” due to the various rivers and waterways in lower NY.
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    Dont see a profile but the staff is working on 4⭐️ DE Steven Parker who recently decommited from Texas Tech. Frost, Chinander and Dewitt have all recently spoken with him. Looking to get a January visit set up. Also considering Kansas, Colorado and Arizona State. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/steven-parker-201453
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    He will definitely help with the position this upcoming season if he signs. May also be why we are having Bivens visit in January. Hes a dang good looking back too
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