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    Goodness. You people. The coaching is better than ours. The players are better than ours. Every facet of their game is better than ours. We are paying the price for years spent on mediocrity. Frost will be competitive. In five years. Until then. Just enjoy us building up. We should make a bowl. Then go forward. Until then. You’re all delusional. Sorry not sorry. We are not near a top 10 team. And we won’t be. For years.
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    When we get better on the O-line we’ll be better and can compete. Until then...
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    I stated before the game that win or lose, the result of this game won't be as instructive as the results of other games this year. As a program, Nebraska is 26-29 in their last 55 games. Ohio State is 53-6 in their last 59 games. Nebraska is trying to pull itself out of a funk created by inept coaching and dismal recruiting. Ohio State is transitioning its program from one of the best coaches and recruiters of all time, but is always supremely-talented. Justin Fields made Ohio State so much better than the team that scraped by Nebraska 36-31 last year. This was a mismatch. Anticipating this game and getting hyped for what it could mean was fun. But, honestly, we had more chance of winning the Powerball than beating Ohio State and thinking of the possibilities of winning was very similar to imagining what you would do with your jackpot winnings. Nebraska didn't win tonight and they looked awful. But they were playing Ohio State - who is going to make a lot of teams look awful. What's more instructive, and what will matter more, is how they play next week against Northwestern, the following week at Minnesota, against Indiana after the bye, and at Purdue the week after that. Those are the teams that, Nebraska will beat if they're as talented and well-coached as we think, and those are the wins that will signal a step forward from last year, albeit not as big a step as we want to take. Then another chance to prove ourselves will come when Wisconsin makes their way to Lincoln. Then another opportunity when Iowa visits on Black Friday. There are a lot of games left to be played, and the West is still left to be won. As a program, Nebraska is no further back than we were at the start of today. 48-7 hurts, as it should, but in the grand scheme, it's virtually meaningless. I hope the coaches and players learn what they can, focus on getting better, and move on to the next game.
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    It's painfully obvious watching this game vs Ohio State that we're still a LONG ways away from having the talent we need to match up with the top teams in the country - especially at O Line. I have no doubt in my mind we will get there under Scott Frost, but it's gonna take time. No need to freak out, call for coaches to get fired, or for players to get benched. Hang in there. Better times are ahead.
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    Ah yes, benching players always improves their play so much more than giving them reps to work through their play. Obviously AM is winning the job during the week and that's not going to change. The backup quarterbackitis from fans is so ridiculous.
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    One begats the other, and my opinion, the offensive line is the (much) bigger of the two issues (and directly leads to the poor QB play). I've said it before, but our current Guard-Center-Guard combo might be the worst I have ever seen at Nebraska. Jurgens is not a center, Wilson has regressed under Austin, and Hixson is a walk-on, regardless of his scholarship situation. Jaimes has seemingly regressed, too, and M. Farniok is a guard forced to be at tackle.
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    This is how these big games will go until the program starts treating the offensive line like the most important position on offense, and recruiting like such.
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    I said since the hiring of Frost that the big issue was having an experienced coordinator and assistants to help him out. The weight is all on Frost and he cannot trust the other coaches and I'll stick to that. Chinander is not a good coach. Period. The only two assistants right now pulling weight are Held and Fisher strictly based on their recruiting. Tony is up in the air since he is so new. Nick Saban has had a ton of great assistants and coordinators, many who were or became head coaches. Clemson has the best D coordinator in the nation.Ohio State has former head coach assistants again. People can talk up Walters and Chinander but no one is knocking on our door to get them. I know people on the inside suspected this from the jump as well, and other big programs who wanted Frost specifically told him he would need to get a different D coordinator. You think it was all Osborne? Charlie McBride was a God send along with Solich as an assistant. Chin reminds me of another Iowa clown who wanted to implement his defense here. Chin is a nice guy who wants to embrace the culture but that only goes so far. I'm also aware that our offense has been suspect as well. We just need to get more kids in that can play on the line and that takes the most time. We will always have enough athletes to score down the road. Defense on the other hand has a LONG ways to go. Frost has some things to learn and it will more than likely take longer than what people want. Gotta step back and see where your team is at. Two close wins over bad teams this year and a meltdown loss to an average Colorado. I don't want to hear any kool aid until this team can with a conference title and who knows when that will happen. It's been since 1999... I never expected to win tonight, but this is just sad and deja vu.
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    To be honest it is still partially a Riley team and the rest are underclassmen we’re forced to play because of Roley. With a true Sophomore at QB and RB, a true freshman RB/WR, a redshirt freshman playing his first season for center... what do you expect when we play a team that is most likely heading to the playoffs. The sky isn’t falling, Frost is not Riley. There is still a lot of work to be done.
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    The W/L doesn't matter but at one point Nebraska was getting beaten 48-0 while getting outgained 502-79 in the 3rd Q. At home. At night. Very similar to the Mike Riley game vs OSU in 2017.
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    Wrong. The athletic department doesn't use taxpayer money. There's a whole lot out there to have complaints about right now--try going for one of those instead, because you're just off base here.
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    Really classy move airing it out, up 38, with 49 seconds left.
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    We should probably stop crapping on Lee, Riley, Banker etc until their replacements stop looking like them.
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    Martinez is absolute garbage. Get him out of there. I thought Frost and Verduzco were QB gurus? More offseason bull crap.
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    Funniest part was they gave Desmond the cake from the '97 national champs.
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    Lexi, Dack's arms are tired. Text "YES" or "NO" so we can see other signs
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    Yes the Oline sucks, but he is missing throws when he has time. He can’t even accurately throw a screen pass at this point. I know he has talent but we can’t just keep running him out there to do this. He needs to sit and figure it out. He flat out sucks right now
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    We have osu right where we want them. Off our schedule
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    After falling behind 14-0, Nebraska changed it's offensive playcalling and marched deep into Ohio State's territory. It honestly felt like they were going to score and make it 14-7 when Martinez slightly sailed a pass over Wandale's hand, which deflected it into an Ohio State player that was on the ground. Would 14-7 be a lot different than a backbreaking turnover? Absolutely. Psychologically deflating for a still fragile team playing against the #5 and arguably better than that team in the nation.
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    For as much as Duval gets talked up, we don’t seem very strong. Lots of skinny arms out there. Jury is still out with our S&C. IMO.
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    The “QB whisperer” deserves a lot blame as well. The regression we’ve seen from end of 2018 Adrian to beginning of 2019 Adrian is noticeable.
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    We have only about 2 or 3 players on defense who are at the level we need. Offense, the same. 2 or 3 is all.
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    No it's not. There are wrs running open. Martinez overthrew a screen pass, he threw it behind on the out route and he missed a wide open wr. This is a jurgens and Martinez issue
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    Bulls***. If Martinez was a hair lower with the throw, it's 14-6 (or 7, if you're optimistic). That pick was just dumb luck--the guy was on his back, FFS. Frost needs to do whatever he did at Illinois to get Martinez calmed down.
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    A chance to equal our stride
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    We ask for a chance that's fair,
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    The battles we go through life
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    I have a good feeling about tonight's game. It will be close with Nebraska possibly pulling the upset. 38 35 Nebraska! I had a bad feeling about the Colorado game and expected us to only win 6 games last year. I think we can pull this off! GBR!
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    I don’t get what it is with Jurgens and why he gets all the playing time. If he was blowing up holes for the running game or giving Adrian time in the pocket, then ok I’d give him a bad snap each half. But he is doing none of this and is snapping poorly every series? What the h is going on?
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    Jurgens flat out stinks and it starts with the bad snaps
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    Yeah their 4 and 5 star backups are a lot better than our walk on back ups
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    Why is this a topic the week we play Ohio State? It has been seen the very first game against South Alabama.
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    Upper east stadium still has a good crowd. Source: me looking to my left and right
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    Can we fire Dewitt yet? I get he had cancer but he has been our worst coach and it’s not even close.
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    This has to be the most laughable comment I've read from you yet. It's not even 1/3 of the way through year 2. Get a grip.
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    Let it be by the code
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