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    Been up since 12:30am, wifes water broke Baby A born 2:18am, 5.4lbs Baby B born 3:02am, 5.13lbs Everyone's doing great!
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    Name 3 bands that were huge when you were in High School @JJ Husker feel free to just list things like, rock hitting cave wall, or, water flowing from river. 1. Nirvana 2. Pearl Jam 3. Smashing Pumpkins
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    LeBron, Steve Kerr, and the NBA have lost all credibility with this China thing. When money talks, these freedoms fighters toe the line....
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    sounds like they had 1 heck of a weekend planned
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    I had forgotten how much I enjoy the movie Snowpiercer.
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    It’s Husker Day at Coors Field here in Denver. I bought the coolest hat-It is purple (Rockies colors) with Huskers written in script on the front, Go Big Red on the side and the CR in the back. FUN!
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    Samuel Tom Holiday, a Navajo Code Talker who joined the Corps at 19 to serve in WWII, has died at age 94. RIP, sir.
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    Mike Riley went to the Nebrasketball game tonight and was seen shaking hands on the way out. Such a class gentleman and a great ambassador for Husker Athletics.
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    why have i never seen this before? it changes everything
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    Complete horse poop having video adds that take up the whole screen and don’t allow me to scroll through them.
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    So your girl Angela Mercurio of the Track Team won NCAA Woman of the Year. That's... kind of a big deal.
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    Sucks to see Huskerboard become an ad ridden mess. I've been a member here forever, but these ads are unbearable. /r/huskers is about to get wayyy more traffic.
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    Sports journalists either have a career inferiority complex, or they take their jobs way to seriously. Every time one of them does something stupid (like the Belichick selfie guy), they s#!t a brick, and act like it's an attack on their personal character.
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    Gotta read the responses to this tweet:
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    I misread the announcement and thought it said "Board Outrage Tonight" and my first thought was... what did GSG do now?
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    Sometimes it would be nice to have the power to purge certain employees/coaches and fans from the team/school you root for.
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    Did you ever want to know what Harry Potter would look like if he grew up and became a public defender?
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    Anyone still thinking letting Frost coach UCF in the bowl game was a bad move? That was like a 4-hour recruiting video for Frost and Nebraska. So proud of the coaches for honoring their commitment to those players. They sacrificed a lot over the last few weeks to secure that win today. So excited those guys are coming home.
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    Wait a second, Tennessee made a bowl game?! I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    The West Division is still Nebraska's to win.
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    So we need to bring Frank back to Memorial and sacrifice what mascot to break this curse? Bevo, Ralphie, nuke a cyclone, make some tiger boots, clip a jay hawk, skin a wild cat?
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    I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark...
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    Roby gets picked by the Dallas Mavericks at #45.
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    Easy way to remember it:
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    If you're like me, and have never seen a single one of these superhero (?) movies, this seemed like a nice recap:
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    I hope I haven't been upsetting people too much on the politics board. I really don't want to get banned so if I go too far tell me.
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    Likely the worst missed PI call in the history of the NFL, for sure in a conference championship game.
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    As we close this football season I just want to thank Mavric and the rest of the HB Crew who have kept this board running smoothly. Thanks All!
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    Go vote. No matter your politics, make your voice heard.
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    Ate a gopher meat omelette this morning. I'm getting desperate.
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    Frost wins another award. This time, its a Herbie https://247sports.com/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-coach-Scott-Frost-is-biggest-impact-coaching-hire-of-2018-says-ESPNs-Kirk-Herbstreit-120961177/Amp/
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    Hey Comfortably Numb, we were just re-routed off of I-76 on our way to Denver. Brush got hit by two tornadoes. They re-routed us on the outskirts of Brush. Grass flattened and huge trees pulled out of the ground. What s mess! I hope you and your family are out of harms way.
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    What happened to the good old days when your most recent status update simply replaced your prior one?
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    That lady got pardoned, I could not even imagine what it would be like to be facing life in prison and then you get a call that you are free.
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    I know most folks think that beauty pageants are a waste of time but we’re so proud of Miss Nebraska-Sarah Summers who won the Miss USA pageant. This was the first time a candidate from Nebraska has won. This young woman is a graduate of my city’s high school and attended the elementary I taught in. She was always the type of kid who helped others and is s great representation of our state. http://www.wowt.com/content/news/483405611.html
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    Passed the 4 hour license exam for psychology with flying colors today.
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    @Mavric Thanks for all your work in the recruiting forum. You are a 5* for sure. Also, I'm completely lost without current recruiting updates to obsess over.
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    As much as I’m happy to see the B1G have a good bowl season, I cant get excited living vicariously through other teams’ success. Seems like a very SEC thing to do. Can’t wait for us to be contributing next year.
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    If CFB and NFL have taught me anything, it’s that instant replay gets the calls wrong more often than right.
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    Merry Christmas and here's to a very Happy Frosty New Year!
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    Merry Christmas. For your viewing pleasure. Sorry if it's been posted before. Still with another watch.
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    Tears. Amazing. These kids are tough as rain. Unbelievable.
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    The Infinity War trailer is here, and I suddenly don't care about anything else now.
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    My apologies if everyone is being forced to agree to the Board Rules. I was trying to get a link to show up and enabled the wrong setting.
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    Wow! Scott Frost has spoken! Look at his response (2012 interview). Makes you hopeful! http://www.omaha.com/huskers/the-story-of-scott-frost-s-love-hate-relationship-with/article_d23a0bb0-ba7f-11e7-85a1-07e004b8e998.html
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    I just donated $15 to Huskerboard, what have YOU done today? But for realzies, donate if ya can yall.
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    I want to thank folks for making it real easy to decide who to add to my ignore list this morning. #GBR
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