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    Is Santa real? https://i.imgur.com/yH25jLZ.gifv
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    All safe and sound here, had tickets to the concert but wife's family came into town and we gave them away. Fortunately the family we gave them to missed the concert as well.
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    Happy Easter Husker board!
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    Been up since 12:30am, wifes water broke Baby A born 2:18am, 5.4lbs Baby B born 3:02am, 5.13lbs Everyone's doing great!
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    If you’re going to the Peach bowl in Husker gear, you’re a jackwagon. Don’t be a dick.
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    I passed my professional engineering exam! Tonight we drink!
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    Husker Volleyball won the Big Ten Championship last year. In the offseason our Assistant Coaches left, leaving Cook to rebuild his staff. At Louisville, Dani Busboom took a team that went 12-18 last year and got them into the NCAA tournament this year with a 24-6 record. At Illinois, Chris Tamas took a team that went 17-14 last year and got them back in to the tournament with a 21-10 record. That's a combined 16-win improvement over 2016, meaning these are two pretty good coaches, and were pretty big losses for Cook. All he did was rebuild his staff, have a better record in 2017 than in 2016 with a much younger team, won the conference and earned an easy berth in the NCAA tournament.
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    I like boobs. I'm generally a pretty coordinated person. I don't fall down. Except maybe if I'm walking up a steep hill on a sheet of ice. I always catch myself if I trip. I was the star player of my soccer team in college for the 1 season I played, scoring 50% of our goals. I think it's small detail that we didn't win any of our games and we only scored 2 goals all season, but I guess that's a matter of opinion. Anyhow, the other day at work it was super rainy, and I made the smart decision in the morning to wear sandals to work. I was headed out the door and looked back to half hold the door open for someone then turned around right at the top of 3 cement stairs down to the cement parking lot. My foot literally just went right out from under me like I had stepped on a cloud and I fell from the top of the stairs and landed sprawled spread eagle on my stomach. The only reason I didn't smash my face on the pavement and lose teeth is because of boobs. So, thank you boobs.
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    Yet another school shooting this morning, to be added to our ever-scrolling list of gun tragedies... and our 'representatives' continue to do nothing substantial to address it.
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    The Democratic Senator from Alabama has the floor.
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    The Bears just ran the greatest two-point conversion play of all time.
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    The hardest part was watching that game with my PSU alumni girlfriend. Oh boy I like how she hates to lose but not when it’s against my Huskers! Lol woooooo! #GBR
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    My oldest son surprised us tonight. He was set to attend UNO next year for college and told us tonight that he decided he wanted to serve and joined the Marines. I was literally speechless and am so VERY, VERY, VERY proud of him.
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    Former QB turned hotshot head coach returns to his alma mater to resurrect a proud old power fallen on hard times. How's that working out for Michigan?
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    "Doing a good thing can be contagious. I see that all the time." Gym called police on teen who kept sneaking in A Chicago teen had been repeatedly warned about sneaking onto the basketball court at a suburan fitness facility, but one police officer came up with an alternative to arresting him for criminal trespassing.
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    Apparently on Saturday after Drew Brown had to make a tackle on a kickoff he sprinted back to the sideline and started yelling at his teammates. He was mad cause the team did not care, they did not try and fight off their blocks and the kicker had to play DB when he didn't have to. Kudos to him for being a vocal leader, but man we need guys to not quit in games period.
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    My boys first Husker game was a success, my one son was given a glove by Deontre Thomas in the tunnel before the tunnel walk. It was hot, but a great day. Loved playing catch with my boys on the practice field. This bodes well for the Huskers when they start recruiting my boys in high school!
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    '98-'03 "Well we knee a slight regress was inevitable." '04-'07 "How can be this talented but this bad?" '08-'14 "HOW CAN WE BE THIS CONSISTENTLY AVERAGE" '15-Present "W........T.........F"
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    My grandpa had his checkbook stolen by a vacuum salesman several years ago. His partner was talking to my 90 year old grandparents so he snuck the checkbook into his pocket. He then went to the bank drive thru and wrote a check to himself and in the note he wrote that it was for "4-wheeler for grandson." One problem though; my aunt worked at the bank he went to. She knew it wasn't his writing so she called the police.The thief stayed in the drive thru the whole time until the police showed up and blocked off his car.
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    Dixon eligible for the fall:
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    Just landed LB Breon Dixon as a transfer from Ole Miss. former four star prospect.
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    How in the blue hell did a 3 loss Stanford jump 9 spots to go to #12 while an undefeated UCF is at #14. That is ridiculous.
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    Looks like our house escaped unscathed. Somehow, our house still has power, so my parents are headed there to stay until they get it back. We'll be heading back early Wednesday.
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    Not letting trans people into the military is discriminatory and hurts the military.
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