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    When we get better on the O-line we’ll be better and can compete. Until then...
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    It's painfully obvious watching this game vs Ohio State that we're still a LONG ways away from having the talent we need to match up with the top teams in the country - especially at O Line. I have no doubt in my mind we will get there under Scott Frost, but it's gonna take time. No need to freak out, call for coaches to get fired, or for players to get benched. Hang in there. Better times are ahead.
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    Really classy move airing it out, up 38, with 49 seconds left.
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    Yes the Oline sucks, but he is missing throws when he has time. He can’t even accurately throw a screen pass at this point. I know he has talent but we can’t just keep running him out there to do this. He needs to sit and figure it out. He flat out sucks right now
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    If we should win
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    I have a good feeling about tonight's game. It will be close with Nebraska possibly pulling the upset. 38 35 Nebraska! I had a bad feeling about the Colorado game and expected us to only win 6 games last year. I think we can pull this off! GBR!
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    Great post. Football always starts and stops with the QB. Great people around the QB makes the QB even better, but for the most part in a game as the QB goes, so goes the team.
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    What we're seeing is no different than what we saw at times under: Solich Callahan Pelini Riley and now Frost Five different coaches, five different staffs. Same results. It's not the coaches.
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    I’ll chime in. Osu played poorly against us last year. Especially Haskins. They had little film on us. Martinez was head and shoulders better then. osu is better this year.
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    I'd love to see the O run I formation all second half.
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    Capo I'm still waiting on the name of the recruiting genius who could recruit top 10 classes at Nebraska coming off of back to back 4-8 seasons and pushing 2 decades of mediocrity. Could we be doing better in recruiting? Some sure. We have missed a bit at OLB but outside of that we have really done well across the board. You keep acting like this staff is a bunch of bums on the recruiting trail but that is false.
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    The West Division is still Nebraska's to win.
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    Most glaring weaknesses right now are OL & LB. We need upgrades in talent pretty much across the board, but we improve those 2 positions and we're a WAY better team
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    I'm sorry but how much blame should be placed on the defense when the offense consistently leaves them out to dry? The defense might look ok if given a chance but as of now the offense coughs the ball up 2 plus times a game in terrible position and regularly goes 3 and out. How do you play defense like that? Its a joke to blame the D right now
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    Dumb luck or another high throw from Martinez or both?
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    If only there was some way you could start a thread about Biden.
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    To add. You always hear kids talk about how much "faster the game is form HS to college and then college to NFL" Although Frost has coached at the P5 level as OC and position coach, maybe the same holds true for coaching. G5 is maybe "slower/easier" than P5 and it's more of a learning curve than Frost realized being in the drivers seat. The B1G schedule is much harder than the AAC... Possibly better athletes week in and week out as well might make a successful scheme in one league not work in another (offense and/or defense).
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    I turned the game off, what was the final?
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    This is gonna take years with strength and conditioning and recruiting to get fixed.
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    Vedral, why aren't we seeing him at this point.
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    They just said the starters on offense are still out there.
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    Frost looked at this team in preseason camp and thought it could be good. Eyeglasses needed?
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    Looked like two head-to-head hits on Washington on that last run. But I'm just a fan.
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    Easily could be 1-3. Thanks for playing
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    The yardage is 378 Ohio state, 76 Nebraska. If that is not telling us that we are not an improved team, I don’t know what will.
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    We had a better O-Line, for starters.
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    It might convince recruits they can come in here and play right away.
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    Guise, we are only down 14-0 in the second qtr. Let's not panic. We can keep it to 56-0.
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    I'm so sick of the Nebraska fans who preach over and over how stars don't matter. They absolutely do.
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    Little Farniok needs to come in. Jurgens apparently cant fix his snapping.
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    Wasn’t talking about the INT. But the spot was bad and the PI call was awful.
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    Our O-line is absolutely getting manhandled
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    Mo Barry going with the Cozgrove/Diacco no use of arms tackling technique
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    Im walking back and forth throughout the house. I have mad anxiety right now. We are due for a big win!!!!!
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    f#&%ing pu&&y traitor. Can't get much more un-American than this.
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    No it doesn't. His son went to work for the Ukrainian company after he demanded the corrupt AG be removed on behalf of U.S. foreign policy and the best interests of Ukraine itself. The way I understand it, anyone trying to convince you Biden somehow also deserves scrutiny is selling you a bill of goods on behalf of Trump and the Republicans' interests.
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    Attorney who "failed to meet his disclosure obligations intentionally or due to his unfamiliarity with the federal rules" now asks jury to acquit before trial has even begun.
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    Even the day he resigned, 24% thought Nixon was doing a good job. That blows my mind. I'm guessing those are the same type of people that believe Trump no matter what, and Trump will still have a 35% approval rating no matter what he does.
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    I also found it very interesting that in 1974, the administrations changed the practice of recording phone calls. For some reason, at that point, they didn't want them recorded anymore. Hmmm.....wonder why?
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    Whatever you do, don't blow Herbstreit's head up to about 10 times its normal size, dress it up in a baby bonnet and throw a giant pacifier over his mouth. Can confirm that sign will get taken, especially if you manage to get it behind his head during the 8 am Sportscenter.
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